Monday, January 2, 2012

Review Etude House Happy Bee Hand Cream and My First Etude Product

As a korean product-lovers, i wouldn't miss this brand. And truthfully, etude is the first korean product i've tried. I think Etude (the name they use before changed it into Etude House/EH) is the first korean brand that went into Indonesia and put some of their branch here.

My first etude product is this Etude Skin Drink Aqua Lotion #1 (for oily skin).

i bought it in 2007 and it doesn't work well on me, it's always causing me got small pimple everytime i used it. I give it a chance and use it for 3 months *stupid me* before stopped it. A friend of mine said maybe it because of alcohol it has, but i dont know, another product-with-alcohol works fine on me.

Forget about it, i now use some of EH products, such as Wonder Pore Freshner (will review it later), Proof 10 Eye Primer (will review it later), Lovely Cookie Blusher (will review it later) and the cute hand cream : Happy Bee!

They came in four, with their own story :
★ Queen Bee - Rose
★ Yellow Bee - Acacia Honey
★ Ladybug - Chesnut
★ Baby Bee - Baby Citrus Powder

Four of them contains of Honey and Shea Butter which is aimed to moisturising and nourishing. They also using Hypoallergenic Formula, does not contain Paraben, Ethanol, Sulfate or Color Dyes and using organic formula.

i used to in love with the Queen Bee (my name means "queen" in russian) but the yellow bee has attract me more than his queen!

i got it with box, but it's arrived in a very bad condition, so i wont take picture of it .. so sad .. :(

here's Yellow bee suppose to be seems :

and here is the actual item :

It came with plastic packaging, the same with missing bee series i guess.




the texture is between cream and balm. I only need a few amount for my chapped fingers, and it will be soft again. My fingers is not that bad, but yeah some of them chapped and happy bee hand cream can help a little bit to make it better. It's also stay in my finger after i wash using water (only water, no soap)it for the first time. But for the second time, it's gone.

It does help, and the acacia smell is not bothering me. I'm feel happy smelling a sheer scent of it during work.

The last pic i took for comparison only. I wasn't have any idea to what compare it with, and when i saw my peach sake pore serum, i decided to compare them. Peach sake pore serum came with 45ml cream and the happy bee with 30g cream. For sure, the packaging is too big for 30g cream, but it's also too cute. Everyone staring me if i used it in public area. Tee-hee!

Function : 3/5
Packaging : 4.5/5
Price : 3/5
Repurchase :
hard to say but no, i'm looking for another hand cream, maybe the body shop's.


  1. yo la compre en en mexico

  2. ihh lucuu bangeet packagingnya, jadi pengeen >.<, btw I love your blog dear, klo bs visit n polbek blog q yaa xD
    km dr bali juga ? heheh aq lihat listmu di bali IBB ^^ lam kenal yaa


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