Sunday, October 14, 2012

Burt Bee's Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

What are you looking in a lip balm?
Soothing lips, moisturizing, prevent from drying (err still, moisturizing), maybe good scent, untasted and not sticky, no taste, not glossy (i'll use lip gloss if i want it glossy).

all i can find in Burt Bee's lip balm with pomegranate oil :)

My lips is rarely chapped, and when it does, most of the time it will heal easily. But when it doesn't, i need lip balm to help. I used to buy maybelline's, i don't remember it's name but it's sticky .. disturbing me and even it tasted, yuck. I've gave it to my mom, but she doesn't like it too, so i throw it away.

Burt Bee's lip balm is kinda pricey for me, i got it for about idr 40,000 while Maybelline's is only idr 19,000, like another indonesian drugstore's lip balm. I know, it's 2 times more expensive, but also, it brings quality the others doesn't have.

Like another Burt Bee's product, this Lip Balm is made from natural ingredients, which mean it doesn't last long like another lip balm, but in another safe, it's more safe. It's also cruelty free and recycle-able.

What is Pomegranate Oil anyway?
Pomegranate seed oil is an extremely rich and nutritious oil, which may be used for internally or externally for its cosmetic and medicinal properties. Pomegranate seed extract and juice have been popular lately for their anti-oxidant properties, and pomegranate seed oil is proving to be even more beneficial. Not only does pomegranate seed oil contain high levels of anti-oxidants that fight free radicals and skin aging, but the oil is also a potent source of punicic and ellagic acids. Because of these properties, pomegranate seed oil is used to heal, protect, and moisturize dry, cracked, mature, and irritated skin, bring elasticity back to the skin, and for eczema and other skin problems.

The word "replenishing" means "to make is complete (again)" so it's really good using pomegranate oil in a lip balm that aimed to replenishing lips. I love your concept, Mr. Bee!

Oh what it's looks like?

here it is!

claimed 100% natural.
0.15oz or 4.25 g of product.
(image is click-able so you can read the ingredients list yourself ^^)

note the size

it's looks red in tube, but it's clear.. i've tried to swatch it on my arm, and there's no color appear.
and here it's on my lips :

no color, no gloss, not sticky, untasted, smell good (herbal minty scent) and could heal my dry lips in short time.

Would you repurchase it?
yes, i love almost everything in it, just sometimes the scent is going a lil bit disturbing .. 
and sometimes i can't screw it back (i always find this problem in a lip balm, or it's just me?) but i can solve it. I only screw my balm a lil bit, really few screw, just to make me able to use it, and close without screw it back. Solved!
Overall, it's very berry good!


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  2. Wow! This looks like a great product to try out. I used to have chapping lips especially when the weather is too cold so I guess this is the product that can help me with this problem.

    1. it would!

      my lips getting very dry after using nyx's soft matte lip color, i use this lip balm twice and it's better <3

      love it sooo much XD

  3. I've heard many good things about burt's bees yet I haven't gotten a chance to try it myself, hehe. thanks for the review, and thanks for mentioning about nature's republic pure aloe vera gel, I'm gonna check that one out! ^-^

  4. absolutely love it! this is my HG lip balm, been using it for a year... so far blom nemu lip balm yang se-moist burt's bee, quickly healing my chapped lips, dan wanginya enak.. :)

    1. price wise, lip balm BB paling bagus buat harga segitu.. ga tau deh kalo dibandingin sama jack black's .. hehe..

  5. Not forgetting the body, the Village has hairdressers and beauty therapists. >>> Pomegranate Oil <<<

  6. I love this product! anyway, ini kalo di indonesia beli dimana yak?

    1. hi, sorry baru reply.. beli di online shop, dear :)

  7. Burt Bee's lip balm is kinda pricey for me, i got it for about idr 40,000 while Maybelline's is only idr 19,000, like another indonesian drugstore's ...

    1. ehm.. i dont get it, please resend your comment.. not the one with my words copied unless it's needed.


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