Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Swatched : Too Faced Romatic Eye Palette

Today, unlike usual, i'd post something old. It's still available in market, but i've sold mine so i don't think i will write about product review here since i don't think it's still reliable :p

Product : Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette
Price : $36
Discontinued : No

Here you are.. Super pretty packaging, very feminine, handy & travel friendly, complete with how-to-look card and the shadows inside seems so pretty in pan!

I'm intrigued, what is romantic eye?

According to Jarred Blandino, it's a palette to enchance your inner bride, bombshell or classic beauty, all with an ultra feminine touch.

Jarred Blandino is Too Faced's founder. And he loves to put the reason why a palette was created behind the product it self.

The eye shadows inside are divided into 3 section as usual : day, classic and fashion look. Each section has 1 big pan and 2 smaller pans.
Palette's size is the same with another cardboard palette from Too Faced.

Here's my swatches :

Both swatches are did in the same order :
1st row : soulmates, i do, un-veil
2nd row : kiss the bride, cut the cake, first dance
3rd row : bouquet toss, honey moon, ever after
(in my opinion, the shades name are getting more romatic from section to section :D)

I wouldn't write shades description here, since i don't really remember how they look like. but my faves are i do, honeymoon and ever after :)

As pictured said, some eye shadows are crazily pigmented, soft and buttery. But some elses are chalky, dry and powdery.

I love Too Faced's product design (especially this one) but it's not my favorite and i do think i have to many eye shadow so i let this one go.

Have you tried this? hope you love it more than i do! :)

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink

I am a big big fan of blushes. I think it's about 30 ++ blushes in my collection, but this is the very first individual cream blush (also can be use on lips) in my stash. Truthfully, my very first experience with cream cheek color is with the two in my balm jovi palette.

According to Wikipedia, "Rouge" is the french word for "Red". Talking about cosmetics, Rouge means cosmetics tipically use by woman to redden their cheeks to provide youthful appearance and emphasize cheekbones. In several years, i think Rouge is very vintage, something my grandmother might have in her make up stash, something that might contain dangerous ingredients to provide stronger color, something i'd passed.. But nowadays, there's more make up brand use the word "Rouge" back in the market, and of course with better knowledge and less dangerous things inside.

Oh well, i think this review contains of prettiest picture i took these days, LOL.

This is one of the best seller in Bobbi Brown's cosmetic range. Maybe it's because this Rouge is a multi tasker, it can be use on lips and cheek. And with the full sized mirror inside, it's very easy to make it a staple in woman's cosmetic bag.

The packaging is not the fanciest or glamorous one, but the first time i saw it, i was really impressed. It's simple but has something that scream "Luxuries!" (eh.. maybe it's just me?).

and the insider's look.. pweeety, isn't?

I have to admit that my picture above is not really like the one in real life. In fact, it's more intense and redder in pan. There's no shimmer shown and no fragrance detected.

The image above is clickable to read the ingredients better.

I saw "fragrance" above, but like i said above, i haven't smell any fragrance in pan and during use.

Powder Pink is a creamy warm pink, with a slight hint of brown. The color in pan is pretty much like the build up swatch (the left one) and on my cheek, it's slightly sheerer than the right swatch.

The texture is balmy yet creamy (if it's means something, really), very easy to blend using finger or brush (i use my flat top brush) and last about 8 hours in nice weather. I have normal-oily skin and i'm impressed! Cream blush is not really great for oily skin types, that's why i always skip it, but this one is an exception.

I wish i bought a brighter shade because this one is kinda sheer on me, naturally flushed and no one could say that i'm wearing blush (i'm kind of "yes-i'm wearing-blush" kinda of girl). Especially over foundation and after setting powder, really. But i can't skip setting powder because the oily skin things.

For lips, it's another story :

For lips, if you're like me (about NC 20-25 and it to be really shown on your lips), you'd need a lip brush for this baby. Lip brush help the color shown up better, more intense and coverage. Finger is a nice tool, but not as great as lip brush.

The color is my lips but better shade. Like it's appearance on my cheek, it's also seems natural on my lips. But i believe you've read it somewhere, it's drying on lips! It wasn't last very long too, but maybe because i drink water like i've been thirsty for a week. I always use lip balm or lip butter underneath, to prevent drying and add a lil bit glow. Because it's matte.

This one is not a must have, but nice to have. I love to carry it in my make up bag, very simple compared to powder blush (and it's brush) and usefull.. I'm carrying my lip butter everywhere so it could solve the rouge's problem ;)

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Favorites : September 2013 Edition

Okay let's back to "traditional" post every first week of a month.
I spent last September only between home, my family's store, hospital (because my grandma was there) and my auntie's house (my grandma stay there since 2010). I wasn't meant wearing a lot of make up but they do what skincare can't do for a zombied-panda which what i used to be.

Here they're :

Hada Labo Lotion (toner) and Milk
i forgot to add my lotion in pict, but i got it as my favorites too. I tested Gokujyun series last month, and i added it into my faves.

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil (rollerball version)
It can help me with blemishes, acne scar, panda eyes, itch, iritation, etc. Basically, it's my helper. I've used 1/5 bottle last month alone.

Make Up
MAC got my love last september. I love their Pearlmatte face powder in Flatter Me (review & swatch here), which add color that i want, plus act as highlighter when needed ; Lip Liner in Boldly Bare, which i use alone or under the Drawn to Chic Lip Glass, and dont forget the pouch too! It's unpictured but you can read my review (together with lip liner and lip glass) here.

However, i am still loving my Benefit Hervana blush (review & swatch). It gives a pretty flush, makes me looks healthy and happy ^o^.

Seriously, if you're a blush addict, you need this Ecotools Blush Brush, no doubt.
It helps a LOT with soft blushes, blend very well, easy to clean, never shed and kinda cheap.. I think it's about $9 in
Totally holy grail, i need more for back up. Or maybe one for each blush? LOL!

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