Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base 02 Berry Choux

Hi Korean-Beauty Lover!
This cute little baby is the new favorite of mine.. it's etude sweet recipe baby choux base!
what is choux anyway?
Choux pastry, or pâte à choux (pronounced: [pɑt a ʃu]), is a light pastry dough used to make profiterolescroquemboucheséclairs, French crullersbeignetsSt. Honoré cake, Indonesian kue sus, and gougères. - Wikipedia
no doubt, etude named it "choux" because of the texture.. so light, so soft, so fluffy and smells so good! if anyone know what perfume smell like etude's sweet recipe baby choux base 02, please let me know!

this frosted glass jar seems like a jar of jam.. so pretty ~

i bought mine in Seoul, that's why it has a price tag in hanggeul ..

what it claimed, how to use and the cautions.. no ingredients here.

etude provided this baby with a mini plastic spoon, for anyone who refuse to dip their finger inside.

The Choux!!
very light, soft, fluffy and smells good .. like raspberry and strawberry, very very yummy.
(so sorry for the repeated description, i've just sooo in love with it!)

swatch on my hand

lightly spreaded.. can you see the difference?
it gaves a natural glow, not really change my skintone, just glowy and brighten.
as a base, it's also help to make my big pores less visible. Since i doesnt like to be fully covered by my base/foundation, i only use 1 spoon and get a medium coverage by that. And perhaps thats why i doesnt get the whitening effect, hehe ..

What to love about it?
cute packaging - no doubt!
medium coverage
SPF 25 PA ++ (makes it can be work as tinted sunscreen too)
good texture
smells so yummy! wouldn't disturb you~
makes my face glow instantly~
has a slight oil control
it's not a limited edition product, yay!

What to dislike?
sometimes it's not very travel friendly
it does cause me breakout

shade available :
01 mint choux - to hide redness
02 berry choux - for brightening purpose
03 peach choux - for brightening purpose, but for darker skintone

I got lots of redness on my face, but the mint choux one seems so hard to blend with my skintone.. makes me looks so pale. So i decided to get berry first :D

ps. SPF 25 PA++ doesnt really help if you're stay outdoor all day long. And dont forget to reapply if you use it as tinted sunscreen!

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  1. wahh , dari dulu aku pengen beli ini tapi belom kebeli , semoga aja nanti bisa kebeli ><

  2. Does this product dry out your skin? I read several reviews that this base would do people with dry/normal skin no justice.

    1. I have an oily skin dear, and it's just help me a lil bit to control my oily skin..

      Perhaps it's just me ..

  3. Akkk produk ini HG dari secret recipe line nih.. aku suka banget !! Punyaku yg mint choux soalnya kulit aku sensitif dan suka merah2 T_T. Wanginya enak banget tapi aku penasaran nih sama wangi yg berry choux.. >.<

    Btw aku kasih kamu award.. Selamat yah.. Cek disini ^_^

    1. ak nyesel ga ambil yg mint ~
      sekarang kulitku lagi parah2nya :(

      *bukannya berry jelek loh, cuma agak kurang cocok sama kondisi kulitku sekarang ..

  4. produk etude yang satu ini cute banget,variannya ada 3 dan warna pastel semua,sayang kalau untuk dicolek-colek isinya LOL ^_^


    1. dicolek aja say, ga keliatan bekas jari kok .. :D

  5. I have this too but mine doesn't have a spoon included, why is that?


    1. where did you get that? through pre-order system or you purchased it in Etude's store?

      i got mine from etude store anw ..

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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