Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Revlon ColorStay for Oily & Combination Skin in "Sand Beige", a late review.

Hello Blogosphere!

I know it's kinda late for another Revlon ColorStay review. While everyone already move to Revlon Whipped Cream and or Nearly Naked version, i'm stick with the ColorStay one.

But still, i think all of them are different and have their own fans right?

Revlon ColorStay is one of my very first foundation. I bought it about March last year (2012) and i haven't finish even half bottle! And it's only contains 30ml of product, like many foundation out there.

Right, i need to review this one before the product going to be expired X))

it's must be very familiar if you have revlon counter near you ..
The bottle is made from heavy glass while the cap is made from sturdy plastic.

The only active ingredients is titanium dioxide 7.3% which is for sun protection purpose.
However, i never think SPF 6 is enough for your skin. And it's add a slight white cast on your skin.

Revlon ColorStay only have a big hole under it's cap. Nothing else.

It's greasy and not hygienic if you care about that, and impractical.

So there is the product!
Mine is in Sand Beige. The SA just saw my skin in few second and decided this shade is for me. Sometimes it's kinda too white, but when lightly applied, it's works really well.

As you can see in my picture, it does blended so well on my inside arm. Below, i provided my reader with a before - after look to give you idea about coverage :

I'm not confidence enough to post my face before and after here, so i show you the before-after look of my birth marks. They're not that bad, and located on the opposite of my left elbow arm.

I applied Revlon ColorStay heavily and that's the result. Not bad, eh?
And it's stay the whole day on my face, only faded after i wash my face. For a foundation, it has a pretty nice oil control, but i'm still need to prepare my face in manner before wearing this.

I'm kinda like this foundation, but i'm mostly use it for special ocassion because i don't want a medium to full coverage foundation for my daily look, but i will not repurchase it. There's so many foundation i need to try, LOL.


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  1. Tania, you should definitely try PS Beauty and their foundation finder. You can add your preferences (like the fact that you prefer something lighter) and the website will generate a list of recommendations based on that:) it's really cool, I've just had some fun with it myself.. This way at least you know you won't be testing foundations you definitely won't like.

    1. i've visited Ps beauty, make an acc and have fun with it. Truthfully, i put a high expectation and was ready for anything they'd suggest to me.

      i added 6 items on my "tried items list", rate the product and they suggest me to puchase what i love and would like to repurchase and only add 1 suggestion (cargo liquid foundation).

      maybe i'm not added a lot of items or what, and would try again something in future ;)


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