Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Love of My Blushing Life (●♡∀♡) : Sleek Suede

Yes, this is another post about Sleek! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ *plokplokplok*

I can't pass a day without 2 swipes of this blush since it's came. It means i've spent 25 days wearing this blush day by day (it's arrived at May 18th) and i still love it! *Let's see what would i do if my tarte exposed arrive ._____.

Like another Sleek single blush, it doesn't come with box. Just a clear plastic to cover it.
Sleek Suede contains 8g or 0.27 oz of product with an affordable price, only usd 6.50 on sleekmakeup.com

click for larger image ◕ ‿ 
Gladly, this blush has 24 months life means maybe i would ever finish this blush before the expiration date >‿<

and how it looks on pan?

Swatch! Swatch! Swatch!

i love it soooooooooo MUCH!
actually, it's a peachy-brown blush, a warm shade! so nice (´∀`)♡

Why i love it so much?
a very natural blush
blendable enough
affordable price
medium staying power (6 hours, not bad huh?)
easy to travel with
big mirror
doesn't cause me breakout

But .. there's some things i dont like about it ..
smells weird on pan (but who want to smell it? ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ)
there's no sleek store in indonesia
long restock period ≧△≦
no brush included (i know most of blush's free brush are bad, but at least you have something to wear it)

hope this review & swatch helpful! 


  1. pengen liat hasilnya d pipi km gmn.. :D
    ditunggu review exposednya ya klo ud ada, aku jg lg pengen bli si exposed >.<

  2. suede is one of my most used blush too.. foolproof.. :D
    exposed lebih ada hint pink-nya daripada suede.. mirip tapi sama2 cuakeppp..
    pasti bakalan suka juga nnt.. :)

  3. @ Rini : LOL
    belum pede buat pajang FOTD, pipi masih penuh bekas jerewi ≧△≦
    udah dateng exposednya ◕‿◕
    tapi sabar ya, 1-2 minggu biar reviewnya lebih jelas .. :)

    @ Ephong : so far malah miripppp banget, beda tipiiis *LOL
    betul sekali : FOOLPROOF!!
    if you dont know how to use blush, try suede!! hahahah ..


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