Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sheilla's Dollywink giveaway!

Am i too late?
no! it's still december 28th, and the giveaway will be end at december 31st, so i'm safe! :D

i'm always interested with Dollywink (who's not? :p), especially with the cute design and the great review they have! and one of Indonesian beauty blogger, Sheilla, nicely open a giveaway for One winner who will receive Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black and Dollywink Eyelashes Case! She's very kind to open it for international and domestic participants!

what are you waiting for? let's join it!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Indonesian Product Review : Mustika Ratu Purple Mascara

Have you ever hear about Mustika Ratu?
Mustika Ratu is Indonesian brand that produce a wide-range of product, such as personal care and cosmetics, traditional herbal and medicine, fragrance, spa treatment, men's product and suplement. They came in some different brand like Mustika Ratu, Biocel, Mustika Puteri, Bask for Men, Ratu Mas, Moor and Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa.

I was using their Mustika Puteri product when i was in teenager age (10 years ago? lol). I use to like their fragrance and loose powder, and now i think they've make in wider. They even have supplement under Mustika Puteri brand, wow!

Forget about the past, i was not interested with their brand, i dont know. Maybe i just can't see them among korean-japanese-europe-american brand competition. But their mascara has just attracted me since some nice ladies in femaledaily highly raved it. It's quite cheap, though, only 37,000 IDR! Half price compared to my maybelline magnum!

here's the product :

simply named 'mascara' with Mustika Ratu's logo in right side.

made in indonesia

the superbrand logo and Mustika Ratu's contact. Superbrand is independent organization who gives achievement to brands based on experts and consumer's opinion.

Product description and ingredients. Well, it does contains paraben, so if you avoided parabens product, this is not for you.

it's 13cm length. Longer than maybelline's mascara.

a standard brush. I was afraid seeing it, since mascaras i've used has unique brush to help providing curved and thick eyelashes. And here's the swatch :

left : my bare eye
right : after using Mustika Ratu's Purple Mascara. Layered 3 times.

Can you see the purple effect? It's sheer but sometimes i can see it. This mascara doesnt help me to get curved eyelashes, but it does make it a little bit thicker.

Rating : 3/5
Not very good, but at least it doesnt hurt me. And it's so cheap!
good enough for daily use, when you want to get natural look :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone, and a short review ..

Merry Christmas! i'm not celebrating christmas, but since my Grandpa passed away in last year's christmas, we started a family tradition to have a family-gathering every christmas. Still no christmas tree, but we have a lunch and having fun together. What are you doing in your christmas day?

It's been 21 days since i wrote review about Biore UV milk, and i think i've write some of my sunscreen and it's time to move to another section : haircare.

I've use this shampoo since October, nothing changed, but it doesn't mean i dont like it ..

Skinfood's Citron Scalp Care Shampoo came in 2 size ; miniature (50g) and full size (500g). I bought the full size since it's cheaper, and if i'm not good on it, i can give it to my sister .. /lol

I have a thick and heavy hair, with dandruff and lots of hair falls. What a combination, right? I think i need scalp care shampoo, since the problem(s) came from my scalp. This is what skinfood say in their website :
Citron Scalp Care Shampoo is free of 4 additives (colorings, parafiin, ethanol, benzophenone) and contains Citron extracts marked by its beautiful citrus aroma. The pure fresh lather cleamses your scalp.

[Citron Story] Citron, so popular as to be used for baths for its beauty ingredients, makes your scalp healthy and your hair beautiful.

* To Use
Wet your hair and scalp with enough warm water and squirt a moderate amount of shampoo in your palms to massage the lather around the entire scalp and hair using your fingertips before rinsing it off.

Yes, it's an additives free shampoo. But it's simply use like another shampoo, nothing special.

~ Front Face ~
i love the pump, really .. i love the face that now, full size bottle of any shampoo came in pump bottle, so cute and easy to use!

Back Side

the ingredients : no colorings, no parafiin, no ethanol, no benzophenone.

