Friday, December 28, 2012

Marc Jacobs Rollerball Trio, My Faves!

As you girls might now, i'm in love with fragrances .. And i keep eye-ing and buy some miniatures or tester, there and there .. But Marc Jacobs is my all-time favorites, i love them, and this trio is on the top of my love-list ~

Marc Jacobs is one of high-end brand, especially in fashion thing-y (that's why there's a lot of their fake product *sigh*), also in Fragrance branch. But luckily, they also make rollerball version of their popular fragrances, which is more affordable, and easier to carry.

Marc Jacobs Rollerball Trio is retailed for usd 38 (about usd 13 each), with usd 45 value (usd 15 each). It contains of MJ's most popular fragrance : Daisy, Daisy Eau So Fresh and Oh Lola! I already have Daisy ESF's miniature, but i really want Daisy and Oh Lola! so i take it (☆▽☆)

They're housed in a slight tin box with a clear plastic on the top.It's pretty but so unpractical to bring it everywhere, and it's quite hard to take the rollerballs out of the case. I almost break my nails the first time i tried it (- - )

The rollerballs contains of 10ml product each, and in the back side of case, there's the ingredient list.

If you're Indonesian, you'd be so familiar with Freshcare's rollerball. It's available in many department store.. And if you're curious about how is this rollerball look like, they're almost the same.

MJ's rollerball is 12cm length, still so easy to put it in your make up pouch.. i bring one of them everyday

they even have the same head shape!
the application is the same either, just spread it in some part of your body ; wrist, behind ears .. or anywhere you like~

They're so cute, aren't they?

Now into review ..


Daisy is my second favorite among the three, it's woody, fruity, warm but fresh either. I dont really able to detect the notes, but i think i got strawberry, white woods and musk.. It's a lovely fragrance for daily use, when the weather is not too hot or cold.. Sadly, it's only last about 2.5 hours on me (;¬д¬)

Daisy's sillage & projection on me is worst than Daisy ESF, and it's lack of depth in my opinion. Nothing so unique to make me remember how it's smell like, though i miss it quite often.

Daisy Eau So Fresh

Daisy ESF is Daisy's younger sister, it's fresher and more cheerful than it's sister. And don't you think the bottle is super cute?
I love it since for me, it's smell a lot like magnolia champaca (or Cempaka in bahasa) which remind me of a beautiful evening right after the rain.. thankfully while it doesn't last long in many people, it last me 6 hours or more (♡∀♡)
i love to wear Daisy ESF anytime : day or night use, hot or cold. It's suit them all in my opinion XD
Daisy ESF is my most favorites among all the fragrance i have, it has something special in my nose opinion, though no one agree with me..

Oh, Lola!

While Daisy ESF is Daisy's younger sister, Oh, Lola! is a flanker or MJ's previous fragrance named Lola (the same bottle, but it's purple). Many people said Lola is heavier, and Oh Lola is fresher version. I haven't smell Lola so i wouldn't compare them personally.

Oh Lola is fresh, the berry notes is lovely, and i found tonka bean here doesn't hurt my nose at all, it's enjoyable.. Makes me feels younger and brigther. Somehow, it found it smell like Taylor Swift's Enchanted younger version.

have you try any of them? i believe many of you has smell daisy! ^^

Friday, December 21, 2012

My Beauty Wishes is Been Done

This year, i've posted about my beauty wishes (direct link here) .. truthfully, i dont really prepare for it and trying to get it crazily. Because as a beauty blogger, i have too many items to wish for ..

Suprise surprise surprise, i got three of them! yay! Except paraguaya, they're came naturally into my hand ~

The first one is Sleek Paraguaya.
It's from 2011's collection, i'm sure not that hard to get it from ebay, but i'm not sure i can do it myself. Luckily, one of my friend want it too, so she helped me to buy it, even it's arrived with unperfect condition (1 shade is broken, and another one is out of it's pan) but fine, at least i got it! (thanks, Sisca!)

