Thursday, March 22, 2012

Very Small Haul & The Lip Butter

Hi Readers!

Have you hear about the Lip Butter?
It's a famous product from Revlon, and i can't stop my self from getting it ~ 

I bought 2 Revlon Product this month, a blush and a famous lip butter. Sadly, both are not as good as i think @_@

I will start with the lip butter and write about the blush later ~

.. and before we start, i'll notice you, there's a lot of picture here (*/∇\*)

Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

I always eyeing peach lip color since i mostly use eyeshadow in cool or neutral color , and it's better to use warm lip color to make them balance. I've read some reviews saying it's sheer, shimmery and has low coverage. But .. i'm still buying it .. .____."


What i'm thinking about this product :

  1. has different price, my friend bought it in Jakarta and Surabaya for IDR 75.000 each or get 3 for IDR 200.000 but here, i bought it for IDR 85.000 @_@
  2. Cute! No doubt, it's cute, the insider is so unique .. 
  3. Product inside is on 2.5 cm or 1 inch length. Don't ever think that it's full of product, it's not. Good thing because you doesn't need more time to finish it. Bad thing because it's not so cheap thought.
  4. It has shimmer in it, and i dont like wearing shimmer in day time.
  5. Low to medium coverage, as you can see in swatch.
  6. Low staying power T___T
  7. Lovely scent
  8. It's not peach btw. Yes, it has peach tone but the color appear on my lips is not peach. I will update with swatch on my hand picture.
  9. If you work or live in room with air conditioner, please don't use it too much, because it drying your lips! I'm not noticing it since i'm always in outdoor while wearing it until i use it in room, and my lips chapped! I don't know how could it be because i'm rarely got chapped lips, i love water and consume enough water everyday. Oh well .. This point makes me won't repurchase ..
I'm so sorry if i makes you disappointed, but .. Those are what i'm thinking about it .. I'm not stopping using mine, but not for daily use ..

thanks for reading anyway (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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