Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Etude Lovely Cookie Blush, review & swatch

night, Ladies ..

i am finally got Indonesian Beauty Blogger certification, i am qualified now! that's why i finally add IBB's logo on my sidebar(⌒▽⌒) *dance dance*

Truthfully, i want to celebrate with a review of indonesian product, but i haven't edit those pictures (i have tons of pic on my waiting list) so let's do with this one o(`ω´*)

Let me introduce you to my very first blush on .. Etude Lovely Cookie Blush # 03, but this is the old one. I bought it about 2 years ago, still very good until now *emotionally sigh-ing* .. i only do it with powder form product, if it's cream or liquid, i am sure i've thrown it away! hahaha ..

My sister, who never ever ever have her own make up product (dont even care to get one) once let me do her make up before she go to her friend's birthday party. And she was shocked when she saw my blush, she scream, "can't you get a normal blush like another people do?!?" .. i laughed, "what's wrong? what's normal blush color?" and she said, "pink of course!" haha .. But she let me put this un-normal blush color to her cheeks, not weird of course ;)

it's might old, but still very very pretty.
The design is still the same with the new one, and still, like etude usually do with their product, a princessy design .. ❤ 

This case is made from plastic. The top part is clear so we can see what's inside while the bottom part is colored close to blush's color. In this case, carrrot's orange.

Since it's an old blush, it's also use the old number. As long as i remember, when i purchased this, there's only 3 colors available : soft pink, pink and orange. I purchased the orange one, number 3 (ノ´∀`*)ノ

Etude also provided a cute soft puff to use with this cute blush. So, no weird blush brush now, it's puff ~

~ closer look to pan ~

i rarely, really really rare using it. You're still able to see the matrix on the border side.. not because it's unpretty, but because i was just start my blush-on junkiness on April i think .. before it, blush is so not my kind of thing .. hahaha ..

For me, this shade is between pink, coral and orange .. I am not very good describing color, but it has lots of pink to be orange blush, while there's also lots enough orange to make it out of pink blush range. And it's not coral thought. It has soft micro shimmer which provides fresh look in my opinion. Matte blush is not my favorite this time..

The best thing about Etude Lovely Cookie Blush i own is it's not oxydize, the color remains the same in fourth hour after i applied. It's not very long last thought, but it's okay to bring it aroung since it's travel friendly and accomodate with a soft puff to apply. It's blendable so puff is just more than enough.

For me, it's 3.5 out of 5.

i am not pay enough attention to the new etude lovely cookie blush, but i think it's close to # 05 (apricot pudding) than 04 (carrot cheese cake).. or maybe in between ..

do you have etude lovely cookie blush?
what do you think of them?

thanks for reading, and follow me if you like ^^


  1. congrats! i love orangy blush, it makes my cheeks sun-kissed

  2. Blusher juga juga cenderung ke orange dan peachy gitu, lebih suka aja.



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