Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Baked, Mildew, Asphyxia, Ransom and Whiskey

Happy Haloweeen!

But no, there's no make up tutorial (i am not an expert), just another product review as usual ^^

As we know, Urban Decay's most popular product is their eye make up line, the palette (especially naked and book of shadow), eye primer (Urban decay primer potion aka UDPP), and of course, eye liner! the glideeee on!

I was so in love with Whiskey, which discontinued already (i got mine from Roller Girl set, review here)  so i decided to give these 4 a try. They're a part of UD 15 year anniversary 24/7 glide on pencil set from last year's collection, as you can see at the middle of product.

ransom, mildew, baked and asphyxia has glossy end while whiskey has matte end.

the most rarely used glide on is mildew.
Strange, because i bought all four because of there's mildew inside.. it's just not as pretty as i thought it would be on me (╥﹏╥)/
 now into swatches..

baked described as "golden bronze" (beautezine), i love to use it as under-eye liner, eyeliner and as a base for another gold eye shadow. It makes shadow's color stronger and harder to fade. This one probably my favorite one.

baked supposed to be in permanent range but i can't find it in UD's website anymore. Maybe they've discontinued it? ≧△≦

mildew (permanent) described as "deep green" (UD), for me, it's a very deep green.
i wasn't expect it would be like this.. i think it would be more like mildew eye shadow color, a lil bit lighter and softer.
wearing it as eye liner makes me looks like a witch ≧△≦
i have to sharpen it very well, so it would line thin-ly on my eye.

asphyxia is the hard one to type, described as "fuschia with violet shimmer". As long as i know, it's not in permanent range.
When i saw asphyxia's swatch everywhere, i dont think i'd like it. But once i have it, i love it!
It's maybe not very great as eye liner, but as eye shadow base, or use it alone on lid, it's very great.
Once i used it in very hot weather, on busy day, and it stay for about 8 hours without faded. Almost all of my make up is gone, but Asphyxia stay on it's place. Score!

ransom (permanent) described as "violet with hot pink reflect" (beautezine) and "bright iridescent purple" (ud's website). For me, they're both right on it's own way ;)

ransom is my 2nd least favorite. It's pretty i know, but blue-family rarely be my favorite eye make up.

whiskey is another discontinued shade from urban decay. Temptalia described it as "medium-dark brown with warm, orange undertones and a faint sheen". It's my favorite eye liner make up, rarely fade and just good as complement for my naked 2 eye shadow, any of them :)

i swatch them together too ~
aren't they beautiful? 。◕‿◕。

another swatch with different lightning ^^

pro's :
travel friendly (remember that i just bring 4 of them when travelling?)
long lasting
a lil bit smudging, so there's no too-fake liner
lot's of shades available
no scent
there's no crazy glitter
as long as i see, there's no mineral oil in ingredient list (UD web)
doesn't irritating
good pigmentation

con's :
pricey if you buy it out of set
faded more easily when use as under-eye liner

I know many blogger said nyx slide on is better than Ud's glide on. But i used to have nyx slide on # pink jewel, and it's wont smudge even a lil bit, makes it seems too fake on me. I gave it to my sister, as her emergency make up. I love UD glide on more ^^

have you got Ud glide on 24/7 eye pencil?
what do you think about it?

thanks for reading and follow me if you like ^^

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Etude Lovely Cookie Blush, review & swatch

night, Ladies ..

i am finally got Indonesian Beauty Blogger certification, i am qualified now! that's why i finally add IBB's logo on my sidebar(⌒▽⌒) *dance dance*

Truthfully, i want to celebrate with a review of indonesian product, but i haven't edit those pictures (i have tons of pic on my waiting list) so let's do with this one o(`ω´*)

Let me introduce you to my very first blush on .. Etude Lovely Cookie Blush # 03, but this is the old one. I bought it about 2 years ago, still very good until now *emotionally sigh-ing* .. i only do it with powder form product, if it's cream or liquid, i am sure i've thrown it away! hahaha ..

