Friday, April 4, 2014

The Revolution is Here! UD Revolution Lipstick is STREAKin in!

Besides than their Naked line, Urban Decay also well known for their Revolution lipstick. This is the new revolutionary version of their old weapon-shaped lipstick (i have one in Lovechild, reviewed here). Guess that new era is on?

This Revolution Lipstick is something that we should appreciate. In my own opinion, they're about the same level with Burberry Lip Velvet (my review for the one in Antique Rose is here). I mean, they both have pretty elegant packaging that screams luxury, pigmented, buildable and non drying formula. The difference are in price tag & scent. No offense here, i love the scent in Burberry's lip velvet. On the other hand, UD also win in staying power.

Well since it's not a comparison post, i will continue to talk about UD's.

 This babe is retailed for $22 in USA (about $236/oz). I have no idea how much does it cost in SouthEast Asia.

This pretty pwetty packaging doesn't need to be touch to know that it's definately a luxury. It's kinda weight, but acceptable.

 According to UD, Streak is a coral pink shade. Yes, it's pinker than "standard" coral shade.
This lipstick version doesn't as bright as the lip pencil.
 I really loves the UD embossed in the cap. Very pretty. 

 The shade in bullet is softer than the one in the box.

 It seems really pink on my arm swatch. It really is.
The color is buildable & it also will be brighter.

No lip swatch for today since my camera won't pink the right color.. Or maybe it's just my lips that being paler.

Simply said, i love it.
The amazing formula (it's NOT drying at all!) in such a pretty packaging.

ps. Which one do you think is better for a yellow toned, asian girl in her twenty-something? Naked? Naked2? Manic? Fiend? or maybe Strip?
ps2. i don't really like bright shade.

Thankyou! :)
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