Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nyx Extreme Lip Cream Candy Land, a Review and Swatch.

Another product to review today, and it's out of my comfort area .. it's nyx extreme lip cream in Candy Land .. What? Candy Land! a land of candy?? Σ(゜д゜;)

Extreme lip cream is a mix between lipstick, lip gloss and lip stain. As we all know Nyx has made some good (or great) quality product, so why dont give this range a try? :)

the shade i bought myself was Antwerp, but i dont like the way it be on my lips.. And luckily a friend of mine, Natasya, has sent me Candyland to try ~ oh well, it's happens severals months ago. See what happened if you have to much item on your waiting list o(╥﹏╥)o

Back to review, Nyx Extreme Lip Cream comes in plastic tube packaging. The cap is black and the bottom part is clear. It helps you to see what's inside. Or in another case, how much does it's left.

XLC 02 - Candy Land
(LOL i've type it as Candyland on every picture i took. Oh well.)

The applicator is in doe-foot shape. I dont find it helpful and or disturbing.

So to the swatch.

It's HARD to describe what shade is it.
I used to think it's pale pink to fuschia kind of shade..
but i'm not sure ..
some people simply said it's beautiful pink shade.. but no.
First, it's bright. If you looking for a soft pink, it's definately not for you.
It has a white/blue undertone.
It's not matte.
It's quite pale but bright.
Like screaming that "I'm pink! look at me!"
(err .. just my i-ma-gi-na-ti-on)

Soft and fully covered my pigmented lips. But i found it's kinda hard to spread (see how it's appears on my lips below) and it's drying.
My favorite lip balm, burt bee's (reviewed here), can't solve this problem. Sometimes it's drying crazily and makes my lips chapped so bad :(

As it supposed to be, it's stained. The stain is a better shade, but since it's drying my lips so baaad, even it's only stain left, i dont use it often-ly.

Slightly scented but appears once it's applied.

My lippie swatch :

fully covered

Minimal stain left.
pretty right? like the pink version of my lips!
sadly again, it's drying crazily.

Maybe this drying problem is just mine, because i found so many girls loving this product.

Have you try this?

til the next time .. (人´³`)⌒♡

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Balm Instain "Toile" (Review, Swatch & Comparison)

Hi Lovely Ladies,
i'm finally back with another product review ~

You know, i'm a crazy blush-holic (i dont know how many are they now ( ・_・))
My collection are vary from natural nude to ultra pigmented blush, but i never ever have a "Strawberry" blush like Toile from the Balm! This is my first option to get .. 

Instain Blush is a new concept from The Balm. They described it as "Long wearing powder staining blush". Staining? Sounds really good! I imagine it could stay all day long, no fading issue! 

Let's take a look!

It reminds me of a magazine, doesnt it? :)

Like the blushes from Boy's family, Instain have no Talc and Paraben in their ingredient list.

Note the size
(and i love the shade name written on the side, looks like real books name!)

All instain blushes has a pattern like their name.
In this case, toile (strawberry) has a strawberry pattern inside the packaging.

This swatch are made in hurry .. You can see better picture below ..

Shade :
The shade is really unique.. Somewhat strawberry makes me think of coral-pink .. This one is leans more pink than coral, warm and a lil bit plummy ..
(what am i saying? gzz. It's unique)

Texture :
Toile has a buttery texture, even it's would be a lil bit powdery in pan, but on face, it wouldn't.

Like it suppose to be, it's staining. It's better to use with stipping brush or light handed.
Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush would also help! it's blend like a dream ~ 

Scent :
Sadly, Toile is lightly scented, but it's not a strawberry scent (can you get the scent? sniff and sniff girls!).
It would be a nice add, Balm .. really.

Staying Power :
Toile stay on my skin about 8 hours before it's starts to faded.

