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Coty Airspun Face Powder, Translucent Extra Coverage

Happy New Yeaar..

Well I’m gonna start my 2015 with a review of something I love. You know, having oily, sensitive and acne prone skin makes me tend to be picky with products. Thankfully my skin is getting better and from November 2014 I decided to use less product in my daily base. First thing that I cut-off is foundation. Not that I stop it at all, I do still have a tons of foundation, bb cream, tinted moisturizer (you name it) I need to finish. I just only use them when I think it’s un-appropriate for not using one. Back to the goal, if I’m reducing foundation, then what I’d need? Better loose powder of course.

First, I bought small amount sample of Nars Loose Powder (perhaps I’ll make individual post for it, perhaps not. Lets see). I think I like the medium coverage and lasting power but definitely not the price. USD is soo high nowadays and I don’t think I’d happy to use highly priced loose powder on daily basis even it’s in huge size. I hunted down for cheaper product, with as good quality. I found Coty.

In my narrow mind, I think Coty in USA is more or less like Marcks in Indonesia. Coty Airspun Face Powder, Translucent Extra Coverage is available in USA drugstore for about US $6.49 for 65g. HUGE. While in Indonesia, Marcks is about IDR 11,000 for 40g. Practically, Marcks is about US $ 1 for 40g. Much cheaper, and it’s main ingredient is Corn Starch, makes it better for acne prone skin. But in the other hand, it makes Marcks has far lesser lasting power. On Vintage side, Coty is formulated since 1935 while Marcks is old too (dunno the exact year, sorry).

Then why do I still choose Coty? No offense to Marcks, but I want something last long and match my skintone better.

coty airspun face powder, translucent extra coverage
 The packaging isn’t so much special. As I said, it’s big (about 3 inch wide and 1 ¼ inch thick) and hold 65g of product. Inside, there’s plastic separator and loose powder holes and a useless cotton “sponge”.

I pick “Translucent Extra Coverage” one, simply because it’s translucent (no shade confusion) and has extra coverage. In fact, Coty has better coverage than Nars Eden (shade I picked). Wonderful, right? 

Ingredients :
Talc, zinc stearate, magnesium carbonate, fragrance, mineral oil, lanolin, cetyl alcohol, imidazolidinyl, urea, methylparaben, propylparaben [may contain zinc oxide, titanium oxide, iron oxides, D&C red no 30 aluminium lake, FD&C yellow no.5 aluminium lake]

The ingredient is a little bit against my usual pick, though. Well.. I was trying to pick anything else, even from higher brand and found they’re more or less has cons in my mind. So yeah, I still pick Coty. Thankfully, it’s doing well. If it doesn’t though, it’s cheap enough to throw out.

I think it's a useless sponge. It's too fluffy, too light to pick up anything.
It's main job is to keep powder falling to closure everytime i bring them out (which is rarely).

 Here you can see how it's doing. Only a few amount of powder staying.

Coty's packaging compared to Real Technique's buffing brush

another comparison of Coty's packaging and Real Techniques Buffing brush

swatch on my inner arm

swatch on my inner arm, another lightning
When product opened, you’ll spot on it’s fragrance. No wonder, fragrance is 4th in ingredient list. The scent last until about 5 minutes after application. Strong, yes, you might won’t to put your face near anyone in the waiting time. I kinda like the scent, though.

As many said, you can’t ask about oil control properties to those with dry skin. But I have normal-oily skin which sometimes going to be very oily so I can help you here. Oil control is great. It doesn’t makes you look deadly matte though. Just some pretty girl with not oily skin. Nice!

Combining these kind : long lasting, good coverage and great oil control makes this product a staple in my daily life. I do depot some little amount to smaller container for easier use. Don’t forget to bring a retractable brush for touch up purpose in your make up bag.

PRO’s :
Great coverage
Lovely oil control
Lasting power is great
Translucent, no shade confusion
Long last (65 g of product, hellow?)

CONs :
Not easy to find in Indonesia
Strong fragrance
Useless “sponge”
Bulky packaging

So, do you think you need Coty in your life? If yes, I can help you here. Check my instagram @Primafacie_Corner to buy any beauty product you want, ready stock ^____^
.. And if you want to follow my blog’s instagram : @taniaasvs. I currently love doing manicure so you can see some swatch here and there.

Thanks for reading, hopefully you find something helpful here :)

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