Monday, March 12, 2012

Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink, almost a higlighter.

I used to really-really want a new blush, and decided to bought milani baked blush in dolce pink instead of another color. I dont know, i've looking for swatches and everything, but i'm still decided to choose dolce pink. And yeah, i'm regret.
Why? Because it almost hard to shown in my cheeks. I have neutral to warm undertone, around nc/nw 25 on MAC, i dont know it just me or it's also being the same in another people.

Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink
0.12 oz (3g)

official image :

in-real-life :
It wrapped in plastic covers, which had a "Dolce Pink" written on their side.

The back side.
Yes, mine has some bad spot there. So disappointing. I bought it from an online shop because here in my country, it's the only way to buy milani.

The insider.
Is it look alike the shade they shown in official web?

They also provided a small mirror and mini brush in the package.
I almost never use the mirror, it's too small for me. The brush is not only too small, but also hard to take the product out.

lightly swatched.
Can you see the color in my hand?
I use my finger to swatched it.

hardly swatched.
Still too light in my opinion. I'm personally love a pigmented blush. It's a beautiful shade, if you have a fairer skin, or maybe if you dont have some acne scar on you cheek or you can hide it better than me. But on me, it's feels so wrong. It even made my acne scar looks scarier :(

I've swipe like 3 times in my cheeks and nothing except few glitters appeared. I dont know it because of my neutral-warm skintone or the pigments.

Where to buy?, and so on.

Good Things about It
Mostly on sale, you might get it in some percent discount, or even not, it's still not very pricey.
Easy to travel with
Have brush and mirror
Available in many colors
Transparant packaging, you can see the product inside

Bad Things about It
Hardly show up on my cheeks
The brush & mirror is too small
Cheap packaging

Do You Like It?
i'd love it if it's more pigmented.

Thanks for Reading ^^


  1. your english is horrible...

  2. This was once in my wishlist! Thank God I didn't take it anyway and chose elf instead. Had no idea that it would turn out that sheer </3

    1. actually, it's the first blush i bought by my own money (before, i always use product sample my auntie gaves me) and it's that bad :(

      maybe it's my skin, or the brush, or any other reason.. but i've sold this one :D


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