Now for comparisons ..

here i have :
sleek blush by three in Lace (from Pumpkin palette, my review & swatch here)
benefit Bella Bamba
the balm instain Toile

Lace in Sleek Pumpkin palette is the far left one. No, i'm not comparing it to squash (the one in center). Squash is a bright pink shade, have no plum or warmest Toile has (in my humble opinion).

pic taken with flash

pic taken without flash

Sleek Lace is more orange, in picture seems like has no pink or red at all (in real life, it's a lil bit coral so it has pink touch like i've said above).
But you can see how staining it is.. Perhaps, it's more staining than Instain.
Benefit Bella Bamba is nice watermelon shade. Less deep and have more glitter than Toile.
Toile is a strawberry shade. Sometimes it's confusing how strawberry and watermelon seems alike. Toile in my opinion is strawberry in summer, very bright and cheerful.

Overall, Toile is a nice added to everyone's collection. Especially if you have benefit's bella bamba but doesn't like it's glitter ~

Have a great sunday Ladies, see you ~ 
ドキドキ((o(‾◡◝*)(* ◜◡‾)o))ワクワク

ps. i know i'm BAD for writing this. But i HATE seeing MY picture somewhere out of my blog, or if i'm not the one who post that. I knew even Christine from temptalia can't stop everyone taking her picture for online shop, and who am i trying to stop the stealer. But please, appreciate my work. At least put credit to my blog link, not just taking and crop my pic. THANKS!

Wanna check my other review for the Balm?

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Very First Beauty Box .. Beauty Treats April Box.

 It wasn't so Me to write a post immadiately, right after the things came to me. But really, i need to review this.. So please do understand about the picture's quality.. I pictured them under room's light, and my camera doesn't work so well with low lightning.

I was really excited with beauty box. Oh maybe not really about the box, but with the excitement because there's two beauty box's brand release their first beauty box in Indonesia. I decided to give Beauty Treats a try, because it's cheaper (idr 95,000 compared to 125,000 i think?) and i they do give some interesting tips in their Facebook Page, LOL.

The brown box outside.
Nicely labelled with Beauty Treat's logo and added with logo "Sshh.. It's a secret!" which i forgot to pictured.

I dont know why did they labelled me as "MRS." while i haven't got married yet.

The second sorry, because i've opened the box before. And it was wrapped nicely with that cute pink ribbon, but in my picture, it's only frightened on the box.

Here, also because i've opened the box before, and i dont remember how they look before (i think i've been in hurry to know what i got inside!). In my picture, i've only put the card from Beauty Treats on everything.

Those card was handwritten.
Nice touch!

First, i got a complete sample set of Biokos's Derma Bright skincare routine. It's contains of cleanser, toner, serum, day cream spf 25 and night cream ranging from 10 to 7ml each.
According to Beauty Treats' brochure, it's worth 903.100 per set.
I dont know if i want to give this set a try. My skin isn't in their best condition and i afraid it would suit them.. Is there anyone has try them? What do you think?

Second, L'occitane's sample.
I think L'occitane is the best things in this box. I've wanted to try them for a long time.
There's L'occitane Pivoine Flora hand cream (10ml), Immortelle Precious Eye Balm (1ml), Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner (6ml each) and Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream (6ml).
I think it's a basic and every box got them. I dont know how much does they worth, only the hand cream is worth idr 40,000 according to brochure).

Third, another basic sample.
Contains of MUFE's travel mirror (so pretty!!!!!!!!!!), Lioele Nail Polish (i got mine in number 18 which is a shade between blue and purple) and Perfumies' Solid Stick (mine is in Forever Young scent).
All of them is in full size, and worth at least idr 70,000 each.

Fourth, Masami Shouko's.
There's Blotting Paper and Black Round Cleaning Sponge. Both are in full size and i think each of them at least worth idr 24,000 each.

Fifth, the part i really dislike : Vouchers.
There's Lioele voucher for minimum purchase idr. 300,000 and MUFE's for minimum puchase idr 1,000,000.
The Balm' voucher which labelled as "Free Make Up Flash" with no minimum puchase only can be use in Jakarta while i'm in Denpasar *sigh*.