My sister, who never ever ever have her own make up product (dont even care to get one) once let me do her make up before she go to her friend's birthday party. And she was shocked when she saw my blush, she scream, "can't you get a normal blush like another people do?!?" .. i laughed, "what's wrong? what's normal blush color?" and she said, "pink of course!" haha .. But she let me put this un-normal blush color to her cheeks, not weird of course ;)

it's might old, but still very very pretty.
The design is still the same with the new one, and still, like etude usually do with their product, a princessy design .. ❤ 

This case is made from plastic. The top part is clear so we can see what's inside while the bottom part is colored close to blush's color. In this case, carrrot's orange.

Since it's an old blush, it's also use the old number. As long as i remember, when i purchased this, there's only 3 colors available : soft pink, pink and orange. I purchased the orange one, number 3 (ノ´∀`*)ノ

Etude also provided a cute soft puff to use with this cute blush. So, no weird blush brush now, it's puff ~

~ closer look to pan ~

i rarely, really really rare using it. You're still able to see the matrix on the border side.. not because it's unpretty, but because i was just start my blush-on junkiness on April i think .. before it, blush is so not my kind of thing .. hahaha ..

For me, this shade is between pink, coral and orange .. I am not very good describing color, but it has lots of pink to be orange blush, while there's also lots enough orange to make it out of pink blush range. And it's not coral thought. It has soft micro shimmer which provides fresh look in my opinion. Matte blush is not my favorite this time..

The best thing about Etude Lovely Cookie Blush i own is it's not oxydize, the color remains the same in fourth hour after i applied. It's not very long last thought, but it's okay to bring it aroung since it's travel friendly and accomodate with a soft puff to apply. It's blendable so puff is just more than enough.

For me, it's 3.5 out of 5.

i am not pay enough attention to the new etude lovely cookie blush, but i think it's close to # 05 (apricot pudding) than 04 (carrot cheese cake).. or maybe in between ..

do you have etude lovely cookie blush?
what do you think of them?

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Swallow Bird Nest Information & Lovely Lue's Giveaway ^^

Hi Belle ~

Yesterday i read Yves Saint Laurent's awesome quote :

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”

This sentence is running in my head all day long, you know, like when you heard about a song or a jingle and you keep singing it in your head (or in shower hehe ..) but in this case, a sentence. I keep thinking about it and decided that it's somehow true. Passion is coming from inside, cosmetics are outsider. Passion brings a lot of things make up don't. There's no one selling passion, right?

So, ladies, what's insider product you might consider to buy, to make you look beautiful from inside? Swallow's Bird Nest, maybe? i know it's so expensive, let's find out more about it before decided to get it :D

Swallow's Bird Nest is a kind of saliva-nest type. It means, the swallows use their saliva to make a cup form and use it as their nest. Human has consume it for thousand years, since Chinese's Dinasty era, because of the benefits.

There's 2 kind of swallow's bird nest, the red nest and white nest. They are supposedly rich in nutrients, which are traditionally believed to provide health benefits, such as :

  • aiding digestion
  • raising libido
  • improving the voice (la ~ la ~~ la~~~)
  • alleviating asthma
  • improving focus, If you're lost focus while reading my post, you might need swallow bird nest badly XD

Talking about beauty, swallow bird nest is known as a secret to get eternal beauty, and i am not talking about Cullen Family, it's about humanity *LOL..  There's no one like to see an aging process on their face, right? It's not only a belief, it's even proved scientifically. According to data from Hongkong Polytechnic University, Swallow bird nest contain glycoprotein (a protein composition that has 17 amino acid in various quantities)  which could help to facillitate human body system in repairing and creating immunity, such essential process of anti aging.

For pregnant women, swallow bird nest is also help to maintain their stamina, help fetus to grown better, and also help restoring body shape and skin after childbirth. I guess it might help non pregnant women to get better body shape maybe? X)

Indonesia is the largest producer of Swallow Bird Nest, the white one of course, since red nest is only produced in Thailand. If you're live in Indonesia, it's kinda easy to get a raw bird nest.. i put a picture of it below :

err .. i can't find a better picture of it, this is the best i can get, but in reality, it's darker and more dirty. It's still has a part of swallow's feather, dust, ashes, a part of their food, and so on. The raw bird nest is free from color agent and preservatives, it's very trusted but also need so many times to clean it because the mucks are so small. And when i say 'small' i mean super-small that hard to see without magnifier. As far as i know, the raw one is about idr 7,000,000/kilogram (last August, i heard from someone, not from web). Their price is up and down according to demand and supply.

