Monday, May 28, 2012

Sleek Storm Palette : Review & Swatches

i finally did it!

Well, i got Sleek Storm palette about early March and made the swatch about early April but i post it in end of May. What a dilligent i am.. *grin*

Sleek Make Up ( is one of my favorite cosmetic brand. They has a full range of make up items with cheap price. Not very cheap sometimes, but with quality they offer, it's cheap.

I already have 3 eyeshadow palettes from sleek, 1 blush palette, 2 single blush, a foundation and a lip colour. I love all of them!

I've post about Sleek Me My Self & I palette and Sleek Oh So Special palette, and now i'm writing about Sleek Storm. Sleek sell it for US$ 10 on their web, and i got 12 pigmented eye shadows and 1 dual-ended sponge brush tip. Pretty cheap? I've told you so! *LoL

Sleek Storm is one of Sleek Divine Collection and it's in permanent range.

Does it seems stormy enough for you? ^^

 Like another Sleek Make Up collection, Storm also contains of paraben.

I got the semi-new edition of sleek storm. It's still has the old palette design but without eyeshadow pattern inside :'(
Gosh, i love sleek's pattern!
Why do they changed it?!?!?!?

I wish i bought it faster, the waffle-like-pattern is sooo nice and that's another lovely things from Sleek, makes it so different that another brand. But Sleek changed it!

I know loves the pattern too much, i even swipe the pans carefully to keep the pattern beautiful (weird i know), and the flat pans are more calm.. But yeah, i can't love it as much as i love the old design..

The Swatches

Since Storm is one of old palette, Sleek doesn't give each pan a name. I made swatch of it for left side & right side. All swiped without primer :)

The Left Side

in this side, the 3rd shade in top row (taupe) is the only matte shade. It's hard to shown on my skin, but with 2 swipes, it's good to use it as base colour.
I also love the shimmert warm brown in bottom, it seems nice on my lid althought it doesn't as nice as Oh So Special's #Gift Basket.
The shade that looks a little bit like black in bottom somehow doesn't look black in pan, but when you swatch it, yes it's black! Actually, it's dark forest green (it has a little bit green in undertone) but for me, it's too dark and more black.

The Right Side

The matte shades in Right Side are chocolate matte (center in bottom) & Black. Yes, another black. Sleek Storm has 2 black in it : matte & shimmery black.
Two shimmery pink (cool toned pink & berry pink) are also good compared to Sleek Oh So Special's #Organza and #Gateau even it's not very look a like.
Gold in Top Row is also nice, it's good to make a classic vintage eye look.
And the Shimmery Navy Blue in bottom is good for night look.

Sleek Storm has 3 mattes and 9 shimmery shades. They're good for both natural and smokey look.
This palette is a gooooooood choice if you love gold, blue, pink & brown.

thanks for reading! ^^

Monday, May 14, 2012

Skinfood Tomato Spot Serum

Hi girls :)

Do you like Tomato?
Truthfully, I'm not. I dont like the texture (too watery for me), fruit (ewww), and the taste. I never eat tomato except it's in sandwich or as tomato sauce *lol

but after i bought this serum, my skin consume tomato everyday!

There are some benefit of consuming tomato(es) :
  1. help in cases of high cholesterol
  2. anti oxidant
  3. work as cancer prevention
  4. cooling, whitening and firming properties for skin
  5. reviving dull, tired skin and acne treatment
So, we can see why tomato serum could help in acne scars >> tomatoes has whitening properties for skin and also acne treatment, great!!

Mine is Skinfood Tomato Spot Serum and i get it for about IDR 140,000 (or around USD 15) from online shop. 

I dont really like the packaging, because once you push the tube, it would never back as the first time you get it. It will stay pushed :(

They still remember to put Skinfood's cupid on the packaging :D

They doesn't provide the ingredients on packaging of product that i got. And i've search for it in google but can't find anything.

Tomato Spot Serum has a tiny hole, to keep you get right amount of product.

See? the texture is quite runny, not creamy. It has a fresh scent, i dont know what but it's not tomato's.

This serum is hard to absorb. I've found that my Tea Tree Emulsion absorbed easier more than this. But it's okay .. I only use it at night so i have a lot of time to wait.

My Rating : 4 of 5
It's good, doesnt cause me break out but doesnt really help without some other product i consumed (work a lot way better when i consuming Meiji Collagen also).

