Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sleek Rose Gold, review & swatches :)

how was your day?
i was finding out i got allergic again, and sadly, i dont know what kind of food allergy i got today. I didn't eat anything weird or unusual, but i found some allergic reaction on my left and right hand :(

last year, i used to have allergic reaction to eggs, any food which contains of eggs made my legs got some itchiness, but i was healed and everything going fine again.. until today T____T

i wish i could be better soon ..

and today, i will write some review and swatch of sleek Rose Gold.
some say it's a dupe of the famous Nars O.
i've read many many reviews and swatch about their comparison, and i thought Rose Gold is a good choice since it's more pigmented, and cheaper.

here's the packaging, sleek and sturdy black case, but there's no shade name in front of packaging. They wrote it behind packaging.
and there's no box for sleek blushes, it's only covered with a clear plastic that fit the packaging.

there's the shade name, along with the ingredients and company's information.
It's contains 8g or 0.27 oz of product which is a very very good value for the price.
I think it's only usd 5.99 usd in sleekmakeup
But if you want to get it from indonesian online store, it's cost about 110.000 idr.

sleek doesn't provided it with any brush.
I'm not complaining since brushes that provided are mostly unable to use, and it helps to make the packaging smaller and thinner.

the shade is seems peachy and no duo chrome effect could detected from it.
Rose Gold also doesn't contains of any fragrances and the ingredients also doesn't makes any fragrance (like Suede).

and here's some swatches ..

using indoor light

Once it's blended, it's a little bit harder to detect the duo chrome effect, the heavily swiped swatch provide better effect.
but who want to wear blush that heavy in their cheeks? LOL

and here's i'm using natural, outdoor light.

It's quite harder to see the golden sheen since it's transform into glitter under the sunlight. You can always tap the brush before swipe it on your cheeks if you want less shimmer.

It's such a pretty shade in my opinion, but sadly, it's doesn't match my skintone. Seems like i have no luck to peachy pink shade, i'm seems better using plummy pink shade or coral shade.

i never wear it more than 4 hours so i don't really know how long it would stay on cheeks, but as far as i know, sleek blushes has long staying power (probably 8-9 hours and still there).

pro's :
sleek, sturdy packaging
travel friendly
cheap price
good value of money
pretty shade
no fragrance detected

cons :
it's not easy to get it in Indonesia
no brush provided (i'm not complaining, just saying)

Overall, i like it.. but i've just found my self rarely use it, so maybe i'll put it in my blogsale section :)

thanks for reading anyway ..


  1. Hey nice review. I've never bough anything from Sleek but their products look really good. My day has been slow...having pretty bad sleeping schedule get and waking up too late but I'm already done school. I'm allergic to my rabbit which is annoying since it's my pet and I have to pet it lol.

  2. you have to give them a try, so lovely and cheap price for great quality products.

    aaah i also get bad sleeping scedule, and i always woke up before my alarm ring, shortly, lack of sleep :(

    i planned to get sleep early tonight ..

    ooh you have rabbit? i love them, so cute and fluffy ~

    sadly i can't pet them since they would die here, it's too hot for them :(

    i guees your place is cold enough for rabbit's life? lovely!

  3. Yes I do. It's 9 years old lol and it's a dwarf rabbit so it's not a giant rabbit lol. XD I live in Canada.

  4. 9 years old?!??!


    a friend of mine have a very big rabbit, it's about 5 y.o and i think it's too old for a rabbit, and you have 9y.o's? awesome!

    i wonder if i could visit canada in this life time :lol:


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