If you dont have many hours nor diligence to clean it yourself, it's so much way easier to get the cleaned one. It's not very clean as if you clean it yourself, but acceptable to consume. I can say it because someone in my family told me so, She bought raw and cleaned version and decided to clean it herself. Well, she's so diligent while i am not .. hahaha .. Dry and Cleaned version price is a lil bit more expensive, about idr 1,000,000 more than the raw one, while bottled version cost you more.

For all of those benefits and the fact that it's even appreciated by Chinese Emperor because of it's rareness, its reasonable that Swallow Bird Nest is expensive in the market, right?

Sadly, these days theres many producer adding a whitening agent to their product to make it seems better or adding red pigment to mark up the price (white nest cost you USD 200/kilogram while red nest cost you USD 10,000/kilogram). Crazyyyyy .. Thats why you have to be very very very careful to buy! Choose a trusted producer, do some test, and if it's right, you can repurchase it safely ^^

Of course there's no instant way to get the beauty-benefit, you have to consume it continously, along with some other good benefit product. There's an Indonesian Beauty Blogger named Luelue ( who already consume Swallow bird nest for years, along with fruit juice (especially tomato) and water. There's her pict :

source & link to her post about her beauty secret 
what a good skin she has! i am soooo envy because i have looots of problem with my skin >.<" *beside the fact that she's very pretty and lovely .. hehe ..

and now LueLue is organizing a giveway! she's kindly added this multi benefit swallow bird nest as one of the prize in her giveaway *taratatataaaa i'm loving it!*

I am really interested with this giveaway, it's not only about filling a rafflecopter or random giveaway, but it's a challenge. Beside of Swallow bird nest, she also provide 2 other prize : an urban decay naked palette original (the famous one!) and crafting materials, and all of them got their own challenge, yummy .. haha ..

wanna join her giveaway too? click here (i think it's only for indonesian residence but do ask her if you're interested, she's a very kind person ^^)

and now about the form i have to fill :

a. why do you follow

because she's a very talented person : she's a make up artist, very great in crafting, even great in kitchen (her food is always made me drooling *sigh*) and photography, the great collection she has, her language (so simple but very fun), and her princess-y life ~

i always waiting for her new blog post.. even i'm not always write a comment, hehe ..

b. why do you choose swallow bird nest for the prize?

swallow bird nest has a lot of benefits, it's about beauty from inside body. And i want to give it to my mom, who got a problem with her lungs. It's getting better already, but there always a chance that her ill  will have a relapse again. It's better to prevent than solve, right?

.. and those teddy bear is too cute to passed .. XD

c. what do you know about swallow bird nest?

it's been written above ^^

thats all about, i might add another information in future about the swallow bird nest. And wish me luck for lovelylue's giveaway ^^

glossary :'s_nest_soup

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What are you feelin'? I'm feelin dandy ~

As we know, Benefit Cosmetics always has cute cosmetic set to collect. I'm their big fans! Especially for Dandelions .. i even hit my dandelion's pan, and dandelion ultra plush gloss is my favorite! Now i'm going to review The Feelin Dandy kit. This one is part of Sephora exclusive, but i got it from's flash sale.

Feelin dandy kit come together with Go Tropicoral and Sugarlicious. I have Sugarlicious too (review coming soon) but will wait to get Go Tropicoral .. >.<"

the box show you what inside.
In the top right corner, there's the sign of "benefit for sephora" really, it's funny since i got it from their own website XD

the first time i got it, i was surprised about the size, i think it would be bigger, but well, at least it's more travel friendly. It's 12 x 9 x 3 cm thought. A lil bit too big for travelling, but acceptable.

picture behind the box show you what's inside the kit : posie tint, high beam, dandelion powder and ultra plush gloss in dandelion, including the swatch.

benefit provided 2 tips and trick card, one outside the kit and one inside.
The one inside is colored, while the outside one isn't. The one outside is unnecessary since you can't lost the one inside except you cut it.

