Sunday, May 26, 2013

Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake 01, Review & Swatch

Hi lovelies ~
today is sooo rainy here, so i can't take picture as usual ..
luckily i have a "waiting" folder for items i haven't posted yet ..
and as long as i remember, i've included in the lastest post of my current favorite items that i'd review this one soon. Perhaps the universe just remind me to .. LOL

Back to the topic, How do you do your eye brows?
I used to use eye brow pencil (daiso retractable eye brow pencil, which cost me RM 5 and has included spoolie brush) which gave me a nearly natural result and very travel friendly. But since my only eye brow pencil has been empty and i can't buy it again in a short time, i decided to move to eye brow powder.

I believe you has familiar with Skinfood. It's one of most known korean brand, and i've used some of their product. This cute little palette also comes in affordable price, i think it's about KRW 3900, and some indonesian online shop sell it for about idr 50,000. I don't have to be afraid when it's empty since it's pretty easy to get ^0^

The outside packaging has skinfood's cupid as usual, and the product name.
It's only about 6 x 6 cm so it's handy but still easy to find in my make up pouch.

In the backside, i can't read anything except the number : 1.

oh well.
Maybe skinfood provided ingredient list in english for their international product?

Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake has a full sized mirror (which is very AMAZING) and a mini eye brow brush. It's effective so i'm very thankful for it :D

Into the swatch ..

Since there's no spesific name for each pan, i'd simply call them "right powder" and "left powder".
Both pan can bee seen in picture above.

I simply love these color selection because it's suit my dark-brown hair.
I like to use "left powder" for daily look and the "right powder" for night look, but you can combine them two til you get the shade you wanted ^^

another swatch on my arm

They're not very pigmented, but buildable. I don't expect my eyebrow powder to be very pigmented, because it would easily over do and ended up like shinchan's eye brow :

The powder eye brow product could give you the more natural look. But since it's only a powder, it's easily removed by water so you have to be careful in these rainy days.


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thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy my post :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Balm Instain Powder Blush in Houndstooth (Review, Swatch, Comparison)

Hi Pretty ~
i'm finally back with another instain powder blush review, in the shade "Houndstooth" which is (according to the balm) suit for spring. I know we doesn't have spring in Indonesia, but i think it's suit this day's weather, when it's hot-but sometimes can be cloudy-or raining.

Houndstooth has a half side of a pretty elegant woman wearing lovely purple hat on it's cover.
And it's designed like magazine's cover, with some magazine feature around the face.
Personally, i like Houndstooth's woman than Toile's. The half-side face seems more lady-like for me (*/∇\*)

Like another blushes from the Balm, Houndstooth doesn't have Talc, Fragrance and Parabens in the ingredients.

Houndstooth is about the same size with The Balm Sexy Mama you might has familiar with.
It's about 7.5 x 5.3 cm and contains of 0.2 oz or 5.5g of product.

As the name suggested, Houndstooth has houndstooth pattern bordering the pan.
The words above it's mirror are the same with another Instains.

If you're curious, the blush is just like that when i received it. It's a lil bit hard to remove, but it doesn't affected the quality in my opinion.

Now into swatch ..

I swatch it over Revlon Colorstay Foundation in "Sand Beige", so you can clearly see how it would look like over foundation.

The Balm described Houndstooth as "mauve", and according to web swatch, it supposed to be more brown. 
On my skin, it's turn pinker and has quite lavender undertone, while it's still being mauve.
Bad description, i guess?
Oh well, my pic can speak more than million words ┐('~`;)┌ 

Houndstooth is quite easy to blend, compared to Toile. The under side is it's also doesn't stay as long as Toile. While toile could stay for eight hours on my skin, Houndstooth is only able to stay about six hours on my skin before it's start to faded. In my opinion, houndstooth is as staining as toile does.

