Monday, May 14, 2012

Skinfood Tomato Spot Serum

Hi girls :)

Do you like Tomato?
Truthfully, I'm not. I dont like the texture (too watery for me), fruit (ewww), and the taste. I never eat tomato except it's in sandwich or as tomato sauce *lol

but after i bought this serum, my skin consume tomato everyday!

There are some benefit of consuming tomato(es) :
  1. help in cases of high cholesterol
  2. anti oxidant
  3. work as cancer prevention
  4. cooling, whitening and firming properties for skin
  5. reviving dull, tired skin and acne treatment
So, we can see why tomato serum could help in acne scars >> tomatoes has whitening properties for skin and also acne treatment, great!!

Mine is Skinfood Tomato Spot Serum and i get it for about IDR 140,000 (or around USD 15) from online shop. 

I dont really like the packaging, because once you push the tube, it would never back as the first time you get it. It will stay pushed :(

They still remember to put Skinfood's cupid on the packaging :D

They doesn't provide the ingredients on packaging of product that i got. And i've search for it in google but can't find anything.

Tomato Spot Serum has a tiny hole, to keep you get right amount of product.

See? the texture is quite runny, not creamy. It has a fresh scent, i dont know what but it's not tomato's.

This serum is hard to absorb. I've found that my Tea Tree Emulsion absorbed easier more than this. But it's okay .. I only use it at night so i have a lot of time to wait.

My Rating : 4 of 5
It's good, doesnt cause me break out but doesnt really help without some other product i consumed (work a lot way better when i consuming Meiji Collagen also).

Repurchase : still dont know.

thanks for reading ^^
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  1. aaah I'm currently having a minor acne issues! thanks for your thorough reviews dear, I might go buy one <3

    btw, thx for your comment, it was really helpful <3

  2. So it works for u, well I actually curious with this one. I have blemishes and I want to fade it.
    Thanx for the info

  3. yes but as i said, it would works better if your consume collagen drink (mine is meiji amino collagen) :)


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