Monday, April 23, 2012

April Beauty Haul ~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Hi Readers!

this is the 2nd time i'm writing about my haul, the 1st one is about very small revlon haul, *lol, which is remind me i didn't write a review about the blush yet. Will do it later! :D

New April Haul in my traincase <3

My April Haul on Floor, *lol
i can't find any other place better than floor to spread them up!

Here they are :
  • Tarte Jewelry Limited Edition Palette

I was soo exited since i saw it in MakeUpGeek Video, it doesn't arrived perfectly to my home (the mirror is broken) but, i am still love it!

Ooow, i forgot to bring the lip junkie to the photo section :(
  • Tarte Blush & Bronzer on The Go

will review about it later! ^^
  • Sigma Mrs. Bunny Travel Set

They're so soft and cute .. The eye brush could take the pigment better than ecotools brush! .. and i'm so sorry for showing you the dirty brushes ..
I've swatch it :)
  • Loreal UV Perfect SPF 50
i know i have a lot of sunscreen, but i can't stop my self from getting it *lol
  • Nyx Za Za Zu
The mother of mascara, i wish it work better. Will write about it soon.
  • Clean & Clear Oil Control Film
the most usual oil control film you could get in indonesia .. haa-haa ..

thanks for reading ^^

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  1. wow banyak banget barang-barangnya ^^
    Nice haul sis ^^


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