Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Skinfood Peach Sake Pore Serum, you needed!

It's been so long before i write another post again. What a lazy me .. -.-"

The Product

Skinfood says :
Peach Sake Pore Serum: Enriched with vitamin C serum that contains peach and sake extracts. Tightens pores and controls excess sebum.

Peach Sake Pore Serum is another skinfood highly raved item, suits oily skin so much because it's really does help to control oil and a little bit moisturizing at same time. And yes, it does tightening my pores but only when i'm using it. After it, my pores appears like usual. Sometimes i think it's tighten my pores too much, makes my faces looks like dehydrated or something. So even if this product can be use alone without any moisturizer (emulsion), i still need emulsion to make my skin looks better.

Skinfood packages it in a cute glass bottle contains 45ml of product, with a very nice pump head. The cap looks like made from wood but they're not. It's plastic with wood texture outside. Overall, i like this packaging but not really adore it. I was wondering what would i do if it's near the end? open the pump head?

The product inside is a white lotion which turn into transparant in face. In my own opinion, it has a nice smell like peach and sake (because a sheer alcohol scent i smell) that not disturbing me.

In the other hand, i dont really get their mind to put some shimmer on it. Well, it's not a strong shimmer, i even notive it in 3rd or 4th times i used it, they left on my fingers and makes me questioning where did i got that shimmer.

Price and Where To Get It
i bought it for IDR 110,000 from korean online shop. Maybe in counter they're more expensive but since my city doesnt have skinfood counter, i can not tell you how many it cost in counter.

Pros :
very good oil control
good to use as primer
moisturizing enough without emulsion
pump head (at least it's easier to come it out, doesnt like another skinfood emulsion)
seems like product never end, lot of product inside3.9 ou
good price

Cons :
tighten your skin more than you mean
the shimmers
bulky, it takes to much place in my make up pouch (but not in my skincare pouch)

My Rate : 3.9 out of 5

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Coming! Sleek Me, Myself & Eye ♡

I always happy whenever i get my package (even if i bought it my self) but this one made me happier than others. It's my first Sleek palette!

i'm too happy and thrown the newspaper layer in the outside. This is the second layer, huge bubble!

and the third layer, brown scotch they usually use for packing the cardboard.

another bubble wrap :

.. finally! the box! Doesn't it's cute? The red box always attracting me!

The Palette :

Insider :

Swatch :
i'm not good on swatch-ing colors, but i tried.

The first row (L-R) : primal green, pink beret, simply red, salt n peppermint, black box and barry white
it's a kind of hard to make the pink beret appears in my skin. 2-3 layers maybe, but it's worth. It's easier when i use my etude proof 10 eye primer.

the second row (L-R) : golden silvers, lilac allen, chris de burgundy, supernova, blue monday and fade to grey
i dont understand why the beautiful lilac allen won't stay in my eyelids, it's becoming silver only (shimmer only) after 2 hours, without primer. How could you? :(

description :
1. Barry White is the shimmery off white
2. Black Box is the matte black
3. Salt ‘n’ Peppermint is the matte simple blue
4. Simply Red as it name, is simply red matte
5. Pink Beret is the matte soft pink in a nude range
6. Primal Green is warm sparkly green with gold glitter
7. Fade To Grey is shimmery silver
8. Blue Monday is shimmery dark blue-green
9. Supernova is matte grey-brown
10. Chris De Burgundy is matte plum
11. Lilac Allen is shimmery warm lilac
12. Golden Silvers is sparkly gold

my favorite colors are :
1. Supernova
2. Primal Green
3. Pink Beret
4. Blue Monday

Pro's :
it's limited edition, get it or loose it.
heloooo, IDR 150,000 and you can get 12 beautiful pigmented eye shadow? take it!
i love those colours ♡
it's sleek, easy to carry.
no need to use primer except it's necessary

Con's :
the sponge tip double side brush, can i get something different?

Rating : 4.5 of 5

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Giveaway on Polishvixen.com!

i was a little bit curious about OPI nail polish in Stawberry Margarita and Polishvixen has just open the giveaway for OPI Best of The Best mini set! How wonderful is that? and the best thing is she open it for international follower! whoaaaa ..

strawberry margarita is the one in top, second from right corner. Doesn't it cute? ^^

let's join it!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Review Etude House Happy Bee Hand Cream and My First Etude Product

As a korean product-lovers, i wouldn't miss this brand. And truthfully, etude is the first korean product i've tried. I think Etude (the name they use before changed it into Etude House/EH) is the first korean brand that went into Indonesia and put some of their branch here.

