Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Coming! Sleek Me, Myself & Eye ♡

I always happy whenever i get my package (even if i bought it my self) but this one made me happier than others. It's my first Sleek palette!

i'm too happy and thrown the newspaper layer in the outside. This is the second layer, huge bubble!

and the third layer, brown scotch they usually use for packing the cardboard.

another bubble wrap :

.. finally! the box! Doesn't it's cute? The red box always attracting me!

The Palette :

Insider :

Swatch :
i'm not good on swatch-ing colors, but i tried.

The first row (L-R) : primal green, pink beret, simply red, salt n peppermint, black box and barry white
it's a kind of hard to make the pink beret appears in my skin. 2-3 layers maybe, but it's worth. It's easier when i use my etude proof 10 eye primer.

the second row (L-R) : golden silvers, lilac allen, chris de burgundy, supernova, blue monday and fade to grey
i dont understand why the beautiful lilac allen won't stay in my eyelids, it's becoming silver only (shimmer only) after 2 hours, without primer. How could you? :(

description :
1. Barry White is the shimmery off white
2. Black Box is the matte black
3. Salt ‘n’ Peppermint is the matte simple blue
4. Simply Red as it name, is simply red matte
5. Pink Beret is the matte soft pink in a nude range
6. Primal Green is warm sparkly green with gold glitter
7. Fade To Grey is shimmery silver
8. Blue Monday is shimmery dark blue-green
9. Supernova is matte grey-brown
10. Chris De Burgundy is matte plum
11. Lilac Allen is shimmery warm lilac
12. Golden Silvers is sparkly gold

my favorite colors are :
1. Supernova
2. Primal Green
3. Pink Beret
4. Blue Monday

Pro's :
it's limited edition, get it or loose it.
heloooo, IDR 150,000 and you can get 12 beautiful pigmented eye shadow? take it!
i love those colours ♡
it's sleek, easy to carry.
no need to use primer except it's necessary

Con's :
the sponge tip double side brush, can i get something different?

Rating : 4.5 of 5


  1. I read so many reviews about Sleek and really wanted to try it sometimes, hope to see you wear it next time.

    Anyway, cheers, I'm your new follower ^^

    see you,

  2. Hi Moudy, thanks for reading! ^^
    I'm waiting for another sleek palette : storm and oh so special, they're seems very good to me. I'll do some fotd later, if my skill already good enough :D

    Cheers :)
    Will visit yours after I meet my pc ^^


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