The Second one is Benefit Bella Bamba.
I want it of course, but never really put a lot of attention. Then someday Sisca (again, she is) found someone who sell her benefit pretty commitee, and bella bamba is left untouched. I bought it then got the blush, hehe ..

And the last one, Urban Decay Naked 2.
Beauty Blogger's dream!
As i said, i'm not sure about original naked or naked 2 for me, then i went to Kuala Lumpur and of course visit their Sephora.. I tried and loving naked 2, but wasn't sure since i have a LOT of palette to use in my entire life. My mom, kindly tell me to let another palette go and keep this one since i naked 2 is fulfilled with natural colour and i can use it everyday (and my mom can borrow it, haha!).
Oh well, so i got the naked 2!
(but no one seems interested with my tarte jewelry.. if you're, you can check it on blog sale section ^^)

I feel sooo thankful ..
they're all so pretty and lovely ..

My next wishlist is skill to use them better!

thanks for reading, i hope you're happy there, and your wishlist will fulfilled soon ~

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Christmas Beauty Swap

Several weeks ago, ShaSha, the owner of hosted an event among Indonesian Beauty Blogger community, called Christmas Swap. She collected participant's name and paired randomly. My partner is Aprilia Christina (check her blog through this link ^^). She contacted me at first, and we talked about our wishlist and how we deliver our gift. We agreed to send our gift at December 10th, not too far away from Christmas, but not too close either because of the postage traffic usually happen in December.

Luckily, her gift was arrived at december 14th, i can say it's quite on-time ;)

i was sooo excited, too excited, and even my camera is not with me that time, i pictured those beautiful moment using my iTouch ;)

she sent it by Tiki.. Oh, here i just want to share a lil bit..

Tiki's postage courier for my area is very old. Idk, maybe about 60 y.o. He has a long beard, and he delivered the packages using motor cycle, like another courier from different company.
Although he's already old, he's brought a LOT of packages. He string the packages around the motor cycle, so he doesn't even able to move from his position, or go down to deliver the packages to customer's place. Luckily, there's my mom in front of my place and she took the packages so he doesn't have to move.

I'm so sad seeing his condition, old but still have to going around to deliver packages, and the company doesn't provide him with a courier's big bag (like the one JNE courier has, or simple travel bag like Pandu Siwi's courier has) to make him deliver the packages easier and more safety.

Again, i'm just sharing.. no offense at all ^^

Back to the gift, Aprilia wrapped the packages with cat pattern. I love cat! and this one is soo cute :)

i opened the wrap and found this, very creative!!

and she wrote around the box .. wishing me a merry christmas .. thanks April! ^^

TARAAA .. there's the gift inside!
Fullfilled with beauty items from my own wishlist, whoaaaaaaaaa ..


the one on the left is a hair holder, it's not from my wishlist but it's very helpful for me!
*i'm the one who always forgot where i put my hair clip -______-"

The SUPER CUTE christmas card .. Sadly, i dont even get her a card @____@"
i'm so sorry April o(╥﹏╥)o

Overall, i'm so happy joining this event.. Maybe another gift swap for Valentine's Day? with somehow different concept? :)

Thank You April, for your generous gift and lots of wishes .. wish you're happy with my gift ;)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Lancome Tresor in Love, a fragrance review

Doing a fragrance review seems more simple than make up or skincare review, but except  fewer picture to edit, there's so many other things to do. My nose need so much education, i can't always detect a notes by my nose only, i need to to several research, sniff it over and over again, try it for day and night use, hot and cold. Whoa..

Fragrance review is more to my personal opinion, based on my personal taste, the environment, my body chemistry, mood, and so on. It's not as simply as post a make up swatch, more complex .. and again, i'm not an expert. Fragrance is a new world for me.

