Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Review Baviphat Strawberry Toxifying Mask

hello readers & co-bloggers!
this evening i found out my face look so un-happy, sad and full of worry. I dont know why, maybe because i have a lot things to think and i spent too little time to feed my soul.

I decided to try my new Baviphat Strawberry Toxifying Mask i've got last week. Since i've got breakout last week (because of stress i think), i use my Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask and forget about the others. But now it's the time. I almost get the acne out and i need something to refresh my mind. Stawberry scent sounds great. But why 'toxifying'? I think they means 'DeToxifying' but named it wrong. It's okay as long it wont toxifying my skin.

Well, here it is.
cute, right? i LOVE those colors!

back side. Maybe there's an ingredient list, but since i can't ready korean, i can't write any of it here.

dont you think it's cute? looks like a strawberry trying to get out from the packaging ^^,

like another baviphat fruit mask, this one also come with a small plastic spoon to help you keeping the mask from dirt

it's very small! i need to scoop 2-3 times to get enough mask to cover my entire face

see? it's clay mask, not creamy mask

i tried to apply it in my hand. It's pink-ish, powdery pinkish and dried after 5 minutes.

Product Description 
This deep cleansing wash-off clay mask helps to tighten pores, control sebum and give relief to troubled skin.  It contains strawberry extract (sebum control and acne prevention) and a lot of fruit acids abundant in Vitamin C that can remove dead skin cells and tighten pores.  Antoxidants to prevent skin problems will reveal bright and clear skin whilst simultaneously helping to stave off the effects of ageing, such as enlarged pores as well as troubled skin problems.
Size:  130g

How i use it :
first, i clean up my face using cleansing oil and cleansing foam (because i'm not gonna wash my face again using cleansing foam after using this mask) and i use my toner, then apply the mask. I wait until 25 minutes and wash it using water and pat a cotton with toner to my face.

My Personal Thought :
I like this! It has a sweet strawberry scent, even if some bloggers reviewed it has sour strawberry scent, but it's sweet enough for me. It help to dry my blemishes and tighten my large + clogged pores. My face not brightening after i used this, but it does seems happier. People with oily skin would love it more that they with dry skin, because it does controlling my sebum.
But i saw some whitehead after i used it, is it contains of any ingredients that might causing whitehead?? ooh my ~~ but since i have many many skincare product that might causing me get whiteheads, it's still okay. I'll find another way to get rid those whiteheads. A nose pack, maybe?

Pro(s) :
  • very cute packaging
  • sweet strawberry scent, help me to relax
  • tighten my pores <3
  • do what it promised
  • 130g will work for a years or more :D

Con(s) :
  • whitehead, whitehead, whitehead
  • hard to blend
Rating : 3.2/5

Repuchase? i think NO .. i will get bored after finishing 130g of mask and will find another mask to try! :D


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  1. The texture looks good!
    I have the peach one before for exfoliating, its such a lovely product! :D


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