Friday, November 28, 2014

Bless Healthy Glow Foundation shade Natural


Finally I managed to back. Well, i was busy reading books. I finally got Indonesian version of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Play with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (I have the later in English, but really it’s too hard for me) thanks to Penerbit Mizan! I sent them email right-on-time so I could get the very last book in their stock, thanks Goddess!

Today I will do a short review for my old sample from Bless Indonesia. Back in July, they also sent me this sample along with Acne and Sensitive skin Series. That time, I have too many breakouts so I keep this baby for later. Again, Thank Goddess, my skin is getting better and better so I could test this Healthy Glow Foundation! 

My sample is in 2g sachet, shade Natural. It lasted me for 4 usage, which is nice, means I only need like 0.5g per use.

click to enlarge
First time I opened it, I was kinda shock. It’s really yellow, according to my friend, looks like liquid turmeric *LOL. However, I think I need to do swatch test etc etc so I brave my self, put it in my inner arm and do the procedure.  To my surprise, when I blend  it down, the color melt into my skintone. Not too yellow, or too pale, or too gray or too pink, just melt into my skin. Guess that because I have pretty strong yellow undertone.. Then I remembered something that just like this, my Sleek New Skin Revive foundation! It also has strong yellow undertone and match my skin perfectly. However, the packaging is not so helpful and too expensive. So this Healthy Glow Foundation better match for my need considering tube packaging and how easy to get.

indoor lightning, seems not so yellow? Ha.

under the sun, taken with HDR mode. Left unblended, right blended.

To make it easier for you, here’s my conclusion..
Pro :
Easy to get in Indonesia (check your local Century or Guardian, or their website :
Cheap (it’s about IDR 70,000 and even cheaper when it’s on sale. Too bad their website is unaccesible now)
Practical tube packaging
Nice oil control (about 2 hours for my oily skin, in somewhat hot weather)
A little goes long
Light and non irritating
Doesn’t cause me breakout
Powdery finish (practical for non powder user)
No white cast even it has SPF
Has no fragrance

Cons :
No idea of it’s availability outside Indonesia
Lack of shade choice (only natural and beige)
Low coverage. No complaining here, I have nice skin to show *hahaha*
Not so glowy as the name suggested
Low SPF number, sunscreen is still needed.

Well, now I have some foundation I need to finish *oow* so I have no short term plan to purchase it. But later, YES YES YES

Have you tried it? How it works for you? 

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**PR sample, review is my own.
*** even it’s Indonesian product review, I am still write it in English since I want Indonesian product well-known in International blogging world. Maybe you can get it when travelling to Bali? Hee Hee.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review : Real Techniques Blush Brush

Let me introuduce you to my other very favorite brush :

At first though, i don't think i would ever like it. Oh please, it has weird shape (too fluffy, looks like bunny's tail!) and too big. Really?

 Real Techniques Blush Brush
Currently unavailable in Indonesian Store. Online shop is your best bet to get it :)

Came in pink handle, means it supposed to be use in finishing step. The bottom is flat so it can stand by it's own. My only complain for it's appearance is rubbery bottom that's going to melt in several months. I don't know, maybe it's the weather or what, but mine is slightly melt just like Nars's packaging.
Considering the price, i think i need some back up. Well, in my opinion, Real Techniques isn't cheap (compared to local made brush) but it has good quality and still cheaper than Sigma.

back box
I definately not agree with it. The shape and the size wouldn't work for contouring in my face. I usually use it as blush brush for ultra pigmented blush (think of the balm instains and sleek blush by 3) and for finishing powder (work amazing for Guerlain Meteorites Pearls).

The latest function i found through Paris B's Blog (the exact post is HERE). I was struggling to find a good brush for Guerlain but won't to spend a lot (Meteorites itself is a high investation) so this blush brush is a lovely answer!

the bunny tail ^_____^
 Sure the size is big, but by using the brush slightly more flat, you can easily control blush movement while it help to blend the ultra-pigmented blush.

While using it as finishing powder brush, it's no brainer. Right amount picked and it feels so soft..

This brush is a staple in my make up land, in fact, i brought it while travelling and use for both blush and powder. Easy ~

If you have any suggestion for using this little bunny tail for another make up related function, let me know!

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