Mine is a miniature in 7.5ml size, and it come without box. The bottle is similar with full size bottle, a pretty high bottle with a black rose bow. Liquid inside also has the same color with full size product, a pretty pink liquid (not pictured because i put it on purple background *sigh*)

I was so in love with the bottle it self, and almost dont care about how it smell like. I bought it at the same time with Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline and Sarah Jessica Parker's Covet, and this one is the last one on my trying list. But when i sniff outside of the bottle, i cant help to try it immediately. It smell so good!

Top notes : bergamot, pink pepper, pear, nectarine
Middle notes : jasmine, taif rose, violet, peach
Base notes : musk, virginia cedar

I love floral fruity scent, mostly when fruity side come stronger than floral side. Powdery scent will always attract me (oh i love Flower by Kenzo!) and sweet is my middle name. This one match my criteria, really. And it's not on heavy side, it has a fresh hint that makes me feel like i've just come out of shower.

On my skin, i can smell rose (of course!), peach, nectarine and pink pepper (the one that said to be another rose scent). Not musky at all. Very pretty and feminine, not sickening sweet, not musky and not offensive.. And this one teach me to love rose fragrance ~

Another thing to love is the concept, to be use on date.. no matter if you use it for day-date or night date.. no matter you'd go to hot or cold place, it's suit them! ^^ But you have to bring it around since it just stay about 4 hours then gone..

have you try it? what's your favorite feel-so-in-love fragrance? :) 

another fragrance review of mine :
sarah jessica parker - covet

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sarah Jessica Parker - Covet

Hi Belle!

I finally doing a perfume review ~ My first one (ノ´∀`*)ノ

I've been in crazy obsession of blush, and i dont even review all of them here.. then i moved into lipstick era (this one is quite sort, i can control my self) and now, in perfumery era.

It's been almost 2 months, and i've collected some perfume miniatures.. which i love because they're all so CUTE (mostly the same shape with their full size bottle) and quite affordable, so with same amount of money i might spend for 1 full size Marc Jacob's fragrance, i could get like 7 miniatures. Means i can wear difference fragrance every day in a week.

There's my collection :

Left to right :
Lancome - Tresor in Love
Sarah Jessica Parker - Covet
Vera Wang  - Princess
Bvlgari - Omnia Crystalline
Viva La Juicy
Marc Jacobs - Daisy Eau So Fresh
Guerlain La Petit Robe Noir

i wish i could do all review of them, wish me luck! ヽ(`◇´)/

Today i'd start with Covet, Sarah Jessica Parker's second fragrance. This one is discontinued already, but some indonesian online store still have it in miniature size.

Disclaimer : Unlike skincare and make up reviews, fragrance reviews are MORE subjective. It's depend on your personal preference, familiar notes, body chemistry and so on.

Covet is my first Celebrity Fragrance. And truthfully, i don't really interested. I bought it because it's highly raved and it's discontinued.. I am more "sensitive" with discontinued item (╥﹏╥)

The bottle is not very cute.. Wasn't attract me at all.. But i like the box. It's green and has eye catching pattern.. My miniature contains of 5ml (0.17 fl. oz) eau de parfum.

On the cap, there's "SJP" embossed, just it without another label or title.. But there's a sticker on bottom side, explaining what's inside X)

According to :
top notes : lavender, pelargonium leaf, dark chocolate, sicilian lemon
middle notes : honeysuckle, magnolia, lily of the valley
base notes : amber, musk, cashmere woods, vetiver, teak wood

My personal review :
longetivity : 3-5 hours
sillage : within arm length
condition : cold or windy, night time

On my skin, it's begun with herbal scent, maybe it's patchouli (hasn't said it's available in notes but someone said it's contains of patchouli also) which for me, has an ability to heal my nose from any non acceptable scent, going softer in the middle, because it's start to mix with dark chocolate notes i adored. In cold days, it feels warm and enjoyable. I haven't try it in hot days simply because i dont think they'd match.

From herbalistic scent to warm dark chocolate scent, makes me think Covet is like an introvert girl who's sweet and wonderful inside 。◕‿◕。

I'm not a perfumery-expert, but for me, it's amazing! I'd love to repurchase if it's still available..

