Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, a Short Review.

Whenever you buy korean product, in brick-and-mortar store or from online store, you will get some sample. Personally, i prefer to move my product into a jar rather than to keep it in their own plastic during use, because it's soooo messy to use product from sample packaging if you're not keep it in right place ( ̄へ ̄")

for blogging purpose, i chose my innisfree green tea seed serum in sample size. This is a very unique sample, i love the packaging! it looks like an ampoule in my opinion (ノ´∀`*)ノ.

they're also provide it with product explanation in back-side, but since it's all in Korean, i can't read anything.

and these are my equipment to move product into a jar :
tiny jar (it's 5ml size jar)
a cotton ball
product sample

first, drop some alcohol into a cotton ball and swipe all over jar with it. Dont forget to swipe it into the closure too.
Some people doesn't like cleaning up jar using alcohol method because it might change product's consistency, but i think it's good way because alcohol will kill bacteria & swipe dirt.

now my jar is clean! (^▽^)

 .. then put product into the jar

innisfree green tea seed serum has a very liquid texture. It's absorb easily, and feels so light like i dont use anything on my face.
but there's no green tea smell i could detect, but it's still a nice smell.

 these is what left after i drop all product into a jar *LOL

These sample last me 3 times usage. It's doesn't cause me breakout, it gaves me dewy look which is turn into greasy in 2-3 hours, but didn't give me any other effect. It's not very moisturizing but feels light weight at the same time. Maybe 3 times usage doesnt enough to show me the amazing effect it might give :P

i used to think that i have to get this in full size, but after re-thinking, i decided not to get it. I'd rather to try argan oil or another that cheaper option which promise me moisturizer and dewy look with cheaper prize. But if you have more budget to go, it would be a good product to try :)

thanks for reading, i really appreciate it ^^

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