Good things about it :
Full of excitement 
(one box to another contains of basic items and personal items)
Good value for the price
Contains of some full size items
The box is re-usable
Handwritten letter

Bad things about it :
Waiting for it is more exciting than the box itself
Contains of things i don't know i'd use or not
The box is un-recycle-able
Too much voucher i wouldn't use, and if i want to use it, it's not avail in my city


I know puchasing a beauty box is risky, because sometimes we don't like what we got inside but i think make up things is a better choice than skincare.
  I also know they've tried so hard for the first beauty box, but it just doesn't meet my expectation. I hope for some improvement in future.

And about "the newest and best beauty products from all around the world" is kinda missed.

Have you ever subscribe a beauty box?
Do you love them or like them? :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review Etude Happy Tea Time Milk Tea Cleansing Cream

Hi, i'm back with another Etude review ~ (oh well it's always happen to me, after reviewing one brand, i want to review another product of them, or the same type of product, just different brand >__<) ..

Etude Happy Tea Time Milk Tea Cleansing Cream (or i'd write it as MTCC) is my very first cleansing cream btw, because i used to believe that cleansing cream is only for dry skin. I have an oily skin so i never give them enough attention. But then i was disappointed with my innisfree cleansing cream, and it's really hard to find my favorite cleansing oil (it's kose softymo's) so i decided to try a cleansing cream.

as another Etude product, MTCC has a cute princess-y design, in this case, a teapot :)
(oh i think i've thrown the clear box, so sorry >.<")

MTCC comes in a milk-tea-color plastic jar. No spatula included.

Here's how the insider look like. There's a plastic separator between bottom and top packaging.

The product is quite runny and has a fragrance. It's NOT milk nor tea scent (which i wish it has), doesn't bother me, but if you dont like to use a fragranced product, please skip this.

Let's see how effective MTCC is :

I've put some product to test :
sleek eye shadow + etude proof 10 eye primer, revlon colorstay foundation, nyx soft matte lip cream and maybelline eye liner.
The one on the right is MTCC itself.

Here i lightly spreaded the MTCC to another product i tested.

And that's how the condition after few swipe.
My hand seems slightly oily but all the products has gone.

The condition after i washed my hand with cleansing foam.
LoveLoveLove it!
Amazing, doesn't it?

I love the result, but sadly, i dont know if MTCC does makes me breakout or not since i have some trouble on my skin since i came back from South Korea. It's breakout badly and the redness going kinda worse.
But no offense, because i'm not only changing my cleansing product, but also my toner and moisturizer. So i dont really know which one is causing it.

The only thing i dont like about MTCC is the jar packaging. It's lovely and cute but not in hygienic side.. Even if Etude does provide it with spatula, i feel so lazy to take the spatula in my bathroom. Oh well, nothings perfect right?

see you in another review ~
bye for now!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base 02 Berry Choux

Hi Korean-Beauty Lover!
This cute little baby is the new favorite of mine.. it's etude sweet recipe baby choux base!
what is choux anyway?
Choux pastry, or pâte à choux (pronounced: [pɑt a ʃu]), is a light pastry dough used to make profiterolescroquemboucheséclairs, French crullersbeignetsSt. Honoré cake, Indonesian kue sus, and gougères. - Wikipedia
no doubt, etude named it "choux" because of the texture.. so light, so soft, so fluffy and smells so good! if anyone know what perfume smell like etude's sweet recipe baby choux base 02, please let me know!

this frosted glass jar seems like a jar of jam.. so pretty ~

i bought mine in Seoul, that's why it has a price tag in hanggeul ..

what it claimed, how to use and the cautions.. no ingredients here.

etude provided this baby with a mini plastic spoon, for anyone who refuse to dip their finger inside.

