Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let's follow LovelyLue's Flash Giveaway! (winner will be announce at dec 1st 2012)

as it's a flash giveaway, so here's flash post!

the winner's prize are :
2 vials (anna sui and juicy couture)
a miniature of anna sui's forbidden me
a make up pouch from anna sui

join her giveaway here : http://lovelyluelue.blogspot.com/2012/11/eps-57-anna-sui-bonus-giveaway-heyyyyy.html

ps. i think it's for indonesian residence only ;)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Mellow Wine, review & swatch

Happy Sunday Morninggg ~

If you live in USA or Europe, you might already familiar with Wet n Wild. But Wet n Wild (aka WnW) is just opened in Indonesia in early November .. In case you're curious, there's a swatch of WnW color icon blush in Mellow Wine.

My first impression was surprise because it's HUGE (actually, it's 4g of product) and i can't help to choose it as the first one i opened from the kit**. Yeah you know how i love blush!

The good thing about clear packaging is you can easily see how pretty the insider is, especially if it's beautifully embossed like this one. But in another side, when the beautifullness faded, it's seems ugly from outside >.<"

Since WnW has just opened their store in Indonesia, i'm not surprise that their products are still labelled with wnwbeauty.eu instead of wetnwild.co.id

 And like another blushes, this blush will expired 12 months after opened. Kindly google for "how to sanitize your make up" so it can last longer :)

I think brush included is made from natural hair, but i dont really know. It pick up pigments quite well, but i will only use it for travelling.

note the size, ladies ;)

it's small but angled, like the one from benefit hervana (will review it someday, OMG) but it's black and has Wet n Wild name embossed.

I've walk through WnW's website for USA, UK and Indonesia (of course) but i can't find any shade description. So, according to my own description, it's a pink dusty rose with sheen finish.

The first time i swatch it, i don't think i'd love it because it's look like "another pink blush", right? But it's different! I don't know, maybe because it's neutral toned, it's just give me a natural flush i hardly get from another pink blushes i own. I even think it would match any skintone!

As another greatness, it's also blendable and doesn't oxydize on me. The staying power is also great, it's stay about 9 hours on me, but in hot weather it would faded easier since i have a very oily skin. It's understand-able though.

PRO's :
pretty shades
affordable price (according to wetnwild.co.id it's 89,000 idr for 4g product, exclude shipping)
doesn't oxydize
good staying power
blendable (how i LOVE easy to blend blush!!)
no fragrance

CON's :
non sturdy packaging
only 2 shades available in indonesia
no mirror included
no ingredient list (but they said it's dermatologist tested)
not very travel-friendly, a lil bit bulky and brittle.

For a 89,000 idr blush, i think it's really great. Truthfully, these days sometime high price can't give you too much guarantee.

What do you think about it? Will you get it? ;)

** PR sample, i give you my honest opinion though.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Etude Proof 10 Eye Primer, Love It but ..

Hi Lovelies!

As eye shadow user, eye primer is an important things to complete your make up life. It's not only avoid your eye shadow from creasing and make it last longer, but it also help to make your eye shadow shades more pop.

In beauty-blogger area, there Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) and Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI) who get most attention, but they're on expensive side.. So let's try to find something else .. Mine is an affordable eye primer : Etude Proof 10 Eye Primer. I think it's about IDR 70,000 (approx. USD 8).

i think i've lost the box .. haha .. so no pic of it's box here.
as long as i remember, it's a royal blue box with picture of etude models wearing diving glass XD

i think i bought mine last March, but it's seems like i bought it several years ago, because it's name is faded .. and the down side is cracken >.<"

this bottle is made from plastic, i dont have any idea how could it cracken.. i dont remember if i ever drop this one. 

the etude label in korean words is still okay.

