Sunday, February 26, 2012

How Could The Five-Flavor-Berry Come and Offer You a Brighter Skin?

a very attractive title right? *LoL

Truthfully, i've just known that there's a Five-Flavor-Berry in my skincare product because it came in their popular name : Omija.

the omija berries

Omija's chinese name, wǔ wèi zi, or five-flavor-berry comes from the fact  that its berries possess all five basic flavors: salty, sweet, sour, pungent (spicy), and bitter (how wonderful is that?). And Chinese's people mostly use it as a traditional medicine. First, they dry it and then brew it to make a tea. Medicinally it is used as a tonic and restorative adaptogen with notable clinically documented liver protecting effects. The primary hepatoprotective (liver protecting) and immuno-modulating constituents are the lignans schizandrin, deoxyschizandrin, gomisins, and pregomisin, which are found in the seeds of the fruit.

I don't know what the relations with brightening skin, but Skinfood add Omija to their Whitening Range. And here's short review of their Gift Set.


Skinfood Omija Whitening Gift Set
(5ml toner and 5ml emulsion)

no tea bag included since it's only 5ml toner and i think they already mixed the tea bag part in toner

The Full Size Product look like this :
Omija Whitening Teabag Toner - 155ml
A toner with a cold-brew dry Omija tea bag and active contents that brightens skin using a patent-awarded Omija herb complex

Omija Whitening Emulsion - 155ml
An emulsion that brightens skin using a patent-awarded Omija herb complex and ingredients producing skin-lightening effects.

the font part of box

the back part of box

left : emulsion, right : toner

both are in 5ml bottle

the toner on my hand

the emulsion on my hand

My Personal Thought

I like the scent of Omija's toner, sooo refreshing, but yeah it feels like artificial scent. The toner is like another toner, feels light and easily absorbed. Nothing so special but also, nothing bad :)

Omija Emulsion has the same scent, but sheerer. It texture is kinda runny for an emulsion but my innisfree green tea lotion is more runny (will review it later). But, it's feels heavy on my skin and harder to absorb. It's also make my skin more oily after a while. That's why i only use it at night.

Everytime i use it at night (i am not use it everyday), i found out my face is more oily in the morning but also a little bit brighter. Maybe if i use it continuesly, i will get better result :)

Will I Buy The Full Size Product?

i think no, i have oily skin and don't need another helper to make it oilier. I'm waiting for Skinfood's tea tree emulsion now :P

~ thanks for reading ^^ ~

sources :

Thursday, February 23, 2012

the relationship between Sleeping Mask, Raspberry and The Face Shop

have you hear about Sleeping Mask or Sleeping Pack?

If you're a fan of Korean skincare product, my might had heard this.

As their name, Sleeping Mask (or pack) is a mask you leave on your face as a finishing step of night skincare routine. Some say you only able to use Sleeping Mask (or pack) 2-3 times a week, because it's like another mask, take a part of your skin -usually the dead skin cell, makes your face looks brighter in the morning. And if you use it too often, they will take too much part of your skin (first, dead skin cell but second and after maybe living skin cell) and makes your face more sensitive. But i've use my sleeping mask (or pack) everyday, and i'm fine.

One of my Korean friend said that she's already ask Baviphat's sales asistant in Korea about this sleeping pack. And the SA said that Sleeping Mask is more like Night Cream, you can use it everyday. She use it everyday for like 2 years and fine too. 

Sleeping Mask (or pack) mostly come in many things you supposedly get after using it, like whitening, reducing acne, anti aging, pore tightening, hydrating, moisturizing and slimming. Yes, Slimming your face. How amazing is that? Well let's take a look.

The Face Shop Raspberry Slim & Lift Sleeping Mask
size : 100ml

font box
so sorry for the damaged box, i got it like this from the seller

behind the box

the cute product!

see the "eye" on you! LOL

push it and product will dripping out

swatch on my hand


I never have a cute product like this! Super kawaiii ~~
The packaging is like hair product but effective and cute (again). Wondering if my baviphat(s) are like this, i dont even need a spoon to get the product out! And the rest left as safe as can be inside the bottle.

Insider product are in gel texture, soft pink color and surprisingly smell like minty raspberry. And when applied, it also feel minty, so refreshing. You need at least 10 minutes before it well absorbed.

This product is also different with The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask which is one of their best seller product. This is how it looks like :

credit to :)
The new collection came with better packaging, but sadly, still no effect on slimming but yes to hydrating skin. The old version doesnt write anything in their title like new version did, but they also promising contouring face while sleeping.