Citron Scalp Care Shampoo has a gel consistency, with a smell like orange, but it's artificial. I dont know, it's just smell unnatural for me. And gel consistency always makes me think that it doesnt produce enough foam, and it is. I need to use 1.5 times amount more than my usual shampoo, Loreal Total Repair Shampoo. Everytime i use this, i always feel fresh and clean, but nothing changed. The result is still the same with another shampoos i've tried.

I'm still using it thought, put a hope and try.

have you use it? what do you think about it? let's share :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50 PA+++

Biore is famously known by Indonesian for their Cleansing Foam line, Liquid Soap line, Make Up Remover line and Pore Pack line. But in Japan, where the originaly came, they also have some other line : Facial Cleansing (wider than what they sell in Indonesia), Make Up Remover (wider than what they sell in Indonesia), Pore Pack line (wider than what they sell in Indonesia), Powder Sheet line and UV Protection Line. More info can be found at

I was looking for Japanese Sunscreen review, and i was thought for Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50 PA+++ (since it have SPF 50 and matte finish) and Sunkiller Baby Milk SPF 38 PA+++ (since it highly raved by beauty blogger). So when i found both of them was sell in forum, i chose to buy Biore UV Perfect Face milk.

description (taken from :
Superior lightweight UV block for face, Matt Effect. Provides long-lasting UV protection of SPF50+/ PA+++. It has an ultra light, non-sticky texture. Also an ideal makeup base, it contains Sebum-absorbing powder to give you that matt look and keep skin shine-free.

Size : 30ml

Let's see the real picture :

A white simple bottle made from plastic.

the Ingredient and another product explanation.
All written in Japanese so i taken the ingredient list from here :
Active Ingredients: Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate 5.0%, Cyclopentasiloxane 25.7%, Zinc Oxide 12.0%, Lauryl Methacrylate/Sodium Methacrylate Crosspolymer 6.0%, Titanium Dioxide 0.47% Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Alcohol, Water, Lauryl Methacrylate/Sodium Methaxcrylate Crosspolymer, Talc, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide, Methicone, Mica, Polysilicone-9, Peg-12 Dimethicone, Peg-3 Dimethicone, Cetyl-Pg Hydroxyethyl Palmitamide, Aluminum Hydroxide, Silica, Iron Oxides (Ci 73360), Bht, Barium Sulfate, Aluminum Dimyristate
It does contain alcohol which avoided by some people, but for me, it's okay. As long as it doesnt contain of Avobenzone, it's still okay. I am still collecting data to write more and more about sunscreen's ingredient list, will post it later.

The opened cap. Like another milky sunscreen i know, it does have a silver ball inside to help you shake the product. If you forget to shake it, a strange transparant liquid will come out instead of milky liquid.

i put small amount on my hand.

rubbed once.

it turned into transparan. Visible but it's there.

What i love about it?
matte finish
easy to absorb
SPF 50 PA+++
travel sized

What i Hate about it :
thin plastic bottle, compared to my acnes uv tint
sometimes it could be deathly-matte

rating : 4.3/5
repurchase : would love to, if i can find another seller who sell it in cheaper price .. oh, and after i tried a sunkiller sunscreen, just for comparison :p

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review : Innisfree Eco No Sebum Sunblock SPF 35 PA+++

Hallo everyone :)
Since i found out that sun block is so essential to our daily life, i suggest my self to buy some sun block, and this is one of them, Innisfree Eco No Sebum Sunblock SPF 35 PA +++.
Later, i will write more about SPF and Sun Block, but it can wait, i'm still busy doing something else :p

I chose Innisfree because they have paraben-free product and rarely (very rare) causing breakout. Some say innisfree is a kind of premium brand in Korea. Their products are more expensive than Skinfood or Etude House. I dont know the reality, but maybe it's true.

