Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish, a Pleasure in Tube

I think the title has explained everything.

Well, i always love the idea of combining your shower gel with scrub (or polish, you name it). I remember when i was a teenager, in Indonesia we have a shower gel with scrub from brand "Seventeen" which work wonders and affordable, i always have a stock in my bathroom until it's discontinued.

I used to tried to move into dry body scrub (called lulur in indonesian) but i truthfully, i hate waiting it to dried and hate it more to scrub. My usual method is using it to my wet skin, and not waiting til it's dry. This method works, but very impractical.

The day when i decided to purchase TBS's Body Polish will never forgotten.


I want to purchase the full size product but it was out of stock. I have to be happy with this travel size one (75ml) and it's retailed for idr. 89,000.

There's the ingredient list (click for enlarge)

So they're using Walnut shell powder and Kiwi seed as the main polish and add Strawberry juice (which also contained of seeds). It's also has Honey that prevent skin from over drying and add extra sweet scent to the product.

The tube is just nice, like any other tubes. I just love to pictured every angle of it.

Doesn't it looks like a strawberry squeze?
It's smell like one too!

 Again, the smell is amazing. If you're familiar to Body Shop's strawberry scent, it's even better because of the Honey. Very relaxing, comforting, pleasuring.. It's definately a LOVE.

And how about the cleaning side?
I haven't think that a shower gel could makes my skin very clean. I haven't found any dead skin after using my Strawberry body polish (unlike any other body scrub), even i never put too many pressure while using it. The scrub aren't harsh at all, even the big, black one.

Also because it's in gel form, it's easy to spread. I only need a small amount of product for everytime so i think it will last quite long.
My skin also loves it. It haven't makes my sensitive skin getting worse.

It's something that makes my day a day.
If only it's cheaper, i would be happier.. Tee-Hee!

Have you tried it? Do you loves it as i do? :)

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  1. I like your blog! Great post, I just recently tried a similar product that I received for free from Will buy this one next time!


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