Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Favorites : September 2013 Edition

Okay let's back to "traditional" post every first week of a month.
I spent last September only between home, my family's store, hospital (because my grandma was there) and my auntie's house (my grandma stay there since 2010). I wasn't meant wearing a lot of make up but they do what skincare can't do for a zombied-panda which what i used to be.

Here they're :

Hada Labo Lotion (toner) and Milk
i forgot to add my lotion in pict, but i got it as my favorites too. I tested Gokujyun series last month, and i added it into my faves.

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil (rollerball version)
It can help me with blemishes, acne scar, panda eyes, itch, iritation, etc. Basically, it's my helper. I've used 1/5 bottle last month alone.

Make Up
MAC got my love last september. I love their Pearlmatte face powder in Flatter Me (review & swatch here), which add color that i want, plus act as highlighter when needed ; Lip Liner in Boldly Bare, which i use alone or under the Drawn to Chic Lip Glass, and dont forget the pouch too! It's unpictured but you can read my review (together with lip liner and lip glass) here.

However, i am still loving my Benefit Hervana blush (review & swatch). It gives a pretty flush, makes me looks healthy and happy ^o^.

Seriously, if you're a blush addict, you need this Ecotools Blush Brush, no doubt.
It helps a LOT with soft blushes, blend very well, easy to clean, never shed and kinda cheap.. I think it's about $9 in
Totally holy grail, i need more for back up. Or maybe one for each blush? LOL!

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