Sunday, September 30, 2012

♥ September 2012's favorites ♥

i knew this is new to my blog, but i've thinking about it since a long time. My favorites product might mean nothing for you, but as i love reading another bloggers favorites product, i decided to write about mine too. Hope you like it! ^^

My favorites are mostly from my newest purchase. But what can i say? i wanted them for long time and finally get it ~ so nice :)

What are they?

urban decay naked palette 2
shade # half baked in my palette is a little bit scratched by my nail because i was in hurry, and the closure won't work well :(
i love this palette so much, really, it's effortless (you can't go wrong!), very pigmented and long lasting, even without primer.

benefit how to look best at everything (without porefessional, i put my dandelion ultra plush gloss there XD)
truthfully, this box is too big for my make up pouch, i planned to move "hello flawless" powder into another box (maybe feelin dandy) so it would be easier for me to carry them together.
I love benefit ultra plush lip gloss, it doesnt like any other lip glosses i've tried. It's soft, not sticky, has good fragrant and leaving my lips with very smooth feeling (☆▽☆)
definately a good item-to-go, right? that's why i put it together with the kit, instead of porefessional.

~ read full review about the kit here

benefit high beam
last month, i would prefer using benefit dandelion, but i found high beam gives longer brightening effect and easier to carry around. Dandelion is way too big to my pouch. Maybe i'll use it more often after i depot it XD

benefit powderazzi
i love all shades in this palette, especially coralista (for blush) and hoola (for contouring). They work really great together!
~ full review & swatch here

skinfood banana concealer
i love to use skinfood banana concealer to add coverage, since benefit boing alone is not enough for me. And i need to finish it faster .. haha ..

urban decay stash # rehab
it's another helpful product from urban decay.
Whenever i'm in hurry -no time for primer, e/s and brushes etc- i'd use this one. I love how pretty the shade is, how easy to use and how well it stay on my lid.

daiso eye brow pencil # black
If you have daiso in your town, go and take this one. I bought it for only RM 5 (or about idr 15,000) and it works like magic!
i have a quite bold eye brows and never think to add more by eye brow pencil, but after shaping my eyebrows, i think i might need a helper to support new shape i got. I put no expectation for a very cheap product like this (i know, shame!) but i can't be happier with this one. Review coming soon ^^

sleek highlighter and contour brush
i kneew it's discontinued item, and i love love it so much (*/∇\*)
i almost do my blush and contour with it. It used to come with Sleek Contouring Kit, but they've took the brush out of set.
it helps me use blush and contouring, take the good amount of pigment and blend like dream. I know, unbelievable right?

my new "how to look best at everything kit" XD

the last part is skincare favorites, they're :

nature republic 92% aloe vera
someone has email me, asking where to get it in Jakarta, and so sorry i doesn't provide a good answer that time, since i didn't put enough attention for it, but now i'm telling my readers that nature republic has opened their new store in Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang.
you can read a post about it in Kindinia's blog :)

as i said in my review about 92% aloe vera, i love it so much and definately will repurchase it (it's only 49,000 idr in their counter!). My latest find is it's work GREAT for face moisturizer, wouldn't oxydize, and add more coverage! crazy right?

neutrogena norwegian hand cream
it's small but does a great job for my chapped hands and feet!
the direction on product said it also can be use as lip conditioner, but no, i have another product for it XD
and since it's in tube form, it's more hygienic than my other hand cream ..

what's your september favorites?
will it be continue on october?
let's just see .. ^^

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tarte Exposed, Review & Swatch

I'm just so crazy into blush!

while i'm still stick to urban decay's naked palette, i can't stick to any blush. I love to use different blush everyday, or every time i'm going out. So in future, i'll post more about blush .. and let's start with this one.

Truthfully, it's already stay in my drawer for about 3 months and i only use it 2-3 times. I think the red-rose understone is just pop my acne scar out. It's like my acne scar are getting worse while it's doesn't, so in last week i want to sell it and use the money for another blush on my wishlist. But one of my friend telling me, how crazy i am, tarte exposed is one of most wanted item between beauty blogger around the world, and many people love it. Why don't you try it again before make decision?

I know tarte exposed is such a pretty blush, it's a nude blush with rose undertone. And it's looks pretty on the part where there's no acne scar. So i tried it again and found it's looks good!
I still have those acne scars but it's already getting better (thanks Dr. Lee! thanks for Mandelic Acid too!), and with some help from concealer, i found it worth to keep 
ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ

the packaging is so simple, just a clear box covering it. It's like Urban Decay's clear box, but Tarte put they're product name and ingredients in those clear box, while UD aren't.

i hope the pic is good enough so you can read the ingredients there ^^

tarte product's are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, synthetic fragrance & SLS (sodium laureth sulfates).