i love feelin dandy's design, especially the flyin dandelion, very pretty.

picture behind the kit is also explain about each product's size.

the feelin dandy kit
(tips and trick closed)

inside the box :
4.0 ml / 0.13 US fl. oz of posie tint
4.0 ml / 0.13 US fl. oz of high beam
3.0 g / 0.1 oz of dandelion brightening face powder
a mini flat brush
6.5 ml / 0.22 US fl. oz of ultra plush lip gloss in dandelion

the feelin dandy kit
(tips and trick opened, there's a mirror inside)

you can cut the tips and trick card so you can get better access to the mirror. And as another benefit kit, you can take the divider out and use the box for different items, depotting maybe? :D

feelin dandy's design is a lil bit different with dandelion box-o-powder, but both are very pretty.

there's my dandelion family 
this picture taken before i hit dandelion's pan (posted here), so here it's still good looking.

now into swatch :

 ultra plush lip gloss in dandelion is a soft pearly pink which is very pretty for me, read my review about it here.
dandelion brightening powder is soft pink with micro golden shimmer, it's more sheen on me, but sometimes it's looks like highlighter. Read my full review about it here
posie tint is a poppy tint for lip and cheek. It's not very thick nor runny, just easy to blend on cheek and easily spread on lips. Scroll to see posie tint better.

Posie Tint is quite sheer on me once it's blended, but it's a good compliment for dandelion brightening powder and Sugarbomb box o powder. I found it's drying my lips but not on my cheek.

High Beam is "supermodel in a bottle", it's helps you to get the supermodel look ヾ(☆▽☆)
very pretty to use after foundation or mixed with foundation. It's doesn't have yellow nor pink undertone, it's more like champagne for me.

Overall, this kit do it's job, i definately will repurchasing if it's still available. I believe i saw it's a limited edition product somewhere, but i'm not sure.

i wouldn't writing too much because i plan to review posie tint and high beam alone, keep reading and follow me if you enjoy my review ^^

have you try any of them? what do you think? any favorites maybe?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Burt Bee's Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

What are you looking in a lip balm?
Soothing lips, moisturizing, prevent from drying (err still, moisturizing), maybe good scent, untasted and not sticky, no taste, not glossy (i'll use lip gloss if i want it glossy).

all i can find in Burt Bee's lip balm with pomegranate oil :)

My lips is rarely chapped, and when it does, most of the time it will heal easily. But when it doesn't, i need lip balm to help. I used to buy maybelline's, i don't remember it's name but it's sticky .. disturbing me and even it tasted, yuck. I've gave it to my mom, but she doesn't like it too, so i throw it away.

Burt Bee's lip balm is kinda pricey for me, i got it for about idr 40,000 while Maybelline's is only idr 19,000, like another indonesian drugstore's lip balm. I know, it's 2 times more expensive, but also, it brings quality the others doesn't have.

Like another Burt Bee's product, this Lip Balm is made from natural ingredients, which mean it doesn't last long like another lip balm, but in another safe, it's more safe. It's also cruelty free and recycle-able.

What is Pomegranate Oil anyway?
Pomegranate seed oil is an extremely rich and nutritious oil, which may be used for internally or externally for its cosmetic and medicinal properties. Pomegranate seed extract and juice have been popular lately for their anti-oxidant properties, and pomegranate seed oil is proving to be even more beneficial. Not only does pomegranate seed oil contain high levels of anti-oxidants that fight free radicals and skin aging, but the oil is also a potent source of punicic and ellagic acids. Because of these properties, pomegranate seed oil is used to heal, protect, and moisturize dry, cracked, mature, and irritated skin, bring elasticity back to the skin, and for eczema and other skin problems.

The word "replenishing" means "to make is complete (again)" so it's really good using pomegranate oil in a lip balm that aimed to replenishing lips. I love your concept, Mr. Bee!

Oh what it's looks like?

here it is!

claimed 100% natural.
0.15oz or 4.25 g of product.
(image is click-able so you can read the ingredients list yourself ^^)

note the size

it's looks red in tube, but it's clear.. i've tried to swatch it on my arm, and there's no color appear.
and here it's on my lips :

no color, no gloss, not sticky, untasted, smell good (herbal minty scent) and could heal my dry lips in short time.

