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Nature Leaves Mask for All Skin Type


Good Day, dear friends.
Today i'm going to introduce you to local Indonesian brand named Nature Leaves. I know nothing about this brand until their PR sent me email, introducing their brand and product. Now a little introduction on my blog, shall we?

What is Nature Leaves anyway?
It's a "Go Nature" brand who has visionary to make high quality home made product, with natural, organic ingredient and save for skin without chemical ingredient.

What Product do they have?
Unfortunately, they only have 2 powder mask as their main product. One is specialized for oily skin and the other one is all skin type. Being powder mask means they have to be mix with water first before use but also means that they need less chemical.
Both mask are Organic, risk free, using real essence, no fragrance, no paraben and processed through clean production (truthfully, sometimes i bit worry about homemade product but they're assure that they're keeping clean production). Because both are in powder form, it's impractical to use but it means it's using less chemical.

Oily Skin Type mask (basic ingredient : mud & tea tree) using pink label
Benefit : clean dead skin cell, help with oil control, brightening dull skin and hydrating
All skin Type mask (basic ingredient : green tea & honey) using blue label
Benefit : lifting skin, smoothening, anti oxidant, prevent spot and acne scar, hydrating

Okay, then where i could get it?
It's available in instagram @natureleaves_id and some reseller (could be check on their page) and sometimes in some offline event too. It’s retailed for IDR. 70,000.

nature leaves mask

Mine is the blue one, means it's for all skin type.

Their mask is packaged in tin can which impressed me. It's feels sturdy and pretty.
My second notice is on front label, the "Est since MMXIII". *EHM*. I tried to remember my greek study, but i could only read XIII means 13. I dont remember what M stand for. Okay since XIII is 13 i could guess the both M's means 2000. Est since 2013. Haha. I like their smart thought.

Each can contains of 50g of product and could be use one year after opened. This is what i like from powder mask, ha. However, it's just packaged like this. You need to make sure all powder are in bottom tin before open it. And it's kinda sad not having the whole ingredient list.

It does looks like green tea powder with leaves in my opinion haha.. The powder is not super finely milled (like i think it would be) and strongly scented. I know they're claimed to use no fragrance, but i wonder what smell so strong? Honey? I wish they give us ingredient list..

I was too being told that this mask help with allergic reaction. Well, another story for you (told ya, it’s a long post) :
I have allergic to seafood and egg. While seafood is easy to avoid, egg is not. My allergic is just developed few years ago. In the beginning, it's makes my hand swollen, itch, and red in several spot. Later, it's just swollen in hand but itchiness move to my face and neck. Totally disaster when you're outside, really.
But sorry, since my face shown no tangible allergic reaction, i can't show it to you. It's itch inside and redness shown just if i round them up (which i avoid).

My way to use this mask :
  1. Add an amount of powder you think enough for your face. Mine is about 2 coin size to cover entire face and jawline.
  2. Add water little by little until it's thin enough. Here i use drinking water simply because i don't trust tap water for mask. Otherwise, you can use warm water instead.
  3. Separate water and mask using your finger. Throw out excess water and put wet mask on your palm.
  4. Apply product that's left on your palm to your face. Yes, directly. Avoid eye area.
  5. Wait 15-20 minutes until it's fully dried
  6. Clean your face softly. DO NOT RUB, it's very harsh so wet your face and swipe GENTLY.

I have tried several methods but i think that way makes application less messy (with some other method, i need to take a bath right after masking) and once it dry, less product flying away or drop down. As for last step, i have sensitive skin and scrub is my enemy. I swipe it gently till all gone and wash with facial cleaner (most are not doing this, but i do).
masking (told ya it's hard to apply properly and it's messy!)
after mask, or actually, after bath
After mask, my face is bright and smooth. If i do masking at night, my face is still brighter by the morning. Usually i do masking before bath, it's just easier to clean the messiness.

As bonus, i have no allergic reaction on my face after second application. Another story, I was had to had fried rice with egg the next day (after using nature leaves mask) I was outside and a little bit worry that my face would itch and all. But strangely, it doesn’t! My hand still getting allergic reaction, but thankfully face area are safe. Until today, the second week i used this mask, i totally have no allergic reaction at face and jawline!! YAY!

But I haven’t tried it on my hand but someday I will. I totally recommend this mask for anyone with allergy!

Help me decreasing my allergy effect (HUGE POINT)
Doesn't break me out
Brightening effect
Anti oxidant properties (i really loves anti oxidant! talk about it later)
Claim to has clean production
No paraben, clean production, organic, real essence
Long shelf life
Less chemical
Supporting Indonesian Local Product

Too rough for my taste, I really wish it’s better milled.
A little bit in expensive side
Only available via online store (okay this one is not worthy saying, but some of you might found it as cons)
No ingredient list in product
I wish it has better packaging, maybe separated plastic cap inside?
Through claimed to use no fragrance, it’s scent lingering hours after use.
No ingredient list provided.

Even if Cons seems long way down towards Pro's, I will still giving it 4/5 star. Of course it's mainly because allergic calmer. I never know something like this before, thank you nature leaves!