Like UDPP, Etude Proof 10 Eye Primer come with a wand, like the one you could find in lip gloss.

etude proof 10 eye primer swatched alone

if you blend it well, it will turns into transparant, make a pretty canvas for your eye shadow. But it dry very fast, and if you can't blend it fast enough, it will turn into light beige, which is bad if your skintone is fairer or deeper than light beige. Trouble, trouble, trouble.

etude proof 10 eye primer REALLY can pop your eye shadow shades.. see my picture above?
"mermaid" shade in my Too Faced Summer Time Sexy Eye shadow palette won't show up on my skin, and not as pretty as it supposed to be. Using Etude Proof 10, that problem solved!

Urban Decay eye shadow is so good in my opinion. They're good for day use without primer. But for night use, when you wish you have brighter eyes, primer is essential (even if you don't need to make them stay longer though).

here i did some test of waterproof-ness, i splash them with water and rub them .. shades with Etude Proof 10 Eye Primer stay well but the others without primer are faded.

Overall, i LOVE etude proof 10 eye primer, but their packaging is not my favorite. The name faded to easily and the bottle is not strong enough (maybe i've dropped it, and it meet something sharp, idk). Oh, and i wish it's shorter since long cap is a lil bit pretty but it's taking place.

have you try it? what do you think about it? ^^

Friday, November 16, 2012

My Current Obsession..

this is not a review post, i am just trying to control my addiction (jump from an online store to another, trying to find perfume miniatures), so i made a picture using polyvore .. not very good, just for my own pleasure .. *LoL

here's my wishlist :
juicy couture - viva la juicy
vera wang - princess
chloe - eau de perfume
marc jacobs - daisy eau so fresh
katy perry - meow
dior - miss dior cherie 

i think beside of having a great scent, a perfume should have a great designed bottle too .. *at least for me haha ..*

what's on your perfume wishlist? :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Innisfree Apple Juicy Liquid Foaming Cleanser

hi Ladies!

It's been a while since i posted another review.. oh well, i've spent my time to browse more about perfume. Yes, perfume. They're simply drive me crazy, my other addiction. 

But here i am again, back to beauty items, perfume-y things can wait :)

If you're a fans of innisfree's product, then i think you've know this, or it's series. Apple juicy is so tempting series since it's light, have a nice scent and works so well. I have Apple Juicy Make up remover, Liquid foaming cleanser and cleansing oil. The last one still in my shelf, waiting my kose softymo cleansing oil to be end.

Let's start with this one, though!

Apple Juicy Liquid Foaming Cleanser (LFC) came in 2 size, full size (300ml) and refill size (100ml) - cmiiw.
Mine is in 300ml size, it's cheaper and has pump. But there's no plastic security here, the protection is in crank form. More safe, but not my favorite way.

"penetrates deep into pores, cleanses skin thoroughly"

Apple is an excellent natural facial cleanser. The natural acid of the apple helps to remove excess oil from the skin and prevents acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Apple cleanser gets an instant shine and glow to the face.

as another innisfree product, it's free from parabens.

it's has fragrance, but at least it's the lowest ingredients in list.

As it's name, it's seems like another liquid in the bottle. Not thick, not watery.

It's pump works so well, dispense good amount of product. One pump is enough for washing entire face.

if you know Clean and Clear Cleansing foam, it's exactly feels like that. But without parabens (C&C has LOTS of parabens in it's ingredient list). LFC produced lots of foam thought, so it might contains of detergent, but for me, it doesnt causing any breakout or another problem.

I also loveLFC's scent, like fresh green apple. That's why i love to use it in the morning, gentle and effectively wake me up with it's scent ^o^

 So far, it's my favorite gentle facial wash. Will definately repurchase once i emptied this one .. yes, that's how i LOVEEE it!

have you tried this one? what do you think?
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Friday, November 9, 2012

yes, Wet n Wild Cosmetics is officially open in Indonesia!

Wet n Wild probably the very very very first nail polish i own. My Auntie who live in USA gave 2 wet n wild (WnW) nail polishes to me when i was in elementary. They're so lovely, and that time, i wish i could have more. But sadly, there's no WnW in indonesia :(

And now, as a grown up, i want more : palettes, blush, eye brow kit (they have wax inside!!), and lipsticks!! 

sorry, too excited.

