Friday, May 30, 2014

The Honeymania EDT

*Purchased by ME, non sponsored review*

The Body Shop Honeymania EDT
30ml (1.0 US FL OZ)
idr. 189,000
Limited Edition
Core Collection from Body Shop <3 font="">

If you're familiar with EDT from The Body Shop, it's exactly in the same size.
The glass bottle slightly tinted with golden honey shade and the sprayer tinted gold.

I am a fan of honey scented product and i was waiting so long since i found out that Honeymania range launched in UK. I know many people has said that it doesn't smell like honey at all but i can't stop my self from purchasing it.

According to Fragrantica, it's only has 2 notes : wildflower and honey.
The scent is very floral, less honey and not really sweet.

In my opinion, the floral notes blends so well with honey, creating a very fresh and *ehm* mature scent. If you have Marc Jacob's Honey, it's really different compared to it. Honey from Marc Jacobs is way too fruity.. Doesn't really gives me the Honey-ed feeling like The Body Shop does, even it's floraly.

Sadly, it doesn't last long on me.. I just got about 2-3 hours. Well in my opinion, most fragrance from the Body Shop doesn't last long, but Honeymania last shorter.
But don't worry, once you paired it with body butter from the same range, it definately got better.

However, i like it and planned to stock up since it's a limited edition and the body shop has special discount for exchange 20 point from your Love Your Body member card.

Go get now but make sure to leave me some :))
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Body Shop Honeymania Body Butter

*purchased by me*

After trying and loving The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish (reviewed here), i feel like i really-really in love with TBS. Maybe because their price being more reasonable for me, or maybe because they're so easy to find or maybe because they gave us special price oftenly..

Well, no matter what, i've been eyeing Honeymania series since it's been launched in UK. After i read some reviews, i decided to get the body butter & EDT (will review later).

Well, do you remember my Honey Bee hand cream? It's from Etude, and i think it's match the theme :))

This body butter came in 200ml pot, i wouldn't say it's handy but definately reasonable for the price.

TBS always do fair trade for their product. In this case, it's with Wildflower Community in Ethiopia for their Honey.
As usual they doesn't do animal testing.

TBS retailed it for idr. 229,000 but when i get it, there's 15% off if you purchase 2 items from Honeymania range. If there's no promotion, the price will be idr. 1,145,000/liter. Expensive eh?
Compared to older collection, Honeymania Body Butter is rather expensive. The olders came in 250ml size, 50ml more than Honeymania.

My favorite part of the packaging are only the sturdiness, the color & the honey bee in their QR code.

The scent if more in flowery than sweety side.
 In my opinion, it's smell like fresh flowery honey. Not so sweet but has medium to full strenght.
On me, the scent last for about 2-3 hours before gone. If you've tried their EDT and think it doesn't last long or way too soft, you need to pair it with the body butter. Stronger & last longer :)

It's aimly for dry skin so no wonder that come in thick texture. Feels like butter but could be easily spread.
I have normal skin but it's too much on me, so i think it would also acceptable for oily skin.

So sad that it's Limited Edition (maybe it could repromote in future, TBS? please?) and as long as i know, it's been sold out in their indonesian web. Maybe some offline store still have some stock, so hurry up before it's really gone!

update June 1st 2014 :
So sorry my mistake, BA in The Body Shop confirmed that Honeymania is in Core Collection.. YAY!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Short Comparison Post : Real Technique & Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush

*both products are purchased by me*

After a post about Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush, i will continue with a short comparison with the one from Ecotools. Both share a same name : retractable kabuki brush.

There's the size comparison both brushes and my own hand.
Both are handy but RT is slightly heavier than Ecotools. It's understand-able since RT's is longer than Ecotools.

Ecotools using Aluminium cap, while RT using clear plastic cap.

 Left : RT brush is 12 cm length
Right : Ecotools is 9.5cm length
both hairs are approximately 3.5cm length

Both handle are made from Aluminium. They also work in the exact same way.

