Monday, June 18, 2012

Luview's Giveaway! ♥♥♥

Luview has just launched their new product named Luview Triple Baked Eye Shadow!

Dont you want to try it?
Let's join the giveaway and wish for being one of two winners! yay!

visit for more info ^^

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Travelling : What To Go With Me

Hi Ladies!

Travelling is never ever easy for me, it's hard for me to decide what to go and what's stay home. I love my skincare routine, and also really love to have wide option of make up i want to use. But sadly, i can't bring all of my lovelies with me ≧△≦

I went to to visit my sister 10 days ago. She lives in Karawaci, near Jakarta, because she's taking her college there. My sister is quite different with me, she could life with very minimal product with her. She dont even have hair conditioner! .. and i forgot to bring mine .. (T▽T)

So this are what i packed to go with me :

No, it's not all of them. Just the minis that can fit in my pouch :D

there are products that can't fit in 1st pouch. I use another pouch for this part, but forgot to take the picture of.

Left - to - Right :
Vaseline healthy white SPF 24
Mustika Ratu Rose Body Butter
Skinfood tea tree cleansing foam
Kose Softymo White Cleansing Oil
30ml pump bottle of Skinfood tea tree emulsion
Sigma Mrs. Bunny Brush Holder
30ml mist bottle of Etude Wonder Pore Toner

and at super left (the green bottle you might could see) : bath and body works vanilla bean noel in travel size (88ml) fragrance mist.

The Bottles (Left - to - Right) :
Etude Proof 10 eye primer
Metholatum acnes SPF 50 (made in japan)
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand
Neutrogena on the spot acne treatment

The Bottom Side :
Nyx Mascara in Za za zu
Skinfood Banana Concealer #23
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Primer
Sleek Pout Paint #minx
an eyeliner from tarte jewelry palette, green shade

Left - to - Right :
Tarte amazonian 12 hours clay blush #dollface (part of tarte blush & bronzer on the go)
Skinfood Buckwheat loose powder #23
Maybelline lasting drama gel liner #black

The Palette! (☆▽☆)
Too Faced Summer Eye Sexy Time Eye Shadow (new!!!)
Urban Decay Roller Girl with glide on pencil #whiskey

inside of Sigma Brush Holder
can you see my Vanilla Bean Noel behind it? :P

The Brushes!! (☆▽☆)
Left - to - Right :
Sigma Mrs. Bunny Powder Brush (F30)
Sigma Mrs. Bunny Angled Brush (F40)
Sigma Mrs. Bunny Eye Shading Brush (E55)
Sigma Mrs. Bunny Small Angle Brush (E65)
Sigma Mrs. Bunny Pencil Brush (E30)
Sonia Kashuk Bent Eye Liner Brush (part of pink cancer brush set)
Sigma Blending Brush (E25)

i was brought them all-cleaned. I just took this pictures on 2nd day i'm there, so they're all dirty ≧△≦

Fiuuuh ~ I'm tired of listing! hahhahaha ..
there's so many items i brought, and most of them left .. i forgot bring any mask, even a sleeping mask, and i also forgot bring my tomato spot serum (´・ω・`)
But that fine, i bought 2 sachet of mask there, and went sleep with only toner and emulsion. So everything's okay.

These are masks that i bought. They were sold in Watson. You can buy it for only 9300idr during their promo (you need to buy in some minimum amount before able to purchase purederm mask in that price)
before i forget to state : they're puredesm mask in Kiwi Yoghurt and Grape Yoghurt. I've tried kiwi one, and yes, it help to brighten my tired face! so lovely! (^▽^)

Lesson of the day :
Wherever you go, don't forget to pack carefully!

Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top Buffer

Finally, a post about brush!! yay!! 

I love most of my face brushes, but this one is my most favorite ()

What is Flat top brush?
Flat top brush is a flat-shaped brush it could be use to apply cream or liquid product (esp. the thick ones), makes contour and buffing.