*** Product was sent to me for review purpose. All review & opinion are mine.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

China Glaze Apocalypse "Dont Let The Dead Bite"

So, here’s  my first nail polish review!
As far as I know, China Glaze doesn’t have official store in Indonesia yet. I bought mine online.

china glaze dont let the dead bite

 China Glaze bottle is round, and the top of their plastic cap is embossed with China Glaze’s symbol. I like this part because somehow remind me to Divergent series’ stone, haha. There’s a small ball inside their bottle to help customers sure the polish is well mixed before use. Or maybe it’s because their polish come with hardener.

china glaze dont let the dead bite, bottom view

“Don’t Let The Dead Bite” (DLTB) is part of their haloween collection called Apocalypse Collection. This one caught my attention the most. It’s unique and popular among bloggers (I know, I’m a blogger and I can’t stop drolling over bloggers favorites).

sorry, it's hard to makes my camera focus on the brush only

 It has the same brush as any other China Glaze that I own. It’s long enough to reach bottle’s base but not wide that you could use one swipe all over your finger. I think it’s feels like traditional nail brush but modernize so you could move it around easily.

DLTB is milky pink based with red flakes in various size. Some say they have pink flakes either, but mine certainly doesn't. They're all red and a bit metalic which was supposed to seems like bleeding finger for haloween. As pictures below, on me it doesn’t shown like that. I think it’s cute and girlie enough without being gothic.

 I’m using 2 layers with top coat. Base and layer is Revlon Grow 10. 
TIPS : swipe your brush only once in one area. Don’t do double swipe because it does move the flakes around. If you think you doesn’t put enough glitter, wait til it’s dry before layering. Better use another non-glitter jelly polish as base before DLTDB.

Sadly, I have little luck with China Glaze because they’re usually chip badly on 3rd day. As comparison, OPI and Sally Hansen could last til day 7th. Wet n Wild last about 4th day and Revlon Nail Enamel Vernis (the cheapest one) only last less than 24 hour.

As summary..

Pretty shade
Limited Edition
Easy to apply

Last only 3 days on me
Hard to find, makes it expensive here.

Okay, i think i've wrote all that i knew. If you want to know anything more, ask me in comment :)

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Monday, January 19, 2015

My Favorites in 2014

My blog was started in 2012, and since established, I haven’t do any real “Best Product of the Year” kind of post. Sorry for being late, but here it is :
Tania’s favorite Beauty Product in 2014!

Looking back, in 2014 my skin has up and down journey. Been sorrow and joy, these are my favorites :


Holy Grail : Paula Choice Clear Anti Redness Exfoliating Solution with 2% Salicylic Acid
My absolute favorites. DOES clean my skin and makes it way much much much better. Now I am just using it like 2-3 times a week to maintain the clearness. The only cons is just price. But well, I’d go for it.

Second, also from Paula Choice : Clear Daily Skin Clearing Treatment with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide
Hey, I’ve just said my skin is much much much much better, then why do I need another treatment? Because I still get acne during my period. Amount vary from 1 silent acne to 4 horrible acne. This product helps. Cons? Price and sometimes it’s sting.

Third is Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream.
Mine is in sample size (and I keep buying sample size because regular size cost a Fortune, no joke).
I have oily skin and mostly, cream moisturizer wouldn’t work. This one works, and could be function as moisturizer, night cream, eye cream (no cream bleeding) and has anti oxidant that help with spot.

Fourth, Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Foaming Face Wash (also the one in tube. I run out of it so no picture)
Thanks God I’ve found this. It’s considerably expensive compared to another drugstore brand here, but only fraction compared to Korean Facial Wash. Plus, it’s free from Parabens, SLS/SLES and Phthalates. It’s helps prevent acne and cleanse well. This one is my second foaming bottle and I’ve just finished my second tube.

Fifth, Evian Natural Mineral Water
I know it's said to be far less amazing than Avene Facian Mist, but it's far more affordable here in Indonesia and i think for me, it's done the job very well.

Last, also from Paula Choice is Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum
It has Retinol and help to fade my acne scars. 2% salicylic acid does the job quite well but it works faster with SBSACS (gosh, what a long name!).


Since I’m not wearing make up much, I only got 2 super-favorites :
Urban Decay Naked 3
No introduction needed, I guess?
Well, first I don’t think I could pull the Rose Gold theme but thankfully, it turn so good. I rarely wear my naked 2 now. Naked 3 ROCKS!

Coty Airspun Translucent Extra Coverage Loose Powder
Maybe it’s too fast to say it’s favorites in 2014, since I just bought it about end of November but I found nothing work as great as this one, even the ingredient is out of my usual picks, but still. I’m in love.


The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Body Polish
I’ve praised it so high in my review post (click here to read) and this one is my second tube of vanilla. Faves.

Nivea Daily Protection Sun Lotion Light Feeling SPF 25 PA ++
Remember how I always complained why there’s no good sun lotion? They’re always feel heavy on my skin. Those that lights, has no SPF. No wonder my skintone getting darker and darker.
However, thanks Nivea to bring this cute blue tube to Indonesia. It’s really feels like on my skin. And SPF 25 is enough too. Bought 5 bottles when it launching sale for IDR. 15,000/100ml each. CHEAP.

Have you tried any of these? Does them impressed you?
Check my instagram @Primafacie_Corner (selling beauty stuff, ready stock) and @taniaasvs for beauty reviews :)
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