Houndstooth is neutral enough to be use daily, with heavy eye make up or alone. Below i pick some blush to compare with my new baby houndstooth :

on the far left, there's tarte amazonian clay blush in exposed (my review about it is here) and i'm happily seing the pattern is almost gone,
in the middle there's the balm instain houndstooth
and on the far right, there's the famous benefit box o powder hervana which i haven't write a review about (;¬д¬)
UPDATE : I've reviewed benefit hervana here :

Tarte Exposed is a nude, a neutral plum with hint of pink. It's all matte and most pigmented among the three.  It could last up to 8 hours on my skin. Talking about price, Exposed is retailed for $25 for 0.20 oz or 5.6g.

The Balm Houndstooth is a mauve and has slightly sheen finish. Compared to tarte exposed and benefit hervana, Houndstooth has medium pigmentation which could last about 6 hours on my skin. It's retailed for $22 for 0.2 oz or 5.5g.

Benefit Hervana is described as "soft orchid blossom flush" but because it's made from four individual shade, the color appear might slightly different from swatch to swatch. But in average, they created a soft warm pink with subtle peach undertone and has satiny shimmer sheen (according to temptalia).
They doesn't carry lots of pigmentation alone, so do when they're together.
While Hervana wins in term of buttery texture (houndstooth is the hardest while exposed is not as buttery as hervana), it lost in pigmentation and staying power. Hervana could only stay on my skin about 4-5 hours.
Retailed for the most expensive price among the three, hervana contains of more product  (0.28 oz) and it's the only one that has brush included in.

i guess i've write a lot about hervana here, didn't i? (o*・ω・)

If there's a question, if i have tarte exposed and or benefit hervana, do i need houndstooth?
I'd say yes.
This lady-like blush is a love.

my other review of the balm's blushes :

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sneak Peek of My Current Favorite Lipstick..

I believe most of you know what it is ..

One of the most favorite lipstick from Mac Archie Girls Collection ^___^

I planned to make a look using it, but sadly my face is not in the best condition T___T

How do you spend your sunday? :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

First Impression : Etude White Moistfull First Essence

Annyeong ~

Several months ago, when i purchased korean beauty product, i got Etude White Moistfull First Essence in sample size. I never noticed about it before, so i give it a try.

Etude claimed it as following :
Etude House Moistfull White First Essence is an especially formulated moisturizer that keeps the skin perfectly hydrated while locking in moisture.  It gives the skin protection from external irritants as well without causing pore blockages or excessive sebum production.

it feels like water, just a tad thicker

On me, this sample size is enough for 2 times used. I used it in afternoon and evening in the same day.

What i noticed are :

  • light feeling like i'm not using anything
  • quick absorbed
  • doesn't make my face more oily
  • kinda moisturizing
  • doesn't break me out

I didn't notice any whitening effect as i think it supposed to be (because the name saying "white moistfull" even etude doesn't claimed that). And it's not really special.
I think i wouldn't buy the full size bottle. Perhaps i can find something outside that works better.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Heroine : Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush

It's been a long time since i did a brush review ~

Actually, i'm going to be lazier to write a review. I guess it's because i spent too many times google-ing (is it even a word? haha) about beauty product : fotd, eotd, lotd, swatch, review .. and discuss it. My head is kinda full now >____<"

So let's makes my own review!

As you might know, i'm a blush junkie. Especially the pigmented one, because they have longer staying power and a little goes VERY long because you only need a few amount, right?

And you maybe know, most of the pigmented blushes are hard to blend. Sometimes stipping brush are not helping. What to use?

Let me introduce you to my beloved heroine : Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush *^___^*

As long as i know, Ecotools using a synthetic hair brush. And the bristle is made from light weight wood.

If you found that mine is quite different with the one in market right now, it's because mine is the old version brush. The new version seem has fewer hair and different bristle color.


see how fluffy is this? ^____^

now to the proof ..

remember this blush swatch?
The top one, Instain Toile and the bottom one, Sleek Lace are ultra pigmented blush. They tend to leave stain on skin, and they're very hard to blend *____*

So this is what i'm doing for that type of blush : Swipe, Swipe and Swipe using ecotools bamboo bronzer brush!

can you see the result? very well blended!
but see what happened to Benefit Bella Bamba swatch (the middle one) which is not staining? they're all gone!

My beloved heroine works really well for ultra pigmented blush. But i will never suggest it to be use for soft blush.