Tarte Exposed's packaging is sleek, sturdy and simple with Tarte's logo and low decoration,  the same with another tarte amazonian clay blush.

Tarte Exposed is made in USA (the explanation why it's kinda expensive, *lol) and contains of 5.6g products or 0.20 oz which will last you very long time.

i saw there's many beauty blogger or even shop showing exposed as a very brown in pan. It isn't! It's pretty soft brown with soft pinky rose. I think in this picture it's seems cooler then in real life.
I took another picture below.

I took it under natural light, yes, it's seems more brown but not as cool as picture above. Well, maybe i have to try again.
What i want to say is if you afraid about the scary brown color they looks like in online store, no it's doesn't that horrifying.

I always adore tarte's embossed on the blush, it's pretty!
sadly, the one on my Tarte Dollface are already going to be gone :(

and here's the size comparison with my travel-size Tarte Dollface (review and swatch here)
They both have same design, just different in color. All tarte blushes outside's packaging are showing the color inside.

.. and there's the swatch ..
(please please see the picture carefully)
on my skin, tarte exposed's rose undertone show up very well (that's why it's made my acne scar look worse) and will turn nudey after several minutes.

if you've saw my picture's carefully, it's a soft brown with red undertone. Can you see the brown-ish?

and do you remember my Sleek Suede?
it's a soft brown with peach undertone. Since Exposed and Suede have the same brown-ish color but different undertone, i took the comparison picture as below :

this picture show them well *in my opinion*
suede seems peachy while exposed seems rose-y.
they're both very pretty and pigmented ^^

what i Love about Tarte Exposed :
sleek packaging so it's easy to travel with
full sized mirror
doesn't cause me breakout
no fragrance
very pigmented
a nudey, everyday color
there's a small hole behind packaging to help if i want to depot it

what i don't like about Tarte Exposed :
hard to find in Indonesia
doesn't last long, it's only stay for 5-6 hours on me while Sleek Suede stay for 7-8 hours or more in good condition
no brush

Will i repurchase it? No, it's very hard to finish one.

have you try any tarte's blush?
what do you think about it?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, reviewed and depotted :D

Since Cosmopolitan Indonesia provided their lovely readers with a tub of Nature Republics 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (i've stated about it in my september haul post), i decided to write this review. Maybe it could help you to know the product better.
I bought this one last July, and i'm still keeping the free one sealed.

2 font cover of Cosmopolitan Indonesia, september edition

Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel is one of Nature Republic's best seller product. It's contains of 92% aloe vera that helps to calm the redness and dry skin stimulated by sun and also provided moisture.
According to nature republic, theres several way to use aloe vera (instead of only for redness and dry skin) :

and here's the amazing product :

I love their cover design, it's clean-look and describe the insider very well.

.. open the lid and here's the product inside!

it's a big big tub, contains 300ml of product, it's bigger than usual body butter in Indonesia *LOL
the tub is lovely, it's clear green tub made from plastic.

here's the size compare to my iPod Touch, doesn't it's big?

ingredients list :
aloe barbadensis leaf extract (92%), alcohol, glyceryl polyacrylate, dipropylene glycol, butylene glycol, glycerin, propylene glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, polyglutamic acid, betaine, sodium hyaluronate, carendula officinalis flower extract, mentha viridis (spearmint) extract, melissa officinalis extract, carbomer, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, water, parfum, disodium edta

it's formulated without parabens, mineral oil and artificial colors. But sadly, it's still contains alcohol and parfum (perfume). Oh well, there's nothing perfect.

and because it's only contains of natural preservatives, it's better for not keeping it for long time. 6 month will be good, but if more than that, you might have to throw it ..

and here's the product on my hand.

It's a clear aloe gel with a slight cool sensation (even if it's outside refrigerator) which is not sticky. It's easy to absorb and light weight. Feels like you're use nothing once it's absorbed.

i really love this, i use it as body lotion's substitute, for my chapped hands, moisturizing my face and gives a cool sensation to my eyes when i'm tired 

the only problem with it is it comes in jar, which is not hygienic, because you have to dip your finger down. I'm used to use small spatula to help me, but now i decided to depot it into a pump bottle, yay!

all i need are :
a cleaned bottle with pump

no special direction, just take product with spatula, and fill the bottle spoon-by-spoon. It's quite easy to moving it, just put product in the bottle mouth and tap!
the product will go down it self (ノ´∀`*)ノ

i'm finish~
now i have a bottle of aloe vera, and there's few amount in tub, for my today's usage.