Repurchase : still dont know.

thanks for reading ^^
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review & Swatch : Nyx Tango with Bronzing Powder 04

Hi Readers!
I am mostly forget to write a review of product that i use almost everyday, i have to start now with my favorite blush/bronzer :D

This is my 1st nyx product.
Nyx mostly raved as a cheap dupe, with great quality product. Nyx TWBP 04 is looks like Too Faced Pink Leopard Brightening Bronzer in pan, but when it swatched to skin, TWBP 04 is much pigmented and looks between blush and bronzer in my opinion, while Too Faced's looks more like highlighter for me. I dont have TF Pink Leopard, but i do have read some reviews by another beauty blogger.

Nyx TWBP also in cheap side, it's only usd 10 on their website, for 11.5 gr of product.

Nyx said :
It takes two to tango but just one of our brilliant bronzing powders to kickstart your look. Our mosaic bronzer shades create a golden glow on the face and body—like you’ve just returned from a Caribbean getaway. Sun-kissed never looked this sexy or healthy. Available in five versions.

The box is very beautiful, i like the Goddess on the front. So classy and unique. It also has a pattern like product inside in one side.
It's also doesn't contain Paraben, good for our skin & body! ^^

the Goddess is appear again in the packaging! yay!!

Troduct contains of 3 shades : pink, dark brown and creamy brown. They're hard to swipe alone, because of the size. I really like the pattern :)

Nyx kindly gives a brush for product, it's quite good, better than brush i've received from another blush.
I use this brush to make a few contour in my cheeks, and it works very well :)

I compared it with my Milani Baked Blush to see the size better.


Shades alone. All shades come with a sheen, very acceptable and help to brighten your face.
If it's use as a bronzer in all over face, it's give a natural fresh sun kissed look. It will look more fabulous if you have brown eyes and medium brown hair ^^

Shades blended

since it could work as blush and or bronzer, it help you to get some contour and some blushing effect at the same time. Very good for travelling with the mirror and the useful brush.
And the best thing about it, it has a very good staying power. I could use it in the morning and still see it in evening. Lovely, right?

have you try it?
what do you think about it?

Friday, May 4, 2012

my secret to stay fair : oriflame essential fairness cream, yeah it's about my secret

Since i am getting tan easily, i have to keep one product to help my skin getting fairer, another than sunscreen. I've used about 6 tubes (this is my 7th tube i think) and i always love it.

I've tried some other fairness cream or lotion; Nivea, Citra (from indonesian local brand) and Vaseline (no offense for these brands, but their product just won't work on me) but this is the only one that work. It's also so cheap, only about 25,000 IDR during sale. And if you know Oriflame, they have sale almost every month, for selected product.

.. No, i'm not promoting Oriflame, this is the only product from Oriflame that i love.

Oriflame named it Essential Fairness Cream -they also have in lotion form i think- and i use it as my evening body cream. It's almost unscented so i can use any fragrance that i want.

no, it's just a grass-flower, not mulberry *lol*

the ingredients

oriflame essential fairness cream's texture

It's not too thick althought it's a cream, nor sticky and easy to blend. It has a good texture.
There's no instant whitening (if you see color changing, it must be something wrong with my camera), it will help you getting fairer in about 2 weeks. I considered because it has a safe formula so it wouldn't work too fast.
I'm not use it everyday after 2 weeks of usage, maybe just 2-3 times a week to maintain my skin.

if you wondering how the whole tube look like, here it is :p

thanks for reading!

ps. yes, my secret isn't too hard to get XD

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mission : Save My Hand ; Executor : TBS Almond Oil Hand Rescue Treatment

Hi, Readers!

Say Hello to the new month, wish it would be a great month for us ^^

As i said above, i'm on mission to save my hand, because they're chapped and drying. Not very dry, but sometimes chapped a lot :(

I was eye-ing The Body Shop's hand treatment, and most reviewer said that Almond Oil is the best for saving chapped hand. And because i want the one who work better and faster, i choose Hand Rescue Treatment rather than Hand & Nail Cream from Almond Oil Series.


i'm using different way of photography for this post, it's seems so nice for me, and i hope you like it too ^^

Yes, Almond Oil Hand Rescue Treatment come in jar, not in tube, so it's somehow unhigienic rather than another series from Almond Oil.
I love the scent ; not too strong, and nice. It doesn't smell like almond thought, but sweet, like a mixed of floral and fruit, but sadly i don't know what.


what's so good about it?
it's easy to absorb, feelin a little bit creamy on my hand rather than etude house's happy bee hand cream.
smells very good, sweet almond i guess?
it does rescue my hand from chap & dryness.
doesn't feel oily nor sticky
it's also work to my cracked heels!!!! (☆▽☆)

.. and what i dont like about it?
the packaging, a tube will be better
it's contains parabens (methyl & propyl)

Overall, it's worth the price, i'm sure will repurchase after i finished this one ^^

thanks for reading !! 

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