And dont you think they put a very catching name? No Sebum Sunblock! Will easily attracted people who need the matte finish and good oil control!

it contains of organic sunflower oil and green tea, parabens free, oil control and 100% mineral filter. I'm not sure what mineral filter means, had googling about it and only find another product. Later maybe.
I found a web page said it contains of fermented yeast, organic sun flower oil, organic Jeju green tea water, green complex. But they're not write all of them in front of product. Maybe in back side, the one i can't read.

forgot to say, it came in a quite large tube, 50ml size. For price range around 140,000 IDR - 160,000 IDR it's in middle price. Comparing to my biore uv face milk which came in 30ml bottle and usually sell from 125,000 IDR- 145,000 IDR, this innisfree is cheaper.

the back side, can't ready anything except 'oil control' :(

the insider.
Since it came with creamy texture, it was packaged in another simple tube.

Swatch to my hand!
this sunblock came in pink undertone i think, it's quite pinkish, especially compared to my hand.

It's look unmatch with my skin, too white, but after 10-15 minutes, it went better. I usually use it with my maybelline dream matte compact powder (sand medium) to make it better again.

and i got this image from

they said it can be use in face, neck, arm and legs. I only use it in my face, i use another product for my neck, arm and body.

Texture : Creamy, easy to blend especially after using toner and essence/serum
Effectiveness : 4/5, it help me get more protection under the sun, feels like i have my private guard in front of my face
Oil Control : 3/5, feel greasy about 1 hour (when i use innisfree no sebum mineral powder) but when i look in mirror, it's fine. Very greasy during the super hot day, but i understand.

Good Things about it :
easy to blend
SPF 35 PA+++
no breakouts!
parabens free
easy to find in online store
dries up easily, i dont need to wait 1 minute before it absorbed.
50 ml tube ~ which last me very long time
good oil control
can be work as make up primer if needed

Bad Things about it :
It's pink! sometimes it makes me looks like i'm wearing a mask :(

overall : 3.5/5
Repurchase : if they make the one with different colour, maybe i'll try it

thanks a lot for reading :) 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Review Baviphat Strawberry Toxifying Mask

hello readers & co-bloggers!
this evening i found out my face look so un-happy, sad and full of worry. I dont know why, maybe because i have a lot things to think and i spent too little time to feed my soul.

I decided to try my new Baviphat Strawberry Toxifying Mask i've got last week. Since i've got breakout last week (because of stress i think), i use my Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask and forget about the others. But now it's the time. I almost get the acne out and i need something to refresh my mind. Stawberry scent sounds great. But why 'toxifying'? I think they means 'DeToxifying' but named it wrong. It's okay as long it wont toxifying my skin.

Well, here it is.
cute, right? i LOVE those colors!

back side. Maybe there's an ingredient list, but since i can't ready korean, i can't write any of it here.

dont you think it's cute? looks like a strawberry trying to get out from the packaging ^^,

like another baviphat fruit mask, this one also come with a small plastic spoon to help you keeping the mask from dirt

it's very small! i need to scoop 2-3 times to get enough mask to cover my entire face

see? it's clay mask, not creamy mask

i tried to apply it in my hand. It's pink-ish, powdery pinkish and dried after 5 minutes.

Product Description 
This deep cleansing wash-off clay mask helps to tighten pores, control sebum and give relief to troubled skin.  It contains strawberry extract (sebum control and acne prevention) and a lot of fruit acids abundant in Vitamin C that can remove dead skin cells and tighten pores.  Antoxidants to prevent skin problems will reveal bright and clear skin whilst simultaneously helping to stave off the effects of ageing, such as enlarged pores as well as troubled skin problems.
Size:  130g

How i use it :
first, i clean up my face using cleansing oil and cleansing foam (because i'm not gonna wash my face again using cleansing foam after using this mask) and i use my toner, then apply the mask. I wait until 25 minutes and wash it using water and pat a cotton with toner to my face.

