Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Mellow Wine, review & swatch

Happy Sunday Morninggg ~

If you live in USA or Europe, you might already familiar with Wet n Wild. But Wet n Wild (aka WnW) is just opened in Indonesia in early November .. In case you're curious, there's a swatch of WnW color icon blush in Mellow Wine.

My first impression was surprise because it's HUGE (actually, it's 4g of product) and i can't help to choose it as the first one i opened from the kit**. Yeah you know how i love blush!

The good thing about clear packaging is you can easily see how pretty the insider is, especially if it's beautifully embossed like this one. But in another side, when the beautifullness faded, it's seems ugly from outside >.<"

Since WnW has just opened their store in Indonesia, i'm not surprise that their products are still labelled with instead of

 And like another blushes, this blush will expired 12 months after opened. Kindly google for "how to sanitize your make up" so it can last longer :)

I think brush included is made from natural hair, but i dont really know. It pick up pigments quite well, but i will only use it for travelling.

note the size, ladies ;)

it's small but angled, like the one from benefit hervana (will review it someday, OMG) but it's black and has Wet n Wild name embossed.

I've walk through WnW's website for USA, UK and Indonesia (of course) but i can't find any shade description. So, according to my own description, it's a pink dusty rose with sheen finish.

The first time i swatch it, i don't think i'd love it because it's look like "another pink blush", right? But it's different! I don't know, maybe because it's neutral toned, it's just give me a natural flush i hardly get from another pink blushes i own. I even think it would match any skintone!

As another greatness, it's also blendable and doesn't oxydize on me. The staying power is also great, it's stay about 9 hours on me, but in hot weather it would faded easier since i have a very oily skin. It's understand-able though.

PRO's :
pretty shades
affordable price (according to it's 89,000 idr for 4g product, exclude shipping)
doesn't oxydize
good staying power
blendable (how i LOVE easy to blend blush!!)
no fragrance

CON's :
non sturdy packaging
only 2 shades available in indonesia
no mirror included
no ingredient list (but they said it's dermatologist tested)
not very travel-friendly, a lil bit bulky and brittle.

For a 89,000 idr blush, i think it's really great. Truthfully, these days sometime high price can't give you too much guarantee.

What do you think about it? Will you get it? ;)

** PR sample, i give you my honest opinion though.


  1. So pretty! Looks like a very versatile blush... the kind that goes well with any eye makeup. By the way I'm a bit jelly of you, haha. I didn't receive any blush in my kit. Bummer.

    1. oh ya, it's really pretty. I absolutely adored it .. haha ..

      i think they sent random items, i got eye palette, blush, nail polish and lip gloss. Haven't open any other yet, just this pretty blush X))

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  3. It is still pricy comparing to the walmart and that only purchase $2.99 for one item. I hope wet n wild Indonesia will get cheaper and cheaper lol.
    I got mine Rp 44.500,- from with 50% coupon code they gave. So freakin' happy! :D

    1. oh ya, of course it's still cheaper to get it from usa's site.

      but considering it's really fragile (i got mine in pearlescent pink arrived in pieces) i think it's nice to get it from indonesian official store ;)


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