Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Caring Colors Luxurious Perfecting Eye Shadow in Pink Wave

My second post in 2013 .. still about indonesian beauty product, yay!

.. another eye shadow palette, yes. I used to be decline to review the same type of product in a row, but this palette is different story. It was my Mom's. She left it in a make up bag she rarely use then forget about it. When i borrow that pouch for my holiday trip, i was surprise, this palette is so cute! With reflected pretty pink case, and so travel friendly! I bought this palette and fall in love in a sec.

oh ya, this palette is not in the perfect condition because it's not a new one, and it's been (almost) 2 years since it's been purchased.

The manufacturing date is august 2nd 2010, but i belive it's still in production.
Price is ranging from idr 50,000 to 70,000 (depend on where you buy & the promotion)

I think it's came with 2 brushes : a sponge tip and an eye shadow brush, but the tip isn't there anymore, so my Mom might lost it somewhere.

Pink and Silver made Caring Color's palette so beautiful. There's mirror and brushes, and 3 eye shadow's shade. This palette named "Pink Wave" for reason, the shades is ranging from dusty rose to white pearl. They're so easy to combine. For me, it's more complete if there's a dark brown color for my crease tip. Oh well, i can get it from different palette.

applied using Sigma Mrs. Bunny's pencil brush

applied using finger *grin*
(both are swatch-ed without primer)

My palette might be old, but the texture is still so good. It's pigmented, creamy, easy to blend, a lil bit powdery but no fall out and i got no irritation. So it's fine! ^^
(please don't try this for cream/liquid type of product)

shades :
Dusty Rose - i LOVE it, it's my new naked shade. It has satin finish.
Pearly Soft Pink - a soft pink shades i use to blend dusty rose shade.
Pearly White - a highlight color.

I like it more than Sariayu's eye shadow, it's less powdery even if it's less pigmented. It's worth trying if you love dusty rose shade (you can find 2 other shades in many other palette from many brand) because it's unique and hard to find. And it's better packaged too ;)

Have you try it? What do you think about it?


  1. jadi pengen dicoba...aku punya blushernya caring colors.. aku suka blushernya.. bagus juga.. ada reviewnya di blog aq hehe
    makasih reviewnya :)

    1. sama2 dear :)

      *mo liat2 review blushernya ah, pengen, hehe ..

  2. hi, I nominated you to the Liebster Award :)


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