As you could see, RT use 2 colored hair (mostly associated with stippling brush or Sigma's F series) but as far as i know (and correct me if i'm wrong), both black & white colored hair are synthetic.
Ecotools also use synthetic hair and it's slightly more dense than RT's.

I already owned Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush and find it's very handy. The one from Real Technique does a lovely job too.
Ecotools with it's usual dense & dome shaped hair works better for pressed & loose powder and powder foundation.
RT with angled brush could also work for blush & bronzer.
In my opinion, they're not a rival but a companion ^_____^
Now i carry both of them in my travel bag.. Maybe i should get a new, bronzey retractable kabuki brush from Ecotools hehehe..

ps. my ecotools retractable kabuki brush is the old version, so it's come in silver handle.
pps. i know my pictures in this post has different lightning, but it's un-important since it's only for tools not a swatch post :)

Thanks for reading :)
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Friday, May 16, 2014

Loreal UV Perfect Anti Dullness SPF 50 PA +++

*non sponsored review*
*purchased by me*

If you're live in Indonesia and looking for some sunscreen in local department store, there's only few choice for you. In my case, as i like high number of SPF in my sunscreen, the choice are even fewer.

There come Loreal UV Perfect SPF 50 PA +++ (my own is featured with Anti Dullness). It's easily available locally. The price is ranging from idr 90,000-140,000 depend on place & promotion.

 It's only in 30ml size.
The packaging is made from shimmery white plastic, feel sturdy in my hand.

 (click to see in original size)

Actually i am not paying so much attention to the ingredient list. Well, i am always not in sunscreen case because i tend to like Japanese sunscreen and most of them are unreadable for me. This bad habit won't go.

I am lusting over this because it said to be contains of Mexoryl Filters which help your sunscreen to stay longer (usually they stay for 2-3 hours in average, depend on SPF number, environment, sun rays etc etc). Funny that i don't really know what that truthfully is.
Yeah i ate their marketing words.
Hopefully that's true.. Hahaha..

 The dropper has a small hole, to help you control the amount of product.

As long as i know, people need at least 1/4 tea spoon of sunscreen to cover face and neck. It's could be more or less depend on texture of product, skin condition and you yourself.

 I don't know if you could see through the picture, but the product has a slight purple tint in it, the one that support the anti dullness feature.
The purple tint works more like a tinted primer, it's not so pigmented that could makes you appear purple-y. It's just slightly brightening instead of pale white shade or anything else.

 Here i blend it softly.
I think here you could see purple-y shade better than picture before.

 Completely blended.
No extra coverage for redness, acne or anything. But yes it does brighten and therefore, not so dull.

Picture above is taken with flash.. Not so whitecast right?

 The texture is slightly thick but easy to blend. It's not drying and has a low oil control.
There's just low fragrance i could detect and it's not disturbing.

I think it does the job really well, none of my face and neck getting burned. And even they said it's stay long(er) on skin, i am still do reapply at least every 4-5 hours.

For me, it's 4 out of 5 stars and maybe i would repurchase in future (since it's easy to grab)

Have you tried it? Do you like it?

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finally, I Reviewed Urban Decay Naked 2!

Shame of me.. A while a go, i was trying to clean my blogging folder and i found out that i haven't write a review for my Urban Decay Naked 2 which i bought in Sephora KLCC back in 2012.

After a short thought, i remember my reason for not reviewing this palette even i've finished the editing process long long time ago : i freaked out that maybe someone would use my pictures to make a better fake palette. Okay maybe it's not such a reason because there's so many pictures around the internet, and the still haven't make a really good fake product. Since then, i always trying not to put any important information in my blog.
If you haven't read my comparison post about Real & (possibly) Fake Naked 2, you can find it here.