.. and i believe, this is one of the most affordable great flat top brush you could get (i bought mine for only idr 65.000 during CS's easter sale, it's 40% off).
Sadly, Coastal Scents has discontinued it, how could they????? (≧Д≦)ノ

Oh Well, i will still review it, for my own happiness.

it's 15 cm length, with black handle that makes it looks like sigma F80 *LoL

As most of flat top brushes, it has 2 hair color : creamy white & black

Soooo Fluffy!(*´▽`*)
i dont know why it seems like has an empty part in the centre, but in reality, it doesnt :)

What's so good in it?
the price
very soft hair, feels like i'm using my own finger
gives me a fawless look
handle & hair size are fit me
almost not shedding (only 2 sheets at the 1st time i wash it)

.. and there's some part i dont like about it :
it discontinued :(
it's hard to make it clean again (i use etude brush shower cleaner + 70% alcohol)
takes a whole day to dry

thanks a lot for reading (^▽^)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Love of My Blushing Life (●♡∀♡) : Sleek Suede

Yes, this is another post about Sleek! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ *plokplokplok*

I can't pass a day without 2 swipes of this blush since it's came. It means i've spent 25 days wearing this blush day by day (it's arrived at May 18th) and i still love it! *Let's see what would i do if my tarte exposed arrive ._____.

Like another Sleek single blush, it doesn't come with box. Just a clear plastic to cover it.
Sleek Suede contains 8g or 0.27 oz of product with an affordable price, only usd 6.50 on

click for larger image ◕ ‿ 
Gladly, this blush has 24 months life means maybe i would ever finish this blush before the expiration date >‿<

and how it looks on pan?

Swatch! Swatch! Swatch!

i love it soooooooooo MUCH!
actually, it's a peachy-brown blush, a warm shade! so nice (´∀`)♡

Why i love it so much?
a very natural blush
blendable enough
affordable price
medium staying power (6 hours, not bad huh?)
easy to travel with
big mirror
doesn't cause me breakout

But .. there's some things i dont like about it ..
smells weird on pan (but who want to smell it? ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ)
there's no sleek store in indonesia
long restock period ≧△≦
no brush included (i know most of blush's free brush are bad, but at least you have something to wear it)

hope this review & swatch helpful! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Review & Swatch : Sleek New Skin Revive

Hi Ladies! ^^

Sleek has been known for their Eye Shadow Palette & Blush, but don't forget, they also have line for foundation too :)

Sleek is selling Full Size & Sample Size item for their foundation line. It's so nice, especially for people who shop it by online store. You can buy sample size first if you're not sure which one that will match your skintone. Sleek provides 30 foundation shades in 6 varients (fair to dark).

Mine is New Skin Revive #Sand in full size item, i didn't buy the sample size since i am mostly use shade Sand in liquid foundation. Don't get me wrong, i checked some swatches too, and found this will match my skintone well.

Full size item come in a pump bottle with Sleek's logo in front of it. This bottle is made from glass, while the pump & closer are made from plastic.

I love pump bottle, but most of them won't work well. This one is in bad size, i dont like the way it's work. It always produce more product more than i need. I have to push it very carefully to get few amount of product, repeatedly.

Full Size item contains of 35ml or 1.28 oz of product. It's made in Taiwan if you curious about it :p
Most of Sleek's product are made from Asia (China, Taiwan)

My Swatch

i didn't wear any primer nor moisturizer under it.

# Sand match my skintone very well, but sadly, it has low coverage. It's almost hard to find it on my hand, right?
I can get a little bit better coverage if i apply it using Flat Top Brush, but if i apply it using hand, i have to use a good loose powder to give me extra coverage.

Good things about Sleek New Skin Revive :
  1. personally, it match my skintone (neutral-warm) very well
  2. light weight, so good for daily use
  3. oil free formula
  4. gives dewy-finish (if you like dewy finish)

Bad things about Sleek New Skin Revive :
  1. hard to get in Indonesia (have to buy it online)
  2. low coverage
  3. the pump wont work well (or it just mine?)
  4. the smell is a little bit disturbing
  5. silicone based
  6. if you like to use foundation on your neck, it might transfer to your cloth.
Repuchase? No

have you try any sleek foundation?
what do you think about it? ^^

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