Sunday, June 17, 2012

Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top Buffer

Finally, a post about brush!! yay!! 

I love most of my face brushes, but this one is my most favorite ()

What is Flat top brush?
Flat top brush is a flat-shaped brush it could be use to apply cream or liquid product (esp. the thick ones), makes contour and buffing.

.. and i believe, this is one of the most affordable great flat top brush you could get (i bought mine for only idr 65.000 during CS's easter sale, it's 40% off).
Sadly, Coastal Scents has discontinued it, how could they????? (≧Д≦)ノ

Oh Well, i will still review it, for my own happiness.

it's 15 cm length, with black handle that makes it looks like sigma F80 *LoL

As most of flat top brushes, it has 2 hair color : creamy white & black

Soooo Fluffy!(*´▽`*)
i dont know why it seems like has an empty part in the centre, but in reality, it doesnt :)

What's so good in it?
the price
very soft hair, feels like i'm using my own finger
gives me a fawless look
handle & hair size are fit me
almost not shedding (only 2 sheets at the 1st time i wash it)

.. and there's some part i dont like about it :
it discontinued :(
it's hard to make it clean again (i use etude brush shower cleaner + 70% alcohol)
takes a whole day to dry

thanks a lot for reading (^▽^)

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