Enough for the introduction, so here i present you the Urban Decay Naked 2 (picture was taken when it's still brand new) :

 The case is made from metal tin, but in my opinion, it's too thin.
Also even it's supposed to be safetier to travel with than original Naked palette, one shade named Blackout is somehow being so fragile.
I heard many people complained about this so i bring my palette home in my own handbag, not in baggage like it's other partners. As you could see in next picture, it's arrived home safely :)

Naked 2 come with dual side brushfor shadow & crease.

My palette also come with lip gloss in shade Naked, but since i'm not using it, i wouldn't review it here.
The new one (after Naked 3's launched) come with eye primer samples and packaged with cardboard box instead of transparant one in before.

on left side : crease brush

on right side : shadow brush

If you're wondering why-oh-why my new palette got some stratch inside, here's the story:
Naked 2 has a full size mirror inside. It's a nice add but it has some weight that's enough to makes the palette fallen to back if you took the brush out.
I have a good mirror for make up in my room, so that day when i am wearing my naked 2 with it's own brush, the palette fell to back side. Ugh, and i accidentally put it dangerously near the edge of my table. I was shocked (a new palette and it's expensive!!!) and quickly grab it, anywhere i could. I got it, with some stratch as payment. Cheap eh?

Leason learned : take care of your palette. Put it in safe place, it could be fallen it self.

Swatch on my arm, yellowish sun shine.

Well, you could find the shade explanation anywhere but here's my version of it :
Foxy is yellowish beige with matte finish. It's so sheer and hadly shown on my skin. I use it as a base color.
Half Baked is a golden shade with shimmery finish. I like it but i wish it's more on brown than yellow side.
Booty Call is a highlight shade with frosted finish. Good for under brow bone.
Chopper is choppery red tone brown with (almost) glittery finish. It's a pretty shade, even for daily use.. if it's not that bling bling.
Tease is a muddy taupe shade, with matte finish. It's my favorite shade for crease.
Snakebite is dark brown with yellow shimmer. Pretty shade.. And i like it more than it's close sibling, Dark Horse (reviewed here).
Suspect is a soft bronze shade with shimmery finish. It's also being my favorite for lazy days. Suspect is really good to wear alone. I also heard it's a close sister of the famous Burberry Pale Barley (which i haven't tried).
 Pistol is dark gray brown with frosted finish. It's a pretty shade but leans too cool for my asian skin.
Verve is a pale, shimmery beige. Good for inner corner.
YDK is a warm choppery brown with frosted finish and some glitter. The shade it self is pretty but too glittery for my taste (why Urban Decay??)
Busted is plummy brown with frosted finish. Good for layering eye liner or outer shade.
Blackout is a matte, black shade. Also good for layering eye liner. As i said above, it's the most fragile shade in palette.

I like my Naked 2 but now it's rarely use since i am not a fans of cool eye shadow shade as before. Still, Suspect is foolproof and my life safer. I bought it in 2012 and i haven't hit pan in any shade.
I bought it while it's still $50 on their web, now it's $54 already.

I am wondering if i would take Naked 3 too since it has some pretty shade i adore (say Strange, Limit, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory and Mugshot - 7 out of 12!).
I wonder if it would good for my yellow toned skin?
any advice?

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

My First Impression for Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush

*purchased by me, non sponsored review*

Today i'm here for another tools review. After eyelash curler and wallet review, now it's for a make up brush.

I found it's very admirable to find a kabuki brush in my make up bag. Really helpful for a quick touch up while it's keep dust-free. The one that really helpful for me is Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush (which i haven't write about, yeah). I bought another one from Real Techniques for spare.

I believe you've heard about Real Techniques somewhere, but if it's not, i would make a quick explanation for you, dear friend :)
Real Techniques is designed by two well-known Youtube Guru, Nic and Samantha Chapman (both are from RT brushes are made from synthetic bristle so they're cruelty-free. Most of their brushes are able to stand by it's own (but sometimes it's just hard) because they has a flat-bottom. They also make coded the brushes by color (
purple for eyes, orange for base and pink for finishing).

