Sunday, May 26, 2013

Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake 01, Review & Swatch

Hi lovelies ~
today is sooo rainy here, so i can't take picture as usual ..
luckily i have a "waiting" folder for items i haven't posted yet ..
and as long as i remember, i've included in the lastest post of my current favorite items that i'd review this one soon. Perhaps the universe just remind me to .. LOL

Back to the topic, How do you do your eye brows?
I used to use eye brow pencil (daiso retractable eye brow pencil, which cost me RM 5 and has included spoolie brush) which gave me a nearly natural result and very travel friendly. But since my only eye brow pencil has been empty and i can't buy it again in a short time, i decided to move to eye brow powder.

I believe you has familiar with Skinfood. It's one of most known korean brand, and i've used some of their product. This cute little palette also comes in affordable price, i think it's about KRW 3900, and some indonesian online shop sell it for about idr 50,000. I don't have to be afraid when it's empty since it's pretty easy to get ^0^

The outside packaging has skinfood's cupid as usual, and the product name.
It's only about 6 x 6 cm so it's handy but still easy to find in my make up pouch.

In the backside, i can't read anything except the number : 1.

oh well.
Maybe skinfood provided ingredient list in english for their international product?

Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake has a full sized mirror (which is very AMAZING) and a mini eye brow brush. It's effective so i'm very thankful for it :D

Into the swatch ..

Since there's no spesific name for each pan, i'd simply call them "right powder" and "left powder".
Both pan can bee seen in picture above.

I simply love these color selection because it's suit my dark-brown hair.
I like to use "left powder" for daily look and the "right powder" for night look, but you can combine them two til you get the shade you wanted ^^

another swatch on my arm

They're not very pigmented, but buildable. I don't expect my eyebrow powder to be very pigmented, because it would easily over do and ended up like shinchan's eye brow :

The powder eye brow product could give you the more natural look. But since it's only a powder, it's easily removed by water so you have to be careful in these rainy days.


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thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy my post :)


  1. Definitely loving the full size mirror :D Thanks for the review! ^^


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