My first etude product is this Etude Skin Drink Aqua Lotion #1 (for oily skin).

i bought it in 2007 and it doesn't work well on me, it's always causing me got small pimple everytime i used it. I give it a chance and use it for 3 months *stupid me* before stopped it. A friend of mine said maybe it because of alcohol it has, but i dont know, another product-with-alcohol works fine on me.

Forget about it, i now use some of EH products, such as Wonder Pore Freshner (will review it later), Proof 10 Eye Primer (will review it later), Lovely Cookie Blusher (will review it later) and the cute hand cream : Happy Bee!

They came in four, with their own story :
★ Queen Bee - Rose
★ Yellow Bee - Acacia Honey
★ Ladybug - Chesnut
★ Baby Bee - Baby Citrus Powder

Four of them contains of Honey and Shea Butter which is aimed to moisturising and nourishing. They also using Hypoallergenic Formula, does not contain Paraben, Ethanol, Sulfate or Color Dyes and using organic formula.

i used to in love with the Queen Bee (my name means "queen" in russian) but the yellow bee has attract me more than his queen!

i got it with box, but it's arrived in a very bad condition, so i wont take picture of it .. so sad .. :(

here's Yellow bee suppose to be seems :

and here is the actual item :

It came with plastic packaging, the same with missing bee series i guess.




the texture is between cream and balm. I only need a few amount for my chapped fingers, and it will be soft again. My fingers is not that bad, but yeah some of them chapped and happy bee hand cream can help a little bit to make it better. It's also stay in my finger after i wash using water (only water, no soap)it for the first time. But for the second time, it's gone.

It does help, and the acacia smell is not bothering me. I'm feel happy smelling a sheer scent of it during work.

The last pic i took for comparison only. I wasn't have any idea to what compare it with, and when i saw my peach sake pore serum, i decided to compare them. Peach sake pore serum came with 45ml cream and the happy bee with 30g cream. For sure, the packaging is too big for 30g cream, but it's also too cute. Everyone staring me if i used it in public area. Tee-hee!

Function : 3/5
Packaging : 4.5/5
Price : 3/5
Repurchase :
hard to say but no, i'm looking for another hand cream, maybe the body shop's.

Happy New Yeaaaarrrr!

it seems to late, but it's better than nothing at all right? :p

have you ever heard a proverb said "new year new hope"?

do you have a product-wishlist for 2012?

well, i have.

Since i'm a skincare holic for so many years, and just passed my make up life with few products, i want to walk in 2012 with some changes. I never mean that i will life without my skincare(s), i would only add a new old friends with them, the make up!

.. and here are my wishlist :
☺ Urban Decay Naked Palette
i still can't choose between the original one or naked 2. Both are too similar but difference in the same time.

the famous urban decay naked palette original

the new naked palette 2

i never read a bad review about them, yet. The original naked palette came with good charma brush and UDPP, while the naked palette 2 came with good charma brush and lip junkie gloss in naked. And naked 2 seems like brighten colors in my eyes, compared to the original one. And the naked 2 has transformed with a tin can packaging while the original naked came with velvet case, easily to attract dirt.

Will choose it later! Writing this just make me want them more-more-more.

☺ Sleek Paraguaya [sleek avoir de la peche]

Sleek has produced many good palettes, and some of them are in limited edition section. Too bad i miss this one.

i really-really in love with 'persimmon' and 'persian orange'!
seems like i will spend a lot of time looking for this, but it's all worth!

☺ Benefit Bella Bamba
i never pay attention in benefit before, really.

i used to thought that benefit only has high beam and cha cha tint (they're reviewed a lot by many bloggers), never pay attention with the blush part (i was happy with my etude house lovely cookie blusher), but when i see this, i just think that i have to try it!
it described with "watermelon color" which i never tried to my face before. And has attracted me more than another blush i saw (except milani baked blush in dolce pink which i already ordered). I doesn't need full size item, just want to try~~!

it's enough for now, wish i can get all of them in 2012!

see you later!

picture are taken from :
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