Thursday, April 30, 2015

Not-So-Short Review of Secret Key Tea Tree Toner

Yay, i finally managed to post more than 2 reviews on my blog.. Even all of them are short. Yes i was busy enough lately, but that's okay ^___^

I was missing Skinfood Tea Tree Toner (which i emptied before managed to write a review about it), and i bought Secret Key Tea Tree Toner out of blue.

It's packaged in tall, plastic bottle with label around.
It contains 248 ml of product.

The front label says :

for all skin types
Tea Tree is herb oil obtained from evaporation with leaves and young branch of tea tree. It's outstanding effect in soothing skin relieves troubles and tea tree's unique scent clears spirit. Tea Tree oil contains aproximately 100 kinds of substance, which generate strong healing power and disinfection actions by interactions of such substance so that it can care sensitive and troubled skin perfectly.

It's definately the first time i heard tea tree product for all skin types (mostly it's aimed for oily to normal skin) but since i found the product is soft and contains lower amount of tea tree oil, i think it might would suit all skin types. However, please continue read my opinion before deciding to purchase.

I personally loves tea tree oil's scent, i think it's fresh and calming. The scent is strong enough, but it wouldn't stay on your face for a long time.

Back label is full of Hanggeul.
I can't read (let alone understand) anything. So i will depend on again for ingredient list.

Tea Tree Leaf Water



Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

Willow Bark Extract

Willow Bark Extract

Plantago Asiatica Extract

Laminaria digitata

Ulmus campestris

Zanthoxylum Piperitum Peel Extract

Pulsatilla Koreana Extract

Usnea Barbata Extract


Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract


Lemon Fruit Extract

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water

Althaea rosea

Aloe Barbadenis

Disodium EDTA


So the main ingredient is Tea Tree Leaf Water.
I dont get it, is it Water added with Tea Tree Oil or what? However, i can't find another Tea Tree Oil or Melaleuca Oil in ingredient list. And since it's the main ingredient of liquid product, then it must be water with tea tree leaf essence. Maybe it's the reason i feel this toner is lack of tea tree oil's essence, unlike Skinfood one.

The second in ingredient list is Alcohol.
 Despite anything people said about how bad alcohol is for your skin, i am still using my toner-with-alcohol, but only 2-3 times a week.
Alcohol is drying for long-term of use.

For others, i dont have special complain/issue about them. I'm not an expert, i just a student in beauty world ;)

Product inside is clear, very water like.
I bet you wouldn't know if it's water or this tea tree toner if it's not because the scent.
It's easy to use, and fast absorbed.

As the label said, i think it's mainly for calm and soothe your skin. Maybe it's do a little bit for troubled area, but it centainly do nothing big.

My bottle is running out and i decide to not purchase it.
I suggest people with dry skin stay out of this product too.

I might later give Secret Key Angel's Tears a try, if i have a chance ;)

Thanks for reading, hope that helps!

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Short Review : Essie Resort 2015 Cocoa Karma

Product Name : Essie Cocoa Karma
Collection : Resort 2015
Available in 15ml (full size) bottle and part of Essie Resort 2015 mini set (5ml)


   mine is mini, 5ml bottle from mini set.
i love how Essie could manage to put a sticker name for every mini bottle, unlike OPI.

 Essie's brush is long and thin.
It work best for smaller nails, like mine ^^~

Actually, this one that makes me fallin love with Resort 2015 collection from Essie. So soft, mature, chic and classic. Essie described it as “Molten Chocolate” which is true.

The formula is wonderful, you can get full coverage with one coat if you’re careful. I use two thin layers and top coat. Wonderful.

As a beginner in nail polish collector, I don’t have many variant. Here I use OPI’s You Don’t Know, Jacques! Together with Cocoa Karma, just for fun.

So far, Essie’s formula I tried last longer on me than China Glaze, and sometimes, than OPI.
So, yes, more Essie in future! I fell in love with mini flowerista collection (minty blue, orchid, soft cream and gray shade in a box? Here i come!) but it isn't available here yet.

For now, as far as i know, Essie is just available in Online in Indonesia.

Thank you for reading, hope that helps! :)

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Short Review of Ponds Dewy Rose Gel

I haven’t use anything from Ponds since High School. I don’t even remember why I stop using Ponds, and what product I was used. Wait, maybe it’s their cleansing foam because I was crazy about cleansing foam back then.
Ponds Dewy Rose Gel isn’t a new product, I’ve seen it many times before decided to get one in 10 ml size. Actually they have two moisturizer in Dewy Rose section : Gel and Cream. I have oily skin and always afraid with “cream” so yes, I went for Gel.

I bought mine in minimarket for IDR. 21,600. Not so cheap compared to it size, makes it IDR. 2,160/ml. Ugh. I haven’t read any review about it from anyone but blog endorser, so I start with zero expectation. I don’t even know how inside packaging look like!

product description
ingredient list (click to see larger)
The box is pretty pink, totally caught my eyes. Once its opened.. Not so. Jar inside looks cheap and off. Well.. Lets open it..

Wow, at least they put plastic separator inside! Good job.

Okay, I might have wrote it several times, how I almost expect nothing to product I tried. For this one, I just want a gel moisturizer I could use on daily basis with affordable price and easy to find locally. I think it would be like Secret Key Salt Fantastic Soothing Gel (reviewed here), more or little less. But no, it’s much more.
product on my hand, unblended

Since mine is small, 10gr size, I think I wouldn’t get any seen effect. But on 4th day, I looked at my mirror and think how bright and healthy my skin is. I did quick thought about latest skincare I tried (sometimes its hard to track, you know) and found Ponds.
My other latest skincare routine has Paula Choice 8% AHA gel too as newest member, but it was 10 whole days before Ponds. And I’ve seen how BHA and AHA both makes my skin looks better. But this time it was different. I look a tad fairer, and somewhat dewy too.
As for moisturizing aspect, its nice enough. And it doesn’t cause me breakout (lately, many product doesn’t). Being gel product, its light and comfort to wear, and has no coverage. As it might expected, it has soft rose scent which gone short after applied.

I appreciate Ponds great work for Dewy Rose Gel. I both enjoy applying and it’s effect. I would happily recommend it and repurchase (though I wish its somewhat cheaper, LOL).

However, since I currently reading Paula Begoun’s Original Beauty Bibble , I want to share what I think she might say about Ponds Dewy Rose Gel. She and her team haven’t do review about it on their web ( yet.
Please not that I currently reading, means I haven’t finish the book yet, my opinion is based on part I’ve read and some review they did on web and on other book titled Don’t Go to Cosmetic Counter without Me. Dont ever hesitate to correct me if i'm wrong :)

Ponds Dewy Rose Gel contains high amount alcohol denat (third on list) which is unfortunately, is drying in long term use. Theres also Perfume in middle of list, which is no need. And although it said to use Rose as main ingredient, its listed near the end of list. I wonder if it's Rose that work so well or Niacinamide, an ingredient that works to reduce redness.

Paula also think that jar packaging, though seems fancier, is not good for product it self. Contact with oxygen will degrade product’s quality beside it's not so hygienic.

Complete ingredient list and its function can be found at :

Be Smart, we can found many source on internet to help selecting product ^___^
.. in the end, will I repurchase it?
Yes, I love the effect. I am trying to balance it with better moisturizer at night.
But not for long term use. Maybe another full size jar (while I’m trying to find another product) and I will stop for some months.

If you have suggestion for me, please put on comment section below :)
Thank you, hopefully my post does help you :)

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