For the price (i think i purchased it at 120,000 idr), it does a good job. As long as i remember, i didn't find any hair loss during the washes.

If you love a fluffy, well made brush, then get your hand for it.
It's worth every cents ^o^

Saturday, May 4, 2013

April 2013 : The Love & The Empties

Hallo May!

And there are my love and my empties from last month ~
(time flies! it's still feels like january or so)

first, the LOVES ..

Lot's of product!
i'd start from top left ..

Illamasqua light liquid foundation LF 210
It's my first illamasqua product, not very impressing but i found it not bad either. It has no SPF so i'm only use it at night. As the name sound, it's light and has a low coverage.
Review coming someday ~ LOL

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer
It contains of 3 concealer cream and 1 setting powder. I found the setting powder is too light for me, but the concealers are great!

Mentholatum Acnes SPF 50 PA +++
a tinted suncreen with high SPF number, as i always adore.
i've reviewed here.

The Balm Instain Powder Blush in Toile
very pigmented and add a lovely strawberry flush on my cheek.
i've write about it here.

Tocca Graciella mini rollerball
Tocca Graciella said to be an honour to Grace Kelly. It's nice, sophisticated and i found it does match my mood. Also the size is nice to travelling.

Perfumies Solid Stick in Forever Young
i got it from Beauty Treats April Box (been write about it here), first i dont like it. Then someday i tried it and love it. The sillage is lovely for a solid form fragrance, and staying power is about 5-6 hours.

Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top Brush
Cheap, and works so well.
Click here to read my review about CS Bionic flat top brush.

The Balm Nude Tude Palette
Well, the second the balm on the list! yay!
I love it because it has a full size mirror, a good brush to go, and nice color selection. The packaging is sturdy enough, so no need to worry about bring it everywhere.
My review & swatch about the balm nude tude can be found here.

Sleek Contour Kit in Light
the bronzer is nice enough for contouring and the highlighter is lovely!
sometimes i think i love it more than the balm's mary lou.

Skinfood Choco Eye Brow Powder Cake 01
beside the color selection are nice, the compact also nice and sturdy. Brush they included works so well.. I never bring any other brush to use with it.
Review coming soon ~

Benefit Box O Powder in Dandelion
i'm almost hit pan on this.. so i force my self to use it on my daily basis. It's still lovely and nice!
review about it can be found here.

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Dandelion
oh yes, i love dandelion!
love the formula, love the shades ~
my review and swatch is here.

Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush
It tooks me so LONG to found it's real function .. it could blend any ultra-pigmented powder blush like dream!
I use it to blend my Instain Toile and Sleek Blush by 3 (which are also in this list).

Sleek Blush by 3 in Pumpkin, shade Squash
Never be hesitant to use any bright and ultra pigmented blush. That's why ecotools bamboo bronzer brush are made!
Squash is really bright ~ but it turn so lovely with a good blend!
see the shades here.

Issey Miyake L'eau de Florale
it has a soft, delicate fruity-rose scent .. so lovely ..
review about it will coming soon ~

Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream
it's not only hand cream, it can be use on your lips, skin or anywhere you need extra protection againts drying ~
it's not sticky and has no scent.

Whoa ~ it was a long long list!

no coming to The Empties ..

(i'm glad it's only four bottle here! such a longgggggg write in the love section)

Etude Wonderpore Freshner
mine is in 500ml size. it's big!
i love it and i think i'll repurchase someday..
my review about it is here

Natur E Daily nourishing lotion
Is my new product. I has a lovely fresh scent i adore. They said it has a sun protection but never state the number. I keep using it simply because it's not sticky and handy.
i've got some back up bottle, and will continue using it at least until i've emptied my back up.

Innisfree jeju volcanic pore toner
I haven't write about it .. maybe soon (that's why there are some liquid left).
It gives me no special effect but also doesnt break me out.
I think i wouldn't repurchase.

Pepsodent Complete Care Mouthwash
it leaves a strange feeling after used, but i think it's quite effective .. so maybe i'll repurchase in future.


What product do you love?
have you finish them?

have a great sunday!

ps. i add some items to my for-sale blog, kindly check it here : :)

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