blub blub blub blub

the tub is almost empty! yay!
i'm gonna use the tub for drying my brushes .. hahaha ..

the bottle i used is used to be Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil's bottle. It could be fill with 230ml of product, and compared to another pump bottle, it's drop fewer amounts of product (because its supposed to be drop only few amount to clean face).

see the 230ml sign?

for me, it's a amazing product i will repurchase once it's empty. In indonesia, it can be easily purchase through online shop or if you stay in Jakarta, i heard that Nature Republic will open their store there (thats why they gives the sample through cosmopolitan indonesia! psst!)

thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it ..
and if you dont mind, follow me ^^

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Friday, September 21, 2012

their giveaway post :D

wanna join a giveaway?

there's 2 sweet and kind beauty blogger held a giveaway for us ~~

[1] dream make up's giveaway (open internationally)

The Prize:

1 of Sigma Beauty's Travel Brush Kit
(Winner’s choice)

dont you think it's AWESOME?
sigma beauty well known for their good quality make up brush, and it's available for FREE for the winner.
Let's join it and pray a lot!

it's for indonesian residence only, but she's really nice helding this giveaway. She made it since she's finally got 200++ followers (an amazing number if u ask me, since my followers doesn't as much as her :lol:) and for celebrating her graduation last June. Lovely!

i didnt finish filling their raffle copter, i'm still trying to .. hahaha ..

thanks for reading, and if you dont mind, please follow my blog ^^

Thursday, September 20, 2012

● a make up obssesion (♡∀♡●)

hallo readers! it's unusual post for me, but there we go.

once you love make up, you'll love love love to get another and another items for your collection. And beauty brands, knowing how crazy you're with their product, also love to launch new new new product to fulfill your obssesion.

I've just seeing muse's post about new blush set from tarte, and i'm moved to to see some new collection they might have, and i'm so surprised! they have a looooots of new collection .. i  also already put some of them on my never-ending-beauty-wishlist ..

here they're ..

Laura Mercier The Flawless Face Book - usd 59 at

i loveeee sets! it's like i wanna try them all! this set contains of : Tinted Moisturizer Crème Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen, Secret Concealer, 
Secret Camouflage 2, Mineral Pressed Powder, Travel-size Secret Camouflage brush and a Double-sided sponge .

Tinted moisturizer is one of LM's best seller product, and they've made it in compact form. It's doesn't as popular as the creme form type, but here it is. LM's secret camouflage and concealer are highly raved by many beauty bloggers, but too bad it's in expensive side. But now it's in a value set, so we can give it a try.

Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons Set - usd 42 on

Too faced's packaging are always soo vintage, classic and tempting 。◕‿◕。
A lil bit different with another TF's palette which adopting human in their design, this one is quite calm, with only TF's logo and palette's name in front of packaging. I'm not complaining, it's still cute.

SBBS contains of 12 eye shadows, shadow insurance in candle light, and lash gasm mascara. I'm not so interested with eye shadows palette since i do have too much eye shadows, the most tempting part is the mascara. I've so curious about Lash gasm, i've reads some good reviews about it but i'm waiting to get it in set since it would be cheaper.

i can't find this collection in, but sephora tagged it as limited edition. There's no "sephora exclusive" tag there.

Glamour To Go Spun Sugar Edition - usd 22 on

this one also from Too Faced, and i can't find it in either. I guess it's new glamour to go palette for 2012. The shades are in neutral side, which is good if you need neutral palette to travel with.

Lorac Eye Candy Full Face Collection - usd 59 on

Lorac is an unusual brand for me, but this one catch my attention .. really, it's sooo pretty and would be a perfect gift for christmas or birthday! it's seems like a box of chocolate .. and the insider are like a bunch of chocolate ❤ 

this collection contains of 4 eye shadow palette, 1 cream eye liner palette and 1 lip and cheek tint palette. Since they could be separate, it's easier to bring them alone without carrying the whole set.

Benefit Sexy Little Stowaways - usd 34 on

do you remember benefit's big 10 set?

Benefit Big 10 Set - used to be usd 32 on

This set is seems to be This Year's trial set. It's also contains of 10 mini size of benefit's products, it's also contains of 2 mini size of box-o-powder-blush, travel size of that gal and porefessional.

Stowaways is amazing set if you want to try benefit's product. But sadly, i have most of them, except That Gal, it's potent eye cream, oh la la lift, cha cha tint and sun beam which i dont really need. I dont think i'd get this set, but of course i love it.