My Personal Thought :
I like this! It has a sweet strawberry scent, even if some bloggers reviewed it has sour strawberry scent, but it's sweet enough for me. It help to dry my blemishes and tighten my large + clogged pores. My face not brightening after i used this, but it does seems happier. People with oily skin would love it more that they with dry skin, because it does controlling my sebum.
But i saw some whitehead after i used it, is it contains of any ingredients that might causing whitehead?? ooh my ~~ but since i have many many skincare product that might causing me get whiteheads, it's still okay. I'll find another way to get rid those whiteheads. A nose pack, maybe?

Pro(s) :
  • very cute packaging
  • sweet strawberry scent, help me to relax
  • tighten my pores <3
  • do what it promised
  • 130g will work for a years or more :D

Con(s) :
  • whitehead, whitehead, whitehead
  • hard to blend
Rating : 3.2/5

Repuchase? i think NO .. i will get bored after finishing 130g of mask and will find another mask to try! :D


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bath and Body Works : Fragrance Mist Warm Vanilla Sugar

hi everyone!
since i am really-really want to buy a mist with vanilla fragrance, i bought BBW's Warm Vanilla Sugar. May reviews said it has a nice scent, with a scent like burned sugar. I was so excited, how's the smell of burned sugar?
When it arrived to my place, i was soo confused because it doesn't even have a "Bath and Body Works" label on it. Only labelled with 'warm vanilla sugar' in front of product and nothing else. But my friend said that it's okay, so i open it and smell the scent.

Claimed by BBW (here), Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance contains of :

  • Fragrance Top Notes: Sheer Florals, Vanilla Absolute
  • Fragrance Mid Notes: Basmati Rice, Coconut, Vanilla Absolute
  • Fragrance Base Notes: Vanilla Absolute, Heliotrope, Musk, Veltol, Sandalwood

Too bad, i dont know how's basmati rice's scent, Heliotrope's scent and veltol's scent. The second well~~ and where's the sugar? they dont even put it anywhere! maybe the sugar scent come from mixing the scent of another things? i dont know ..

With my unexpert power of descripting scent, i will say that it has a sweet vanilla scent with a bitter in the end. Maybe the bitter scent is the one reviewed smell like a burned sugar. I dont even smell the sheer floral scent, maybe it's too sheer? i do smell a  sheer coconut smell, in the start of bitter smell. But i dont know about anything else. >.<"

Basically, i like the way it smell, but i prefer my body shop's lychee blossom edt (i will review it later) to use in speacial ocassion. This one is good for everyday use.

I usually use it in my hand circle (only left hand) and behind my ears, 1 spray each. It stay long, sometimes disturbing me while i am in a small room or in car, it made me loss my willingness to eat :( Maybe i should reduce it for only 1 spray in my hand circle only.

But it scents really-really match with my vaseline Cocoa Glow, they're seems like made for each other, lol ,, 

Good Things about Bath and Body Works  Fragrance Mist Warm Vanilla Sugar :
came in large size, i think i need more than 1 year to finish it.
match with my vaseline cocoa glow
stay for 2-4 hours, good enough for fragrance mist

Bad Things about Bath and Body Works Fragrance Mist Warm Vanilla Sugar :
came in plastic bottle
make me lost my willingness to eat
no bbw's label on it

rating : 3 of 5 stars. Like it but not Love it.

repurchase : are you kidding me? the big size will make me bored with it scent! hahaha .. let me know if you want to buy shared size of it! :p

p.s seriously, contact me in if you're interested ;)

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam : Mung Beans

this is a review of a very helpful cleansing foam i've ever met (even if it's not the perfect one, well nobody's perfect right?) Let me introduce you to :

The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam : Mung Beans

Size : 170ml

Explanation in behind :
Formulated with clarifying, exfoliating Mung Bean extract, this mild botanical foaming cleanser iluminates and softens skin."

Directions :
Add water and work into a rich foam. Gently massage over your face and rinse throughly.

