Sunday, June 3, 2012

Review & Swatch : Sleek New Skin Revive

Hi Ladies! ^^

Sleek has been known for their Eye Shadow Palette & Blush, but don't forget, they also have line for foundation too :)

Sleek is selling Full Size & Sample Size item for their foundation line. It's so nice, especially for people who shop it by online store. You can buy sample size first if you're not sure which one that will match your skintone. Sleek provides 30 foundation shades in 6 varients (fair to dark).

Mine is New Skin Revive #Sand in full size item, i didn't buy the sample size since i am mostly use shade Sand in liquid foundation. Don't get me wrong, i checked some swatches too, and found this will match my skintone well.

Full size item come in a pump bottle with Sleek's logo in front of it. This bottle is made from glass, while the pump & closer are made from plastic.

I love pump bottle, but most of them won't work well. This one is in bad size, i dont like the way it's work. It always produce more product more than i need. I have to push it very carefully to get few amount of product, repeatedly.

Full Size item contains of 35ml or 1.28 oz of product. It's made in Taiwan if you curious about it :p
Most of Sleek's product are made from Asia (China, Taiwan)

My Swatch

i didn't wear any primer nor moisturizer under it.

# Sand match my skintone very well, but sadly, it has low coverage. It's almost hard to find it on my hand, right?
I can get a little bit better coverage if i apply it using Flat Top Brush, but if i apply it using hand, i have to use a good loose powder to give me extra coverage.

Good things about Sleek New Skin Revive :
  1. personally, it match my skintone (neutral-warm) very well
  2. light weight, so good for daily use
  3. oil free formula
  4. gives dewy-finish (if you like dewy finish)

Bad things about Sleek New Skin Revive :
  1. hard to get in Indonesia (have to buy it online)
  2. low coverage
  3. the pump wont work well (or it just mine?)
  4. the smell is a little bit disturbing
  5. silicone based
  6. if you like to use foundation on your neck, it might transfer to your cloth.
Repuchase? No

have you try any sleek foundation?
what do you think about it? ^^

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