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The Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette, Review & Swatch

June and July means Holiday. Some blogger that i followed has wrote about "travel essential", "make up for holiday", "how to pack make up for holiday" and so on. I have no plan for this holiday, because my bro will be graduated next month and my parents are going there to attend the ceremony. I'm the one who left home -___________-"

But it doesn't stop me to provide a make up for travelling information for you. Yes, we're talking about a very versatile palette for travelling :D

The Balm is the rising star in Make Up Land right now. They have lots of good quality product with a good price. I especially loving their instain powder blush! This Rockstar Palette is ROCK too!

I thought the design is weird : a guitar with red lippie and crazy hair. No, i dont think i'd get this palette by the design. I browse about it just for curiosity, and suddenly i fell in love with "Lead Zeppelin" (though it's not like i was thought). Long story short, i got it.

It's not as big as i think it is. It's only 17 x 11 x 0.5 cm, very travel friendly.
The packaging is made from cardboard (so The Balm) but it's sturdy and firm.

In behind, there's the insider and ingredients list.
Their eye shadow has talc, unlike their blush and highlighter.

The Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette has 12 eye shadow, 1 highlighter, 1 blush and 2 lip/cheek cream.
No need to worry, because they've separate the powder and cream part.

As it has a rockstar theme, the product inside are named with rockstar thing. I dont think it's everyones cup of tea, but you can always forget about the name thing-y.

I found that magnet closure for cream product is stronger than the one for powder form. Makes it even safetier for travelling.

Now into the Swatch ..

Part 1 : Eye Shadows

There are three section for eye shadows : heavy metal, classic and alternative. They made a lovely combination of finish : metallics, matte and any other finish in between. They're not very neutral nor colorful but seems like it has all colors that you'll love, or at least, you'll find something to adore.

I experienced, without primer, these eye shadow could stay for 10 hours. It's faded a little yes, but still amazing. I'm sure you can left your primer home if you bring this palette for travelling ^^

First - Heavy Metal
Metal-ica : silvery-white with metallic finish. It's soft and has a good pigmentation.
Iron Maid-in : yellow based gold with metallic finish. It's also soft and good pigmentation thought it's not as opaque as metal-ica but it's definately more opaque than the balm Snobby.
Lead Zeppelin : dirty black based green with gold shimmer and metallic finish. It's kind of duo chrome. Though it's smooth in texture, and seems like opaque when i swatch it on my arm, it's seems so bad on my eyes. It's not as dense as picture above, and very powdery.
Alice Copper : wine red with brown undertone and has metallic finish. It's definately my favorite among these four. Very rich in pigmentation, soft and no fall out.

Second - Classic
Adagio : a matte, pale neutral beige. It's smooth and not powdery. For me, it's work as base shade.
Allegro : a matte, medium warm brown. It's my favorite of the bunch, the most used color. It helps me to blend and make a nice crease shade because it's so smooth and not powdery at all.
Moderato : a matte, purple burgundy. Unlike two shades before, it's a little bit in dry side and has lower pigmentation.
Presto : a matte, warm dark brown with purple undertone. It's also dry and has lower pigmentation.

When i'm in hurry, i mixed presto and moderato to make an eye brow powder. Not the best one, but it's kinda works.

Third - Alternative
Blink 1982 :  muted pale burgundy with golden shimmer. It's not really opaque and somewhat dry.
The Stroke : dark navy blue with satin finish. It's the second worst shade (after lead zeppelin) because it's dry and low in pigmentation though it's buildable.
Rem : medium purple with golden sheen. It's kinda duo chrome and very pretty. As another plus, it's soft and has a good pigmentation.
Third eye blinded : warm soft peach with frosty finish. It's soft and easy to blend though it's hard to get it shown on me.

Part 2 : Cheeks

Only 2 pans in this part, a blush and a highlighter. If you're a The Balm fanatics, then you'll be very familiar with these two. They're basically a Frat boy blush and Mary Lou highlighter, with some different texture. I dont have any of them so i can't compare in person.

Dont You Want Me? : a matte, warm peachy coral pink. It's pack a good pigmentation and super smooth. I like the color but seems like it's very easy to gone with a soft finger swipe.
Solid Gold : a pale warm gold with shimmery finish. This color wont shown on my face, but it made a lovely highlight with light swipe. As plus, it's not easily gone like it's sister.

Part 3 : Lip / Cheek

What lip shade do you need on travelling? Red? Nude? Anything else?

Both of them are not drying my lips, and doesn't emphasize dry part.

Milly : pale pink with neutral undertone.It's made and quite opaque. I can't make it shown on my lips with finger swipe, but lip brush would do this job for me. It's not my lips but better shade, it's a my muted lip shade. It's stay for 2-3 hours and not easily transfer to anything.

Vanilly : bright red with almost matte finish. It's silky and packed with good color pay off. I can swipe it with my finger to get a fresh look and build the color with lip brush to make it more opaque. It's stay for 3-4 hours on me.

Vanilly on my lips.

Milly on my lips


Overall, it's a very versatile palette, in good price. It's very recommended for day and night use. It's retailed for $39.5 in the Balm site (and in my blog sale if you're interested) but it's limited edition so get your hand quickly if you want to.

Another story to share with you is.. I used to in love with Nars heart New York set ($75, including palette, lip gloss and nail polish) but when i read in temptalia, i found that most of the eye shadow, blush and highlighter's dupe is also available in my rockstar palette! crazy! I wouldn't get it, and will loving my rockstar palette more ^______________^

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  1. Try milly on your cheecks, it's so pretty. Overall, i love this palette, nothing is useless. You're right, not need to use eye primer, yet their eyeshadows last on my eyelids for 10 hours.

    1. i've tried it but it won't shown up.. actually, i can't find any cream cheeck that would work on me (maybe i'm not trying that hard..)

      their eye shadow has better staying power than urban decay's, and in about half the price :)

  2. Love the milly color ^^

    Hi, I just followed your blog, I'll be glad if you can follow me back ^^


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