Thursday, January 10, 2013

An Indonesian Beauty Items : Sariayu Colors of Asia in Petikan Sitar

Happy Belated New Yeaaar!!

it's been so late, but i've not write anything for about 2 weeks or so.. i've passed Christmas and New Year, and even first week of january.. crazy huh?

So my first post in 2013 is not about favorite items nor beauty wishlist. I'd continue to post about beauty review, hehe ..

As indonesian, i rarely blog about indonesian beauty product, that's why i decided to begin 2013's blogging life with a review about Sariayu eye shadow palette "Colors of Asia" in "Petikan Sitar". Sariayu cosmetics are easy to find in Indonesia, they're not so expensive (about idr 30,000 for 7.5g eye shadow in 3 different shades) and have a good quality. Sariayu also said that it's came without animal testing. Vegan rocks!

Sariayu Petikan Sitar is in handy-size, but sadly it's quite fragile. You can see a crack above the Chopper shade.

Somehow, it's packaging remind me to Wet n Wild Trio Eye Shadow in Silent Treatment (my review here). But that's one is still save.. no crack at all.
The best things about clear packaging is you can see how pretty is the things inside. For that reason, i appreciate Sariayu for make a very pretty emboss for their eye shadow =]

Sariayu claimed that "Petikan Sitar" contains of anti oxidant and UV protection to protect our skin from adverse effects of environment and UV radiation, also enriched with Vitamin E to moisten skin and make the colors long lasting.

I don't really know about the ingredients for anti oxidant and Vitamin E purpose, but it does contains of Titanium dioxide for UV protection. Also metylparaben and silica, in case you avoid any of it. Sariayu also write a caution to stop using their product if there's irritation/allergy reaction occur during use.

For travelling reason, there's mirror and dual sided brush inside. The mirror is too small in my opinion. I have small eyes but those small mirror can't fit my preferation.. And i will only use that brush in emergency situation. They're just not my favorite (but i've use it for swatch).

In picture above, i use NO primer. And it's only ONE swipe.

It's really rich in pigmentation, and good lasting power too. It could stay about 8 hours without primer. The only minus point is it's so powdery. I swipe it sooo gently, but there's some powder fly from the pan. For the price i paid (which is only idr 10,000/shade of usd 1/shade) is not really a problem. Those three shades can be use together for pretty result.

I love this product, if i dont have too many eye shadows for my entire life, i might get more palette from Sariayu, especially Kelimutu palette who has a very pretty blue shade. Worth to buy!

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  1. cantik banget warnanya :)

  2. Nice review say...
    Warnanya kalem and cantik

  3. ini eyeshadow palette pertamaku.
    suka banget sama warna yg agak peachy itu ^^


  4. I'll definitely try this palette... I always see the advertising in magz and tempted to try it. eh tapi ini beli dimana yah...? di dept store macem sogo gitu atau ada counter khusus yah? *maklum-jarang-nge-mall*

    1. di dept store ada kok say, di carre4, hyper dst .. counter sendiri juga ada sih :D

      murce gini, dikoleksi aja :p

  5. Cool pigmentation. =D

    Nominated you for Liebster Blog Award! Check it out here:

    Pastel Kisses,
    Sie Cajilig

  6. terima kasih atas informasi yang baik~


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