I've reviewed it in under user name "vanilla-lovers" .. err .. another "vanilla" in my user name! oh well~

thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it :'}

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Urban Decay's Weapon of Love in Lovechild

Urban Decay famously known for their eye shadow palette (naked, of course) and primer potion (UDPP). But surprisingly, their lipstick is good either, not the best in market maybe, but it's so lovely.. Just imagine you touch up your lip color using this, the most beautiful weapon for love, Urban Decay's lipstick 

Like another UDs, it's also packaged in clear box. Pretty, you definately can see anything inside .. And most of UDs are beautifully designed.

The shade name labelled in the top of the box.

Ha! here's the weapon.. it's remind me to Excalibur Sword .. The sword that can be pull by the one fated, hehe ..
Those sword made from steel while another part are from sturdy plastic.

UD also embossed their product with sword design! so pretty! i'd feel sorry when i reach it (╥﹏╥)

the first time i opened it, i was a lil bit surprise with the sheer vanilla scent.. not disturbing, just Lovely 。◕‿◕。

here the swatch on my hand.. quite sheer right? i only swatch the pointed part.

top : bare lips, below : using UD Lovechild.

When i ordered it, i wasn't sure how's the color would shown up, but when i get it, i just remember a lip shade i've wanted for so long! Love it :)

The shade isn't too bright, nor too pale. It's just pretty. And when i need my lips but better shade, i'll wear it sheer-ly (*´▽`*)

The formula is creamy, and last about 3 hours on me. No staining too .. it's the best part (☆▽☆)v

Love :
pretty packaging
pretty shades
creamy, not drying my lips
no staining
quite long lasting
affordable (i bought it when it's on $3 sale, through pre order system)

Dislike :
sometimes the sword hurt me
unavailable in indonesia

It's going to be my favorit one .. hehe ..

thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Simple Way to Get Your Silent Treatment

I can't believe it's December already! And New Year will coming very soon OMG ..

Don't you need a little silent treatment to prepare for new year?

Wet n Wild (WnW) well know for their eye shadow palettes (even i found their blush, Mellow Wine is outstanding either - review here) and luckily, WnW has sent this Silent Treatment for me to review about it.

As another WnW's product, this palette just came alone without box, and has a clear closure which allow you to see what's inside easily. However, as i said before, i dont think i'd still love it when i hit one or more shade's pan. Disgusting >.<"

Silent Treatment has a neutral shades, a lil bit leans to cool side but it works okay for me. 

Since WnW named their shades by where they mean to be on your eyes, they give an explanation behind, just in case you're not sure which one is browbone, crease and eyelid (i found some girls asking in beauty thread where crease is). No offense yaaaa ;)

WnW provided 2 brushes : one angled brush and one sponge brush. I dont like sponge brush, but will use it in extra ordinary situation ^^
both are embossed with WnW's logo, like brush in their blush.

I swatch those colours using the angled brush, and that's their condition .. powdery, yes. But just acceptable compared to it's price (idr 89,000!). It's quite more expensive than our Sariayu or Caring Colours, but still affordable.

swatch without primer

Silent Treatment's shades are so pigmented, therefore, primer doesn't make much change. But primer helps to make those shimmers subtle down and make them last longer :)

Browbone is like another browbone color ; not so pale white, and it's added with silver and gold shimmer.
Crease is neutral cool brown with shimmer. It's too dark to be my crease color thought. I use it as Eyelid color.
Eyelid is lilac-taupe with silvery shimmer. For me it's the prettiest shade, stunning!

But, as i am prefer to have less shimmer on my eyes, i always tap my brush before applying the powder. If you love shimmer shades, it's doesn't needed ;)

Love :
affordable price
2 mini brush to use on-the-go
long last
not scented

Disagree :
too much shimmer
no mirror
fragile packaging
how they name shades by it's position, kinda weird for me, even i can use any shades wherever i want

 What do you think about it? or .. have you get it?

** product has provided by PR, but i promise, i gave you my honest opinion.
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