Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Short Review and Swatch for Essie Time for Me Time (Resort 2015)

I don’t feel like 2015.
And suddenly January 2015 feels like long time ago, now as we just start another new month. Okay, it was this collection from Essie that makes me hit reality.

As long as I know, Resort collection from Essie usually launch in middle of year, when summer in Europe. That’s why they usually has bright neon color, to compliment summer, beach and brightness (correct me if I’m wrong). However Resort 2015 launched very early and their collection is range in basic color. I guess many of nail polish lover has coral (Stone n Roses), soft brown (Cocoa Karma), blue purple (Suite Retreat) and pearly white (Time for Me Time). Being a new nail polish junkie, I grab this collection because it seems fit into my daily use. I bought the sweet mini set btw, not full size one. I’ll review one by one though from now on I can tell you Cocoa Karma is my very favorite. I’ve uploaded some not-so-good-picture of it in my instagram : @taniaasvs.

Essie Time for Me Time font bottle

This mini bottle contains of 5ml of product. Since the bottle is long and square, you got illusion that you get more than you really is. But it’s okay, it’s really modest and chic.

Essie Time for Me time, sticker.
 Sweet! I love how Essie put a small sticker name under the bottle, it does help you recognize which are which.

Essie Time for Me Time's brush
 Essie’s brush is long and wide. Some said even regular size’s brush is too small for them, but I think brush in this mini size (because I don’t know if theres difference between regular and small size brush) fit me nicely. 

Essie Time for Me Time swatch under sun

Essie Time for Me Time swatch indoor (still so bright)

 Time for Me Time is pearly white, with slight pink iridescent in the bottle. On me, it’s pearly pinky white and much less shiny than it’s appearance in bottle. It’s really nice to daily basic and gives you something more than just plain white.
The texture is just right and spread well. It’s also self leveling. But Time for Me Time doesn’t mean to be opaque polish, with 2 layer I am still could see my nail line and all but it much better than OPI Bubble Bath who gives me very low coverage.

Lasting power is good, it could stay 5 days without chipping on me, the same as OPI polish. Here I use 2 layers and Innisfree Eco Quick Dry Multi Coat on top.

PROs :
Give you clean, modest nail for daily color palette
Easy to apply
Good lasting power
Self leveling

Cons :
Hard to get in Indonesia
Not so opaque
On expensive side

Thought it's not my favorite color but i appreciate it's texture and hey, it doesn't look so bad on me right?

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