Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Swatched : Too Faced Romatic Eye Palette

Today, unlike usual, i'd post something old. It's still available in market, but i've sold mine so i don't think i will write about product review here since i don't think it's still reliable :p

Product : Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette
Price : $36
Discontinued : No

Here you are.. Super pretty packaging, very feminine, handy & travel friendly, complete with how-to-look card and the shadows inside seems so pretty in pan!

I'm intrigued, what is romantic eye?

According to Jarred Blandino, it's a palette to enchance your inner bride, bombshell or classic beauty, all with an ultra feminine touch.

Jarred Blandino is Too Faced's founder. And he loves to put the reason why a palette was created behind the product it self.

The eye shadows inside are divided into 3 section as usual : day, classic and fashion look. Each section has 1 big pan and 2 smaller pans.
Palette's size is the same with another cardboard palette from Too Faced.

Here's my swatches :

Both swatches are did in the same order :
1st row : soulmates, i do, un-veil
2nd row : kiss the bride, cut the cake, first dance
3rd row : bouquet toss, honey moon, ever after
(in my opinion, the shades name are getting more romatic from section to section :D)

I wouldn't write shades description here, since i don't really remember how they look like. but my faves are i do, honeymoon and ever after :)

As pictured said, some eye shadows are crazily pigmented, soft and buttery. But some elses are chalky, dry and powdery.

I love Too Faced's product design (especially this one) but it's not my favorite and i do think i have to many eye shadow so i let this one go.

Have you tried this? hope you love it more than i do! :)

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