Friday, March 23, 2012

Skinfood Red Orange Compact Powder

Hi Ladies! ^^

What do you use to protect your face from Sun?
tinted sunscreen? face milk with SPF? .. or a compact powder you could easily apply wherever you're without affecting your make up?

Mine is Skinfood Red Orange Compact Powder SPF 50 PA +++. Why am i need a compact powder with high SPF number? Simply because you need a minimum amount when using sunscreen, whatever the form is. And for powder, it's 2mg (still trying to get the source, i forgot where i read it). I don't know how to count amount of compact powder i use, so i choose the one with high SPF, thinking of even i'm not using the right amount, higher number of SPF will provide me higher protection with same amount of product i use.

The Packaging.
Very awesome! i was attracted with the design ; skinfood's cupid, the red orange design .. hard to resist. And it's strong.

The Back Side.
Instruction and distinction are written in english but the ingredients is in Korean.

The Cute Puff

It also provided with clear plastic separator for insider product and the puff

i'm sooo sorry for the dirty sponge, but at least it means i use it :D
the sponge is the same with the one in Buckwheat Loose Powder. It's better to use for compact powder because it could take right amount of powder, but in loose powder it's worst. It can't take any product and won't help the product blend to my face. I will write about it later.

The Insider
Well, it comes with a red orange design, but i've used it so the design in the center part is already little bit disappear.

Swatch on My Hand.
It's suppose to be transparant, but in my face (i have neutral-warm undertone) it's kinda white-ish. It's okay if i only use small amount of it, which is definately less than 2mg. But if i use a little bit more, it's disturbing.

The first week, while i'm only using it with skincare, i always got breakout. But if i use it with foundation, it's fine :)

It's eye catching, nice, easy to use and quite cheap (around IDR 170.000 i think) but somehow white-ish and causing breakout.

Repurchase? NO.
i rarely need to use it. I'm not make my face up everyday so i can re-touch my sunscreen using face milk.

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