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Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask and Overnight Vitalizing Mask

I rarely use any mask this days, mostly because I’m too lazy for whole process. I hate to go washing my face just for back and wash my face again. But it turns that Sulwhasoo got a hype for their Clarifying and Overnight Vitalizing Mask which i think would be amazing for my skin condition. And by that, here’s my skin condition :
  • Occasional break out
  • Normal-oily on most part, but crazily dry on eyes area.
  • Acne scars (red mark, bumpy skin)
  • Redness
  • Large pores

I bought both product on sample size (largely available on ebay, amazon, tester korea, qoo10, Korean depart, etc) because at first, I’m not sure where I’m jump into and full size product would hurt my wallet badly.

 Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask, 50 ml size (full size is 150 ml)
Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask 30 ml (full size is 120 ml)

Both are in plastic tube that really looks like full size product. While Overnight Vitalizing Mask 100% like full size tube, Clarifying Mask in sample size is a tad different. Make sure you get the original one.

What Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask claims to :
  • This unique honey-textured treatment is formulated with Solomonseal Powder to absorb impurities
  • Japanese Honeysuckle hydrates, smooths, and brightens
  • Powerful blend of Korean medicinal herbs exfoliates and purifies for a clearer complexion

What Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask claim to :
  • Walnut extract creates an essential moisture layer on the skin, promoting optimal absorption of nourishing ingredients
  • White mulberry extract minimizes redness and irritation
  • Hyaluronic Acid promotes long-term hydration, restoring and revitalizing skin overnight

The Beauty Wolf has stated that how her skin get much better with these two use in a row. Basically, you do double cleansing, put moisturizer, continued with Clarifying Mask, let it stay for 30 minutes then peel the mask off. After that, apply Overnight Vitalizing Mask. According to the website, both are meant to use at night time.

product fresh from tube


As I stated, Clarifying Mask is peel-off mask.
The one that you put in your face, let it dry and peel them off. I saw many girls successfully peel the whole piece all together, but it never happen to me. That’s still okay though, you get no score by that, ha! *sorry for my competitive self*

Before application, do your usual skincare basic with toner and moisturizer. Wait them to dry first, then continue. When applying, make sure you put lots enough. Too thin application makes it hard to peel but thicker application means more product to use. Told ya it’s not cheap, and using more doesn’t mean you’d get better result.

Like any other sulwhasoo products I’ve tried, it has Sulwhasoo’s trademark herbal scent. I love this scent, found it enjoyable and relaxing (I even think it smells like Satay sauce the first time). If you don’t like it, then it might bother you the whole time because it’s stay long.

The texture is much like thick Honey. It is thick and kinda fast drying. I suggest to apply it fast, using no more than 2 fingers because it would stick.

While peeling of, try to peel from your forehead, down to your jaw. It suppose to make sure it does picking your pores problem. As opposite, after cleaning up, massage your face downside up. 

ready to peel..
peeled off
Result after application :
  • Right after application, my skin just feel okay. My pores seems kinda smaller and I’m paler by application stage. Nothing marvelous.
  • The next morning (whether using Overnight Treatment Mask after or another product, usually moisturizer) my skin seems GREAT. My pores sink, my skin seems brighter and my acne scar less, much less scary. The effect last 2-3 days.

Have I told you this product is my new holy grail? No? IT IS!

Overnight Vitalizing Mask, in the other hand, is a creamy sleeping mask.
The kind that you put after all skincare regime to seal, and left it for a whole night long. My tour guide in Korea told me it was invented for lazy Korean. But some said, it just another name for night cream. Whatever.

Normally, I’d use Overnight Vitalizing Mask with Clarifying Mask. I use it in several ways :
  • First, in eye area before Clarifying Mask, after toner, moisturizer and eye cream. So it’s like adding extra moisturizer to eye area. In other parts, I put it after peeling off my Clarifying Mask and left it til the next morning.
  • Second, in some confuse days, it added after Paula Choice 2% BHA Liquid (or Clear Regular/Strength Exfoliant, whichever you prefer to). I’d wait for 20-30 minutes til my BHA “works” then add Overnight Vitalizing Mask. Actually, I think it’s unnecessary in normal days, but in drier days, I prefer this way.

Please note that Overnight Vitalizing Mask is HEAVY. The cream took time to sink in, and feels heavy on skin *its heavy heavy on my normal-oily skin* and suggested to use only twice a week. It has Sulwhasoo’s trademark scent but less offensive than Clarifying Mask.

At first, I think it’s a cheaper option for my expensive Ginzeng Renewing Cream (haven’t write about that, sorry!) but hell, no. Ginzeng Renewing Cream is much better. It can be use anytime, any place, with better result and less allergic problem. My skin literally glowy and seems healthy with Ginseng Renewing Cream. Perhaps because it’s reNEWing while the other is VITALIZING.

Here I’m not doing Sulwhasoo’s suggested way of applying mask (which include some mandatory massage and a lot of circling) because my skin hate to be touch. It’s went angry red and itchy. I just applied it like moisturizer and that’s it.

Result after application :
Well moisturized. Better result achieved if used together with Clarifying Mask. No extra glow here, and pain in face if applied wrongly.

It’s not a holy grail, and I don’t think I’d ever repurchase til I missed it.

Do you have some suggestion for me, which other sulwhasoo does amazing job? I already tried Herbclinic too (not really great) and Harmonizen (burning my face) and their basic toner and moisturizer. Oh and First Treatment Essence too (good but not extra ordinary).

Thank you for reading, hope my post help you to decide ^___^

ps. if you need ingredient list, please go ahead to Sulwhasoo's official website. I am refering to here because it's simple and done in English :)

pps. if you're wondering why i dont put Overnight Vitalizing Mask's result up there, because i can't wait whole night long with mask in my hand LOL. And no, no just wake up picture for blog. Thank you!

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  1. Hey Tania, just found your post while GOOGLEing about the Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask review. May I know that can it use as a daily product or subsequently?

  2. I've been using this Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask for 2 years now and I absolutely love it! My skin becomes brighter, smoother, and more plump after use. I experience no irritation whatsoever with this peel-off mask. Here is my review!

  3. I am new to sulwhasoo clarifying mask. I’m a little bit confused; should we wask our face after peel the mask off or should go to next step? The instructions doesn’t mention wash after peel off the mask so I assume go to next step. So what is your steps?


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