The Choux!!
very light, soft, fluffy and smells good .. like raspberry and strawberry, very very yummy.
(so sorry for the repeated description, i've just sooo in love with it!)

swatch on my hand

lightly spreaded.. can you see the difference?
it gaves a natural glow, not really change my skintone, just glowy and brighten.
as a base, it's also help to make my big pores less visible. Since i doesnt like to be fully covered by my base/foundation, i only use 1 spoon and get a medium coverage by that. And perhaps thats why i doesnt get the whitening effect, hehe ..

What to love about it?
cute packaging - no doubt!
medium coverage
SPF 25 PA ++ (makes it can be work as tinted sunscreen too)
good texture
smells so yummy! wouldn't disturb you~
makes my face glow instantly~
has a slight oil control
it's not a limited edition product, yay!

What to dislike?
sometimes it's not very travel friendly
it does cause me breakout

shade available :
01 mint choux - to hide redness
02 berry choux - for brightening purpose
03 peach choux - for brightening purpose, but for darker skintone

I got lots of redness on my face, but the mint choux one seems so hard to blend with my skintone.. makes me looks so pale. So i decided to get berry first :D

ps. SPF 25 PA++ doesnt really help if you're stay outdoor all day long. And dont forget to reapply if you use it as tinted sunscreen!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Korean Haul Posted ~

Hi Readers!!

Long time no blogging eh? so sorryyy because i was soo busy last month, and i've been visited South Korea, the skincare heaven, for 6 days :D

i've stayed in Jeju island for 2 nights, 1 night in Seoraksan (Mt. Sorak), 2 nights in Seoul and 1 night in airplane >.<" hahaha ..

it was nice, but i dont have lots of time for shopping because i joined a group tour, and they're only shopping in Seoul.. between visiting some tourist place and others ~.~"

sooo what i've got in Seoul? only few items .. because i've found out the price in Korean beauty store are almost the same with price you got through pre-order system .. only about 20,000-30,000 idr more expensive than the price in korean store for small items. Liquid items get more margin yes, but still it's well worth!

First, it's about mask.I bought 3 mask from the Face Shop for a good price because i got a discount coupon. I think it's about 21,000 won for 3 masks ..
and the mask from tony moly was a free gift for entering TM's store in Myeongdong. I bought those party lover eye brow powder that time ^^

then from Etude Store.. It was the most crowded beauty store near there! almost every spot were taken @___@
i bought Etude BB dation special kit (not sure why.. but seems nice), bebe foot mask (since i think my foot need it), happy tea time cleansing cream in milk tea (smells good, good price and nice packaging) and sweet recipe baby choux base in Raspberry (I was wanting it for so long so i can't stop my hand from reaching it).. the pink pen and play etude box (contains of cotton pads) were free gift ^^,

from Skinfood Store.. only few product since they doesn't have Tea Tree Toner & Emulsion i'm looking for.. Skinfood store in Myeongdong is quite far from Etude and TM's .. I walked alone and kinda flustered, trying to find Skinfood ..
i bought an eyebrow trimmer, choco eyebrow powder cake (smells like chocolate! and works wonder!), and fresh cellery cleansing tissue.. and i got 2 sample :)

There's also a nice store there, named RedEye and they're selling woman's stuff.. Clothes, accesorries, bag, wallet and so much else.. i only have few time there, and only bought 2 pairs of earrings and a ring with a tree on top .. very pretty!
they're quite affordable too ~

aaannnddd .. just it!
doesn't much right? ~

but even i enjoyed my trip to south korea, i dont think i'd like to go back there.. because it's expensive!
south korea is the second most expensive country to visit in Asia (the first one is Japan, my tour leader said) .. a coffee machine selling coffee for about 400 won and the coffee in minimart is about 1,000 won (while in indonesia it's only about idr 5,000 aka the half price). Snack is about 1,000 to 3,000 won .. and food is about 5,000 won up .. LOL ..

dont get me wrong, you have to visit south korea someday.. they're worth to visit, but only once .. hehe ..

have a nice day! :)

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