Friday, June 10, 2016

Coloring Books that I Want

I'm really into coloring these days. 
I currently working on Inspiration Bollywood (very intricate, the lines are mostly thin and leave few room for blending and demanding for sharp pencil. Take it if you love mandalas and Bollywood inspired things) and Forbidden Forest which i think only available in Indonesia. It's some sort of mixing between Johanna Basford's Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden, and Jerome Meyer's Around the World, and another Indonesian coloring book titled Bunga (flower).

Even i was just finished less than 10 pages from each book *i know!*, i've been craving for more.. So ridiculous!

Here they are :

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
I am not really into classic story, but i managed to read pride and prejudice once. Doesn't like the story much, but when someone translated it into coloring book.. I'm impressed!
There's some other coloring book based on classical story, and i wish for more in future!

Johanna Basford's Magical Jungle and Christmas Book
Technically, it's two title but should be just fine, coming from the same author.
Both haven't even released but been filled my mouth with water when i saw the preview..

Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta
It's one of the must have, i think, along with the classical Secret Garden by Basford.

Joyous Blooms to Color by Eleri Fowler
Not a must have, but i like to see cheery cover and after peeking the inside, it's seems good.

Underwater Treasure by Famiya & Hayata
It's another compilation book, just like my Forbidden Forest (also by Famiya & Hayata).
I've been take a look inside it and i think it meet my need to ocean coloring.

To justify my 'need', of course i need to do more more more coloring with the books i have. Wish me luck!

PS. to see some of my handywork, you can check on instagram tag #TaniaLearnToColor

non affiliated amazon link :
Inspiration Bollywood 

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