Sunday, April 8, 2012

the natural, lovely and vintage Roller Girl!

Hi Readers! Happy Easter!!

I love palette so much, much more than any other make up things, and this is the one from Urban Decay, the famous brand in palette land.

Roller Girl palette is not a new one, UD already put it in Sale section for only $13! it's really a good time to get it before they gone! I lost my chance to get Feminine palette while i'm waiting it to be cheaper again. They're all gone.. T^T

For $13 product, you get sooo much value : 4 eye shadows, 1 glide on pencil and 1 lip junkie lip gloss. UD usually sell their eye shadows for $18, glide on pencil for $ .. and lip glosses for $19. Awesome, right?

the size
  • Roller Girl Palette5.5 cm x 13 cm x 1,7 cm
  • Eye Shadow(s) : 2 cm x 2 cm, @1g
  • Lip Junkie : 3.6 ml
  • 24/7 Glide on Pencil : 11 cm (with cap), 9.5 cm (without cap), 0.8 g

this is my favorit picture. The lip junkie looks sooo beautiful .. 

this is a beautiful bright pink shade, with a cool sensation in lip .. you're gonna love this, seriously :) 

Shade definition :
  • woodstock : hot pink eye shadow with subtle fuschia shimmer, but it's not as bright as in pan. In eye, it's beautiful and lovely. If you afraid of this color, you can use a matte taupe eye shadow below.
  • verve : pale champagne with subtle shimmer, good for inner corner and highlight.
  • suspect : golden brown eyeshadow with subtle shimmer, i like to use it as a crease color.
  • darkhorse : dark brown eye shadow with subtle shimmer, good for lid and outer crease.
the texture is so soft, pigmented, and super blendable. I also love the glide on pencil, so soft, pigmented and with primer, it doesn't smudge easily.


I was bought it only for looking for what people raved about Urban Decay's palette, and now i got it. They're so worth the price (especially during sale, which they do oftenly), and help the beginners like me look good in small effort.

Thanks for Reading ^^

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