What It's Suppose To Do?
Facial contours are toned and lifted while you're sleeping


Health Benefits Of Raspberries

  1. High in ellagic acid, a phenolic compound that may help prevent cancer, inhibit the growth of cancer cells and stop the growth of some cancers.
  2. Its seed oil has a natural sun protection factor. It contains high amounts of polyphenolic compounds known for their anti-cancer properties.
  3. It contains strong antioxidants such as Vitamin C, quercetin and gallic acid. Vitamin C help to prevent wrinkles, quercetin work as flavonoid while gallic acid work as anti fungal and anti virral properties.
  4. Burning Fat, because fiber and manganese they have.
  5. Work as stimulating colors

The only relation between Raspberry and slimming is only manganese. Manganese is a trace mineral that helps keep your metabolic rate high, which in turn burns fat. But i really don't know whether manganese will work to keep metabolic rate high when i only wipe it and not eat it.

What It's Really Do?
moisturizing my skin
give me a chill feeling when i use it
so, no slimming.

You Might Like It If..
you sleep in a room with air conditioner
you have an oily skin an want an extra moisturizer while you're sleeping

~ thanks for reading! ^^ ~

ps. i spent about 3 days writing this (i did many other things too of course), hope you like it :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Short Review of Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder [updated]

hi Ladies ..

i've wrote about innisfree's lipstick here, and seems like i've used outsider picture for those purpose, and those pictures are gone. So i'm doing a few changes for this post ;)

Innisfree is a South Korea Brand who use all natural ingredients (as natural as could be i think), and most of their products are free from parabens. Innisfree unlike Etude, mostly known by their Skincare Line. But their Make Up Products are good too! I have Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder and like it :)

The Products : Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

so sorry for a spot at sponge, i made it accidentally

Dont ever expect a big product, because it's so small, smaller than any loose powder i've ever saw. My mistake is, expect for 2 things i don't get when i open my package : size and the appearance. I was waiting for this :
credit to
and a skinfood buckwheat loose powder size. Stupid me. Actually, i like this packaging better, more natural and cute. But sadly, it's discontinued and changed with the new mineral loose powder. Yea, mine.

But thanks God, at least it's not disappointing.
It came with white powder sponge, soft and nothing a like skinfood's sponge. I like this better, feels natural in my face. Product inside is protected with a plastic seal with Innisfree's logo printed on it.

Mint scent they said in front of product is sooo soft. You can't smell it unless you put your nose in front of the product.

Maybe it's no need to put a swatch, since it came with 1 shade only : Transparant. But i've took the picture and feel terrible if i'm not put it here.

put on my hand, nothing under it


Looks like nothing?

This loose powder have a low coverage but equipped with great oil control. I love the way i dont have to blot until 3 hours (2 hours if it's very very hot) and the shade won't makes my skin look too white like my palgantong loose powder did.

you might like it if :
  • you want a travel size loose powder
  • you need loose powder with oil control
  • you avoid parabens
  • you dont like product with a strong scent
  • you want a transparant shade loose powder
  • you're okay with low coverage loose powder
thanks for reading! ^^

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Favorite Vegetable on Sunscreen :)

Hallo readers!

Do you like Broccoli?
I love broccoli so much, i like them in my fried rice, fried with flour, in my soup, anywhere! thinking of it makes me hungry ^^;

Some health benefit of broccoli are :

  1. Alzheimer's disease
  2. Diabetes
  3. Calcium deficiencies
  4. Stomach and Colon Cancer
  5. Malignant tumors
  6. Lung cancer
  7. Heart disease
  8. Arthritis
  9. Aging process. 

While in another source, i also found that Broccoli help to reduce redness caused by Ultraviolet (UV). Unlike sunscreen, broccoli absorbs UV radiation, doesn't allow UV to penetrate into our skin, because of chemical substance they have, called sulforaphane. 

So why don't we add some broccoli in our sunscreen?
Skinfood did!

I was lucky for getting Broccoli Sunscreen in my sample gift, so nice!


Since it's a sample size, it came in a small packaging, could be use 2-3 times depend on how much you use it each.


So sorry for lack pictures.
Some say broccoli sunscreen is a waterproof sunscreen. I think so, because it has a different texture, hard to blend and feel so sticky. I will use a very small size of product if i dont know minimum size of sunscreen you have to use to get the maximum number : 1 teaspoon.

Maybe you'll find this product too sticky and seems shiny after use, but wait and you'll see oil control they have. Good oil control, and doesn't break me out. I never break out because of silica in a product. I'm not saying broccoli sunscreen has silica in it, i'm saying i never break out because of silica, so if you allergic with silica, try to find their ingredient list :)

You will love it if :
  • you want waterproof sunscreen
  • doesnt mind sticky product on your face
  • looking for SPF > 30
  • looking for budget friendly sunscreen
  • love korean product
  • have oily skin

Do i want to purchase this?

