Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Skinfood Peach Sake Pore Serum, you needed!

It's been so long before i write another post again. What a lazy me .. -.-"

The Product

Skinfood says :
Peach Sake Pore Serum: Enriched with vitamin C serum that contains peach and sake extracts. Tightens pores and controls excess sebum.

Peach Sake Pore Serum is another skinfood highly raved item, suits oily skin so much because it's really does help to control oil and a little bit moisturizing at same time. And yes, it does tightening my pores but only when i'm using it. After it, my pores appears like usual. Sometimes i think it's tighten my pores too much, makes my faces looks like dehydrated or something. So even if this product can be use alone without any moisturizer (emulsion), i still need emulsion to make my skin looks better.

Skinfood packages it in a cute glass bottle contains 45ml of product, with a very nice pump head. The cap looks like made from wood but they're not. It's plastic with wood texture outside. Overall, i like this packaging but not really adore it. I was wondering what would i do if it's near the end? open the pump head?

The product inside is a white lotion which turn into transparant in face. In my own opinion, it has a nice smell like peach and sake (because a sheer alcohol scent i smell) that not disturbing me.

In the other hand, i dont really get their mind to put some shimmer on it. Well, it's not a strong shimmer, i even notive it in 3rd or 4th times i used it, they left on my fingers and makes me questioning where did i got that shimmer.

Price and Where To Get It
i bought it for IDR 110,000 from korean online shop. Maybe in counter they're more expensive but since my city doesnt have skinfood counter, i can not tell you how many it cost in counter.

Pros :
very good oil control
good to use as primer
moisturizing enough without emulsion
pump head (at least it's easier to come it out, doesnt like another skinfood emulsion)
seems like product never end, lot of product inside3.9 ou
good price

Cons :
tighten your skin more than you mean
the shimmers
bulky, it takes to much place in my make up pouch (but not in my skincare pouch)

My Rate : 3.9 out of 5


  1. Thank you for the review, my face is really oily.. But, you wrote it only tightens our pores when we apply it >_< it doesn't improve our pores then in my opinion....

  2. i think if it's tighten my skin more than i mean it's because i use too much of it .. *LoL

    i'm not sure it doesn't or does reduce my pores, i use many product for it. But yeah, at least when i use it, it helps me :)

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