Friday, November 4, 2011

The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam : Mung Beans

this is a review of a very helpful cleansing foam i've ever met (even if it's not the perfect one, well nobody's perfect right?) Let me introduce you to :

The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam : Mung Beans

Size : 170ml

Explanation in behind :
Formulated with clarifying, exfoliating Mung Bean extract, this mild botanical foaming cleanser iluminates and softens skin."

Directions :
Add water and work into a rich foam. Gently massage over your face and rinse throughly.

Ingredients :
water, myristic acid, potassium hydroxide, butylene glycol,glycerin, stearic acid, lauramide dea, ceteareth-20, glycol distearate, vigna radiata extract, peg 40 stearate, water (and) salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract (and) aspalathus linearis extract (and) lilium candidum flower extract (and) anthemis nobilis flower extract (and) borago officinalis extract (and) centaurea cyanus flower extract, perfume, water (and) saponaria officinalis extract (and) aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) bark extract (and) alchemilla vulgaris extract, disodium edta, methylparaben, carica papaya (papaya) fruit extract, citrus grandis (grapefruit) peel extract, propylparaven, salix nigra (willow) bark extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, caramel.
May contain : yellow 5 (CI 19140), blue (CI 42090)

i know it contains Paraben, i dont know the dosage of course but i think it's still okay since it's hard to get off all the paraben's product from my or my family's life and we're all okay using paraben's product for long time (knock-knock on the wood~). Next time i will try to reduce it, but not now.

I never use a korean cleansing foam before, i always prefer to use cleansing foam i can easily found. But when the SA from Colormix in Lam Tien, Hongkong, told me that they got special price for TFS's herb day cleansing foam, i added it to my cart as fast as can be. I bought it for only 30 HKD or IDR 33,000! Very cheap!

Colormix's SA said that if i need help to solve my blemish problem, i can choose between mung beans and acerola, so i chose the Mung Beans since it claimed 'Soften rough skin' while Acerola said 'Clarifies dull skin'. Well, for me soften is more important.

Sadly, i am NOT trying this while i am still in Hongkong, when the super cheap price available. In TFS Indonesia, they sell it for IDR 129,000 and in TFS Singapore for around IDR 75,000. Pricey, eh? But suprice-ly, i could got a cheap price if i buy it from pre-order shop, who buy it directly from Korea. Not as cheap as the first one i bought (the 33 HKD one) but still cheap compared to Face Shop's official stores in Indonesia.

First time i tried it is when i'm already home. I am so impressed, with just a small pea amount, i can get a clean face and radiant skin. Wow. And it came in 170ml tube size. Low price, big amount and just a small size can help you got what you want! I thought it because mung bean has a power to deep cleaning without scrub, which i love since scrub always break me out.

Everytime i remember to use toner/astringent after washing my face using it, i never found a residue in my cottonball. Means it really clean my face as well. And after one week, i found out that my blemishes already be slighter. I dont know it because of my cleansing foam or my Hiruscar (not yet reviewing it). But at least, i guess my cleansing foam help my hiruscar's job by softly exfoliating my skin so skincares i used after it can be easily absorbed.

Many reviews said it easily to get small pimple when use it, i did got small pimple everytime i used it, but only in first week or two. It still fine, because i always get pimple, and sometimes it even breakout. So 1 small pimple is not a big problem for me.

Good Things about it :

  • Cheap, a pea size could already work all over your face.
  • Came in 170ml tube size, big size!
  • Never leave a residue
  • Exfoliating without scrub
  • Do what it claims
  • Smells good, nothing like mung beans, but not bad.
  • Easy to blend with water
  • Not drying my skin, it's glowing but matte. Got no worries using it everyday.
  • Cute packaging, i love the mung beans pict. Like a sketch but not.
  • Good enough to clean my eye liner

Bad Things about it :

  • So expensive here in Indonesia (not really bad, online store can help with it)
  • There's only one TFS store in Bali (i just found out it today), in Mall Bali Galeria
  • contains paraben, if you wont use any paraben's product, well it's out of your range.
  • might cause you get small pimple(s) in the first 2 weeks.
  • inable to clean sunblock

My Ratings :
4.5 out of 5.

i already have 1 tube extra. And the tube i use is still quite full even i've use it everyday since july.
After it, who knows? :p

i bought this one with my own money :)


  1. Thanks! Your review was really helpful!!:D you can try buying from gmarket? I think it's cheaper there..

  2. I've been using this for about a year for now. I like how it makes my face feel softer and less oily. I'm planning to buy another tube from qoo10 again now that mine is finishing.

    1. Wow, really nice. I've been tried many cleansing foam after this. This one is remarkable but now I stick to Himalaya neem facial foaming wash.

      Not that I don't like this one, but I am trying to safe more money hahaha


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