Maybe later,  i still have to finish my sunscreens!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Special Things in My Make Up Pouch : Sleek Oh So Special ^^

Hi Sleeks!
There's so many review promote this Oh So Special palette, but sadly, i felt hesitant to buy it since i'm not sure this will be good on me. After i bought MME , i want it more and more, and ordered it. Believe me, seeing it in real world is so much different with any review you might read, the real one seems more beautiful, more tempting and more adoring :D

I think Sleek has changed the box appearance, and i think the old one is better, sorry Sleek! The new one too simple for my taste, but more anxious in other way.

new box - font

new box - back

font cover
back cover

Standard packaging like another Sleek permanent palette. But i just read in Sleek Make Up facebook page that they gonna change it, make them different. I hope my Storm palette will come in new design :D

I like this sleek, standard and easy-to-travel-with packaging, i will carry her wherever i go! ^^,


first appearance
*oh how i ADORE those old waffle pattern! sleek, please bring the old design back...*
(yes the have talc and parabens in the list)
i was so touched seeing this, very beautiful, tempting and adoring (sorry if i've said it before). As another sleek palette, oh so special came with big mirror, double sponge tip, plastic with name for separator and 12 eye shadows with waffer pattern.

i saw my swatch for Sleek MME and feel so bad, and i decided to make better swatch for oh so special, because she is special! Tee-Hee! all swatched without primer :)

the half on left side

the half right side

So beautiful, very pigmented and soft..
there are 7 matte colors (bow, ribbon, pamper, the mail, boxed, wrapped up and noir) and 5 shimmery colors (organza, gateau, gift basket, glitz and celebrate). 

Color Description
  • Bow - creamy white matte which i love to use as base or highlight
  • Organza - shimmery warm pink near to soft brown.
  • Ribbon - matte warm-to-hot pink. 
  • Gift Basket - shimmery golden brown in pan, but more goldeny when applied.
  • Glitz - shimmery or metalic gunmetal color, near to blue.
  • Celebrate - very shimmery wine color with some gold shine
  • Pamper - soft matte peachy pink
  • Gateau - shimmery pink to purple, bit like Nyx Slide On Pencil in Jewel
  • The Mail - matte earth shade
  • Boxed - matte warm deep chocolate color
  • Wrapped Up - matte plum color
  • Noir - matte black color, might use as base for brown color

My Favorite Color
The Mail always attract me, but Bow is as nice as her. I never think i would love a white eye shadow color like this, but Bow is very very great!
Gift Basket is so lovely for day color, apply with the Mail and Bow. Perfecto!
Ribbon is color i usualy made with Sleek MME's Simple Red and Pink Beret. It's warmer, but Pamper is colder. Both good with Bow.

You Might Like it if..
you need sleek packaging palette for easy travelling
you love to use pink or taupe as your daily eye shadow
you want perfect combination between au naturel and storm
you love one stop palette for day and night
you want a budget friendly palette with good quality and many colors

You Might Don't Like it if..
you wont shop online (sleek is only avail in UK but they ship internationally or sell by reseller)
you want bulky palette
you already have au naturel and storm
you refuse to use anything with parabens

Repurchase : YES!
this is too good to be true! i would spend more money or time to find color like oh so special's bow..

and all of those chocolate smell ..

I know vaseline is a common product, and you'll buy it without reading any review of it, but i just want to do some review about product i use, and vaseline is one of them.

Mostly, i use their body lotion, but i also have their petroleum jelly to take care my chapped finger or heels. I have 4 kind of their body lotion, and i put them in different post to make sure i'm not mixed the picture.

#1 Vaseline Cocoa Glow
it's attract me since they put the advertising on TV, and attract me more when they put it in femaledaily forum, but not put them in store. I have to wait 3-4 weeks before find it in local store.

I'm so in love with cocoa scent they bring. So lovely, while somehow you might smell it like vanilla milk, sweetie and relaxing. You would know if someone use it.

put on my hand
blended softly
final result

It came in quite creamy, semi cocoa color, easy to blend but hard to absorb product. You can't use it as hand cream unless you wait for 5 minutes before touch anything. And dont expecting glow, no glow, just healthy skin finish.
I used to use it everyday before i found out how SPF could help me in day. Now i only use it at night :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

banana concealer? are you sure?

have you ever think of banana concealer?
what it would look like?
hmmm ..

i was asking my self :
do i need concealer? - yes, i have some acne scar i want to hide
what kind of concealer do i want? liquid? creamy? stick? - i dont know, try me
what color do you need? - 1 shade lighter than my skintone

Well, i was ordering 2 of skinfood concealer : banana and rice. I prefer rice of course, it's seems easier to use but i can't help my self from ordering banana one. And hell, rice concealer was sold out so i only got this. I'm not say i'm unhappy, but.. I'm not sure i can handle this one.


is it seems like banana?
LoL, but for me it's no!
it doesnt seems nor smell like banana like they said, but yeah, it's cute. You can glide it to make product appear and glide back to make it hide. I like the concept, but it's like another concealer i have long long long time ago (it's like lipstick, has 2 side to help prevent acne and another side to conceal), so it's not a new idea.

I also was not sure that i've chose the right shade for me (it's #21 while i match #23 more) but i gave it a try.

swatch on my hand..


seems like it's good!

Love or Hate :
Me Likey!
it's cute, easy to bring, hide my acne scar in good way .. but not my dry-patches skin. Maybe liquid concealer could help me for that. It doesn't really matter, since i got dry-patches skin rarely :)
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