Ingredients :
water, myristic acid, potassium hydroxide, butylene glycol,glycerin, stearic acid, lauramide dea, ceteareth-20, glycol distearate, vigna radiata extract, peg 40 stearate, water (and) salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract (and) aspalathus linearis extract (and) lilium candidum flower extract (and) anthemis nobilis flower extract (and) borago officinalis extract (and) centaurea cyanus flower extract, perfume, water (and) saponaria officinalis extract (and) aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) bark extract (and) alchemilla vulgaris extract, disodium edta, methylparaben, carica papaya (papaya) fruit extract, citrus grandis (grapefruit) peel extract, propylparaven, salix nigra (willow) bark extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, caramel.
May contain : yellow 5 (CI 19140), blue (CI 42090)

i know it contains Paraben, i dont know the dosage of course but i think it's still okay since it's hard to get off all the paraben's product from my or my family's life and we're all okay using paraben's product for long time (knock-knock on the wood~). Next time i will try to reduce it, but not now.

I never use a korean cleansing foam before, i always prefer to use cleansing foam i can easily found. But when the SA from Colormix in Lam Tien, Hongkong, told me that they got special price for TFS's herb day cleansing foam, i added it to my cart as fast as can be. I bought it for only 30 HKD or IDR 33,000! Very cheap!

Colormix's SA said that if i need help to solve my blemish problem, i can choose between mung beans and acerola, so i chose the Mung Beans since it claimed 'Soften rough skin' while Acerola said 'Clarifies dull skin'. Well, for me soften is more important.

Sadly, i am NOT trying this while i am still in Hongkong, when the super cheap price available. In TFS Indonesia, they sell it for IDR 129,000 and in TFS Singapore for around IDR 75,000. Pricey, eh? But suprice-ly, i could got a cheap price if i buy it from pre-order shop, who buy it directly from Korea. Not as cheap as the first one i bought (the 33 HKD one) but still cheap compared to Face Shop's official stores in Indonesia.

First time i tried it is when i'm already home. I am so impressed, with just a small pea amount, i can get a clean face and radiant skin. Wow. And it came in 170ml tube size. Low price, big amount and just a small size can help you got what you want! I thought it because mung bean has a power to deep cleaning without scrub, which i love since scrub always break me out.

Everytime i remember to use toner/astringent after washing my face using it, i never found a residue in my cottonball. Means it really clean my face as well. And after one week, i found out that my blemishes already be slighter. I dont know it because of my cleansing foam or my Hiruscar (not yet reviewing it). But at least, i guess my cleansing foam help my hiruscar's job by softly exfoliating my skin so skincares i used after it can be easily absorbed.

Many reviews said it easily to get small pimple when use it, i did got small pimple everytime i used it, but only in first week or two. It still fine, because i always get pimple, and sometimes it even breakout. So 1 small pimple is not a big problem for me.

Good Things about it :

  • Cheap, a pea size could already work all over your face.
  • Came in 170ml tube size, big size!
  • Never leave a residue
  • Exfoliating without scrub
  • Do what it claims
  • Smells good, nothing like mung beans, but not bad.
  • Easy to blend with water
  • Not drying my skin, it's glowing but matte. Got no worries using it everyday.
  • Cute packaging, i love the mung beans pict. Like a sketch but not.
  • Good enough to clean my eye liner

Bad Things about it :

  • So expensive here in Indonesia (not really bad, online store can help with it)
  • There's only one TFS store in Bali (i just found out it today), in Mall Bali Galeria
  • contains paraben, if you wont use any paraben's product, well it's out of your range.
  • might cause you get small pimple(s) in the first 2 weeks.
  • inable to clean sunblock

My Ratings :
4.5 out of 5.

i already have 1 tube extra. And the tube i use is still quite full even i've use it everyday since july.
After it, who knows? :p

i bought this one with my own money :)

hallo world!

this is the 2nd blog i had. The first one is in livejournal, which i stopped since i think it's more comfortable to have a blogspot account, to follow another blog(s) i love and everything.

i will move my product review post right after this. See you soon! ^^
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