Benefit High Flyin’ Glosses - usd 26 on

High Flyin' Glosses contains of 6 mini size of not-so-new benefit ultra plush lip gloss, each contains of 0.22 oz product (the same size with the one the provided in Feelin dandy - sugarlicious - tropicoral set) while the full size contains of 0.5 oz product are sold for usd 16.

i'm adoring benefit ultra plush lip gloss, it's really like putting a nice smell olive oil on your lips! it's not sticky like another lip glosses, and leaving your lips a smooth sensation when it's gone.

Tarte Carried Away Collector's Set - usd 54 on

i love this set!
it's provided you with many tarte's product to try : eye shadows, brushes, mascara, lip glosses, loose powder  and of course, an amazonian 12 hours blush!

the bag is wonderful too ~ it could carry all the products with you ~

Tarte 5-Piece LipSurgence™ Collector's Set - usd 34 on

even if there's revlon just bitten kissable balm stain which offer you cheaper price and good quality product, dont you still interesting with tarte's lip surgence?
i do .. 5 mini size of tarte lip matte lip tint in Escape, Enchanted, Exposed, Sweet, Elite will makes me fall in love ..

Tarte Fantastic Foursome 4-Piece Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Enthusiast Set - usd 35 on

it's the one that makes me went to to see their new combination set collection!

i love love love blush, and still curious about their Tipsy blush .. but i have too much blushes so travel size will be a good option for me. I planned to get only shade # magic since it's description remind me to Tipsy's .. so maybe i'll buy it in share with some friends (ノ´∀`*)ノ.

and the last one isn't from .. it's still only available in their own website :

The Balm Jovi Palette - usd 39.5 on

it's a pretty, awesome palette. They even separate the lip section so you dont have to worry that the powders will fly and reach the cream product   

I'm not interested with this Jovi palette before, but when i noticed it's get mary lou manizer and frat boy blush, with 2 pretty lip colors there, i've changed my mind. Let's see if the balm offer us special discount on black friday ..

Well, they're all pretty of course, but we dont have to get them all, do we?

ps. i'm not affiliated with sephora nor, i shared it just for my own happiness.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sleek Rose Gold, review & swatches :)

how was your day?
i was finding out i got allergic again, and sadly, i dont know what kind of food allergy i got today. I didn't eat anything weird or unusual, but i found some allergic reaction on my left and right hand :(

last year, i used to have allergic reaction to eggs, any food which contains of eggs made my legs got some itchiness, but i was healed and everything going fine again.. until today T____T

i wish i could be better soon ..

and today, i will write some review and swatch of sleek Rose Gold.
some say it's a dupe of the famous Nars O.
i've read many many reviews and swatch about their comparison, and i thought Rose Gold is a good choice since it's more pigmented, and cheaper.

here's the packaging, sleek and sturdy black case, but there's no shade name in front of packaging. They wrote it behind packaging.
and there's no box for sleek blushes, it's only covered with a clear plastic that fit the packaging.

there's the shade name, along with the ingredients and company's information.
It's contains 8g or 0.27 oz of product which is a very very good value for the price.
I think it's only usd 5.99 usd in sleekmakeup
But if you want to get it from indonesian online store, it's cost about 110.000 idr.

sleek doesn't provided it with any brush.
I'm not complaining since brushes that provided are mostly unable to use, and it helps to make the packaging smaller and thinner.

the shade is seems peachy and no duo chrome effect could detected from it.
Rose Gold also doesn't contains of any fragrances and the ingredients also doesn't makes any fragrance (like Suede).

and here's some swatches ..

using indoor light

Once it's blended, it's a little bit harder to detect the duo chrome effect, the heavily swiped swatch provide better effect.
but who want to wear blush that heavy in their cheeks? LOL

and here's i'm using natural, outdoor light.

It's quite harder to see the golden sheen since it's transform into glitter under the sunlight. You can always tap the brush before swipe it on your cheeks if you want less shimmer.

It's such a pretty shade in my opinion, but sadly, it's doesn't match my skintone. Seems like i have no luck to peachy pink shade, i'm seems better using plummy pink shade or coral shade.

i never wear it more than 4 hours so i don't really know how long it would stay on cheeks, but as far as i know, sleek blushes has long staying power (probably 8-9 hours and still there).

pro's :
sleek, sturdy packaging
travel friendly
cheap price
good value of money
pretty shade
no fragrance detected

cons :
it's not easy to get it in Indonesia
no brush provided (i'm not complaining, just saying)

Overall, i like it.. but i've just found my self rarely use it, so maybe i'll put it in my blogsale section :)

thanks for reading anyway ..

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