 According to :

retractable kabuki brush

  • Go mobile with our new retractable design.
    • An essential on-the-go tool that evenly applies powders, bronzers or blush.
  • For perfect cheekbones:
    • Use with bronzer or highlighter to define and contour the hollows of the cheeks.
    • Use with blush to fill out the apples of the cheeks

Please keep remind that this is just my first impression of it. I only use it like 3-4 days and i won't judge it by that.

Hello there, this is the brush i talked in the whole beginning =)

It's PINK, means it's for finishing purpose.. Powder, Blush and Bronzer.

 And that's how it looks like with the cap on.
The cap is clear-pink and made from plastic.

The name is printed on a side.
The brand is printed in another side (but unpictured).

If you're curious how this retractable thing work, hopefully my explanation could help :

After a condition in picture [1] aka cover picture aka how it's look like when you use it, now pull the pink metalic part under the brush head. And it would look like that in picture.
Yes the pink retractable part is printed with brand name, i found it cute. 

Then with the metalic part pulled, put the closure on.

Last part, push them down.
Voila! It's closed already!

Last pict, it's how it looks like from above.


I was tried it several times :
  • for my beloved Tarte Provocateur Mineral Pressed Powder (review here), it won't work. Hard to pick up and hard to blend. Maybe i need to try with another powder later.
  • for Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, works perfectly.
  • for Illamasqua powder blush (review here), hard to blend.

No judging here, but that's what happened to me in 3-4 days of trial.
I would continue using it though :)

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Current Wallet : Abekani LW-002

*purchased by me*
*non-sponsored review*
I haven't talk about my wallet don't i?
It's an Indonesian local product, but instead of using my bahasa in this review, i decided to write in English. I want to show the world that here We also have a good product with affordable price.
Before i start, i wanna introduce you to the brand at first.

Abekani is Indonesian local company (based in Jogja, Central Java) who produced handmade leather product. Most of them are designed by them, but they also made bag by order (the process is kinda long, though). You can find more info in their web,

My own wallet is simply named by "LW-002". I thought "LW" stands for "Long Wallet".
According to the web, it's made from pull-up cow leather and the dimension is 9.5 x 18 cm. When i ordered it, they have 2 different color : havana and dark brown, but as for now, i saw they have purple too. I chose Dark Brown.

Abekani describe LW-002 as :
Woman wallet with 3 folds (7 compartments & 16 holders). Closure are made using magnetic button. There are coin zipper behind.

and this is how it looks like :

 I like the simple design and the borderline.
Pretty and timeless!!

Actually i used to make a stratch using my sharp-nail in the middle of closure part. I was in hurry and can't take care of it at the time, i was so disappointed but maybe it's the price for having a leathery wallet. But later when i want to take care of it, i can't find the stratch anywhere. This picture was taken after that incident, so you can see that no mark left. I don't know how, but definately YAY!

The coin zipper.
oops.. seems like my coins finally left some mark over there.
I know it supposed to be classic but i think the zipper is too big for the wallet. I prefer it to be smaller, but that's okay.
Also the hand-picker is kinda weird. If they could make a borderline around it, it would be better..

There's the magnetic button shown up.
there's two compartment on the closure part (behind the top magnetic button)

 There's three compartment behind the card holder. The one opened from right side is longest of all (deep down till the far-left part). Both two opened from left side are short.
There's my card shown in the holder. Currently, i have 5 member cards there.

There are also two compartment here. Both are short. Also there are the rest of card holder. I kept everything more important here (you can spot BCA flazz card there).

 latest pic : the brand name on the bottom right.

They sell this wallet for idr. 185,000.
I found that the quality is great at the price and besides the zipper & picker design, i have nothing to complain about.

I am a type of girl who rarely changes my wallet so i wish it last long. The timeless design makes it a better deal.

Have a nice day ^__^

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