Would you repurchase it?
yes, i love almost everything in it, just sometimes the scent is going a lil bit disturbing .. 
and sometimes i can't screw it back (i always find this problem in a lip balm, or it's just me?) but i can solve it. I only screw my balm a lil bit, really few screw, just to make me able to use it, and close without screw it back. Solved!
Overall, it's very berry good!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream, review & swatch

Hi Belle ~

I can't believe, i haven't write any single post about BB Cream yet (errr so many things i haven't review yet) since bb cream is my daily basic. This one is my second bb cream, the first one is from Missha. It's too old already and i've thrown it away for long time.

Now, bb cream is so popular, there's many brand have "bb cream" on their product list. But about 3 years ago, when i start using bb cream, (as far as i know) there's only Korean Brand who has it. I am not happy with my Missha BB Cream (i dont remember the varian name), lack of oil control, white cast and cakey. So when i decided to get another one, i do check many many reviews. This one got the rave, and i think it deserve.

Skinfood is one of popular Korean Brand. As long as i know, Skinfood is the 2nd korean brand who open their store in Indonesia. But i haven't get any product from their counter, i stuck on online shop who offer cheaper price.

All of Skinfood's product has one key ingredient which come from mother-earth. Sadly, i can't check the ingredients since it's written in Korean ≧△≦

This one is using Aloe as key ingredient. I don't remember where i read this information, but i read that Aloe has a natural sun protection while it's also good to heal sunburn. So here i'm understand why Skinfood named their product as "Aloe Sun BB Cream". But i don't think SPF 20 enough for my daily basis. However, it's better to use sunscreen and bb cream/foundation/tinted moisturizer separately to get better sun protection.

Aloe Sun BB Cream contains 50g of product, which a lot since a drop goes long way. I bought it last year (september 2011) and i think there's still about 30% product here .. 

mine is in #2
Skinfood, mostly,  only has 2 shade for their bb cream and concealer. I can use both of them since my skintone is neutral to warm.
i don't remember which one has yellow/pink undertone, but i think mine has slight pink undertone.

that's the only information i could understand T_____T"

Unlike foundation, BB Cream also fitured with one or more advantage(s) to make it more sttractive; Whitening/brightening, anti-aging, acne care, healing, hydrating, and so on. This one fitured with UV protector and blemish corrector. I think blemish corrector can be identify as "good coverage" to cover blemishes, not on healing side. 

heavily swatched.

it has a slight nice scent, i wouldn' associate as Aloe's scent. But it's doesn't bothering me even if somehow this scent stay a lil bit longer.

low blended ~
(it's still seems too white for my skintone)

completely blended!
yay! the color has change and match my skintone better (☆▽☆)

BB cream's shade mostly changed after a while (oxydized?) so it can match many skintone better. But i think there's some skintone who can't match with korean bb cream. 

it's a spot on my arm, i use it to show you about bb cream's coverage.

here i applied a tiny dot of skinfood aloe, so messy.

and then i blend-blend-blend it, until it looks like this.

In my opinion, Skinfood Aloe bb cream has medium to full coverage, it's buildable through it would be cakey if used heavily. In oil control side, it's nice, not best one for my very oily skin in hot days but will be better in cold weather or for night use.

I like this bb cream for the price, size, coverage and the way it match my skintone, but sadly it makes me breakout if i wear it more than 5 hours or so. Skinfood's Good Afternoon bb cream series is doing the same. Whats wrong with Skinfood's?

The UV protector is not good enough, as i said, it's better to use sunscreen and bb cream separately to get better sun protection (i know, i repeating the same sentence but i feel like i have to write it again to makes my reason more clear)

Another bad things, it's makes all of my blush on oxydized. I've tried it with Tarte, Benefit, Sleek, Etude and Nyx. No single one survive. Oh well.

I wouldn't repurchase it since i do have too many bb cream and foundation, and my wishlist is still going longer and longer.

thanks for reading, and if you enjoy it, don't forget to follow me :)

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