This morning, as usual, i checked my email before leaving my bed, and i surprisingly find that WnW is officially opened in Indonesia - another great brand is here!

if you haven't try their product, it's your time ..
if you love it, now it's easier to get .. haha ..

aaah, such a lovely product!
have you drooling over them?

another information can be find in their facebook and twitter.

happy haul-ing! ^^

Friday, November 2, 2012

October 2012 Beauty Favorites

I knooow it's been quite late, but i've just have time for taking picture so there it is ^^

October has been a very very very hot month here. All my life is just about sunscreens, i've emptied 3 bottles in October, can you believe it? and i have another one going to it's end. Will post about empties later, now let's going to the favorites 

first, on top of my october favorites, there it is .. The Body Shop Lychee Blossom EDT.
i rarely add a perfume into my monthly favorites, but in this crazy hot weather, who doesn't need a perfume? hahaha ..

a description from fragrantica said :
Lychee Blossom is a limited edition for 2010. Energetic and refreshing, this fragrance is composed of litchi, guava, mangosteen, magnolia, litchi blossom, 

I know, there's many people doesn't like this scent. Even most of my friend found it out of their taste, but i really loves it. It's going to be sweet scent on me, in it's top-middle-base notes, anytime. Just a lil bit stronger in middle notes, and last 6-7 hours on me. Amazing eh?
Sadly, it's an limited edition item :(

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock
It's not my very favorite one in normal situation, but i need more protection, and it has the highest SPF level among my sunscreen collection.
It's not very good thought, it's made my face very greasy at 10 AM (i am doing my skincare + make up at 7.00 AM) but a face paper can fix it.

Clean and Clear Oil Control Sheet (unpictured)
it's my helper, really, i can't leave it wherever i go. That's why i forgot pictured it, it was in my bag.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow SPF 25 & Sleek New Skin Revive Foundation
in this hot weather, i don't want any thick foundation on my face (the only exception is on special ocassion) so the lightweight one is being my best friend.
Sleek new skin revive review & swatch here
Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow review & swatch here

Benefit Porefessional
Lightweight foundation means low coverage, so i have to use a primer to make my skin seems better. My choice is benefit porefessional because it's in the biggest tube i have
It's good enough thought, and lightweight too ^^
Benefit Porefessional review & swatch here

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50 PA +++
It's probably the best sunscreen for oily skin, especially in hot weather. It gives matte finish, no greasy feeling, and easy to absorb. SPF 50 and PA+++ is also best in situation.
Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50 PA+++ review here

Too Faced Summer Time Sexy Eye Shadow
i was too lazy to do any make up, but when i do, it's going to this palette. I was like obsessed, trying to find a way to make the shades combined well on me. I have to say it's failed. I dont know, maybe it's too hard for me -___-"
Too Faced Summer Time Sexy Eye Shadow review & swatch here

Benefit Bella Bamba
err.. simply, just because it gives a natural summer flush. I love it!

Daiso Eyebrow Pencil # Black
i was read somewhere, that eye brow is a must do for woman.
It's okay if you're not wearing blush, eye shadow, or even foundation, but make sure you do your brows!
This one is very cheap, only RM 5, and works wonder. Make sure you got it once you get it ^^

Skinfood Buckwheat loose powder
last month, pressed powder is not my thing.
Skinfood Buckwheat gives a nice coverage and the oil control is quite good.
>> truthfully, i need to finish it faster .. i want to get another loose powder *LOL

Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera
an item for many jobs, just read my review here and you'll find out why.

how pretty they're! (ノ´∀`*)ノ

if you're indonesian residence, a blogger or not, and wanna join a christmas swap, kindly visit Shasha's blog and fill the requirement. I've joined.. ^^

thanks for reading, and kindly follow me if you like ;)

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