Monday, May 28, 2012

Sleek Storm Palette : Review & Swatches

i finally did it!

Well, i got Sleek Storm palette about early March and made the swatch about early April but i post it in end of May. What a dilligent i am.. *grin*

Sleek Make Up ( is one of my favorite cosmetic brand. They has a full range of make up items with cheap price. Not very cheap sometimes, but with quality they offer, it's cheap.

I already have 3 eyeshadow palettes from sleek, 1 blush palette, 2 single blush, a foundation and a lip colour. I love all of them!

I've post about Sleek Me My Self & I palette and Sleek Oh So Special palette, and now i'm writing about Sleek Storm. Sleek sell it for US$ 10 on their web, and i got 12 pigmented eye shadows and 1 dual-ended sponge brush tip. Pretty cheap? I've told you so! *LoL

Sleek Storm is one of Sleek Divine Collection and it's in permanent range.

Does it seems stormy enough for you? ^^

 Like another Sleek Make Up collection, Storm also contains of paraben.

I got the semi-new edition of sleek storm. It's still has the old palette design but without eyeshadow pattern inside :'(
Gosh, i love sleek's pattern!
Why do they changed it?!?!?!?

I wish i bought it faster, the waffle-like-pattern is sooo nice and that's another lovely things from Sleek, makes it so different that another brand. But Sleek changed it!

I know loves the pattern too much, i even swipe the pans carefully to keep the pattern beautiful (weird i know), and the flat pans are more calm.. But yeah, i can't love it as much as i love the old design..

The Swatches

Since Storm is one of old palette, Sleek doesn't give each pan a name. I made swatch of it for left side & right side. All swiped without primer :)

The Left Side

in this side, the 3rd shade in top row (taupe) is the only matte shade. It's hard to shown on my skin, but with 2 swipes, it's good to use it as base colour.
I also love the shimmert warm brown in bottom, it seems nice on my lid althought it doesn't as nice as Oh So Special's #Gift Basket.
The shade that looks a little bit like black in bottom somehow doesn't look black in pan, but when you swatch it, yes it's black! Actually, it's dark forest green (it has a little bit green in undertone) but for me, it's too dark and more black.

The Right Side

The matte shades in Right Side are chocolate matte (center in bottom) & Black. Yes, another black. Sleek Storm has 2 black in it : matte & shimmery black.
Two shimmery pink (cool toned pink & berry pink) are also good compared to Sleek Oh So Special's #Organza and #Gateau even it's not very look a like.
Gold in Top Row is also nice, it's good to make a classic vintage eye look.
And the Shimmery Navy Blue in bottom is good for night look.

Sleek Storm has 3 mattes and 9 shimmery shades. They're good for both natural and smokey look.
This palette is a gooooooood choice if you love gold, blue, pink & brown.

thanks for reading! ^^


  1. Sebel deh ngeliata sleek jadi muka rata gitu, engga cakep keliatannya. Tapi yg ini masih mending, pekejingnya masih yang lama. Yang baru mah engga kece banget deh. Padahal pengen banget bad girl, tapi jadi takut entar kalo po baru malah dapet yg smr+pekejing baru juga :(

  2. iyaaa :'( :'( :'(
    *jadi inget kesedihan lama*

    yg baru mirip pekejing BB3 kan? tulisan sleeknya kecil ..
    yah mendinglah kalo ganti cover doang, bener2 ga rela di-rata-in gini >.<"

    selama belum OOS dan stock up, masih pekejing lama kok :)


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